JustBetOnTron - Decentralized Games of Chance for GenAI NFTs!

Project Name: JustBetOnTron

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: JustBetOnTron Team

Team Member(s): @CarlZielinski and @Bstenny from the Princeton Blockchain Club

HackerEarth Project Link: Project Link

Project Goal:

Roll the dice into the future of gaming with JustBetOnTron! Developed by Princeton’s most brilliant blockchain devs (and winners of the Tron x Princeton Hackatron!), JustBetOnTron is a dynamic, decentralized answer to the issues of centralized casinos. We’ve utilized Tron’s innovative WINkLink VRF to provide cryptographically-proven fair and random games. Dive into the vast world of Tron, with potential to bet not only using TRX but also TRC20 tokens like USDT and USDJ. We’re taking it all to the next level and bridging the gap between betting and blockchain through our NFTs – every bet you place transforms into a unique TRC721 NFT, reflecting your gaming journey. With your winnings, you can redeem your Sun-Chan GenAI NFT for virtual currencies like TRX, USDT, USDJ, and more to come. Don’t worry about losing your darling Sun-Chan NFTs - the BitTorrent File System keeps them stored securely on the decentralized TRON network. For any inquiries, reach out via Tron Forum or DM @CarlZielinski on X/Twitter. Let’s shake things up with JustBetOnTron!

Project Info:

Everyone knows that centralized casinos are problematic. Many operators have been accused of (and some even convicted for!) rigging their games. Even if an operator is honest, external forces can lead to rigging - MGM just had to fend off one such attack by the Scattered Spider group!

You’re not even safe when using “crypto-native” centralized casinos! Even Stake’s been recently exploited by North Korea!

In that case, who can we trust to keep our bets fair and safe from external attackers?

Two of Princeton’s best blockchain builders present JustBetOnTron, a decentralized, generative AI solution to the the problem of centralized casinos!

By using Tron’s very own WINkLink VRF, JustBetOnTron is able to have cryptographically verifiable proof that our games are fair and purely random! WINkLink’s pricing oracle also allows us to safely tap into billions of dollars of liquidity on TRON!. Not only can you bet using TRX as collateral, but support for TRC20 tokens like USDT and USDJ are planned for our mainnet launch!

JustBetOnTron also leverages the power of generative AI for our most innovative and disruptive feature: bets as NFTs! Just like how centralized casinos give you bet slips, all bets on JustBetOnTron are represented by TRC721 NFTs. Everyone’s a winner here: you get an NFT every time you make a bet. Our art is generated via AI models like SDXL, and just like Uniswap V3, all the information about your bet is displayed on your NFT!

Although we personally love our mascot, Sun-Chan, we know people would love to cash out as well! In order to redeem your winning bet, you can burn your Sun-Chan GenAI NFT directly for TRX, USDT, USDJ, or any other currency we support in the future.

If you want to keep your Sun-Chan, the BitTorrent File System (BTFS) - a next-generation file-sharing protocol utilizing the TRON network - will keep your commemorative NFT safe and sound using decentralized storage!

Project Website: Oct 5th Demo

Project Test Instructions:

The JustBetOnTron October 5th Demo Site is a quick demonstration of our front-end and dice roll game. Many features are a work in progress, so treat the demo site as a UI/UX walkthrough.

Project Details:

Here’s a quick rundown of JustBetOnTron’s main features (in visual form)! Feel free to watch our demo video as well!

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:

Our first project milestone was our October 5th UI/UX demo deployed on the Nile Testnet!
We intend to complete the following:

  • Prepare the Sun-Chan NFT smart contracts for mainnet launch
  • Successfully host the metadata on BTFS
  • Prepare the Sun-Chan burn contract for mainnet launch
  • Completely integrate USDT and UDSJ for the mainnet launch
  • Complete the WINkLink Pricing Oracle Integration
  • Launch on mainnet!
  • [STRETCH] Launch our social media accounts
  • [STRETCH] Add a coinflip game
  • [STRETCH] Add Sun-Chan Slots!
  • [STRETCH] Launch the site on decentralized hosting

Highly suggest giving our video a watch folks! If the Tron team has a recording of my live pitch given at Princeton University, I’d love to post that one! But for now, this will do.

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Welcome to Tron Hackathon season 5, particularly I am excited about your project.

JustBetOnTron is a promising new decentralized gambling platform with a number of unique features.
The platform uses WINkLink VRF to ensure that all games are fair and random, and its bets as NFTs feature is a unique and innovative way to represent bets.
The team is made up of experienced blockchain developers, and the project has already made significant progress.
I am excited to see how JustBetOnTron develops in the coming months.

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
You mean that even if I played thousands of bet that I will earn thousands of NFTs which means that your platform will generate an unlimited NFTs right?

Hello guys, you are welcome to Hackatron S5 and congratulations for winning the Hackatron held at Princeton University.

This is a casino, do you have age restrictions and how will you deal with countries with casino restrictions

Your project sounds alot like a web2 betting platform we’ve over here called “SureBet”. I see this is a decentralized gaming platform aiming to address issues with centralized casinos by utilizing Tron’s innovative WINkLink VRF for fair and random games and allows betting with TRX and TRC20 tokens like USDT and USDJ. Now about betting with USDT, how would you deal with issues related to regulatory frame works across regions?

Thanks and welcome to Season 5!

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Wanted to try but don’t know in metamask it direct me to “sepolia” eth network. and unable to roll dice. any help please ?

Where is the team? they have questions to answer

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Project gone missing?

Hmmm they are students, they may be busy