PredicTRON by Albert and Gianni - The Future of Betting on TRON!

Project Name: PredicTRON
Project Track: Academy/Technical
Team Name: Albert and Gianni
Team Member(s): 2, @awz and @aghernan
DevPost URL: Albert Zhang's (alzh9000) software portfolio | Devpost

Project Goal: PredicTRON is a betting Dapp: the only one on TRON. Using TRON’s low transaction fees, high TPS, reliability, and openness, PredicTRON far surpasses the predatory & exploitative traditional betting platforms. Vision: make TRON the #1 chain for all betting entertainment.

Project Info:
PredicTRON is a betting platform that provides betting entertainment to anyone using the power of the TRON blockchain. It solves the many problems of the traditional betting platforms, stemming from decisions by predatory, opaque, unreliable casinos that statistically exploit users without much innovation.

PredicTRON solves those problems using the decentralization, openness, speed, and low TX fees of the TRON blockchain to provide users a much fairer, more accessible, and more fun experience. We analyzed the extremely fast growing pace of the betting industry, especially sports betting which has revenue worth tens of billions of dollars and is expanding at 10% projected CAGR into 2025, concluding that it was the perfect industry to expand and attract more users to TRON.

Currently, users can bet testnet tokens on their favorite NBA teams’ upcoming games; we wanted to launch with sports betting because it is the most rapidly growing part of the betting industry. We will not only expand into other sports (football, soccer, hockey, and anything else users have a demand for) but also all areas of betting entertainment, including prediction markets, table games like poker, and more. Our focus is on providing the best quality betting and prediction related entertainment: we promise to always maintain the option for users to use real or test tokens, so users don’t need to worry about spending real money.

Project Test Instructions: Using TronLink, create a Nile testnet wallet and connect to the app. You can now bet on any games using the game ID with an amount in TRX.

Project Website: Clone from github here GitHub - alzh9000/predictron: PredicTron - the future of prediction based entertainment on Tron! and run locally using npm start after installing required packages.

Project Milestones: Small working prototype with payout system on Nile testnet. Won an honorable mention at the TRON Hackathon with EasyA at Harvard. :slight_smile:


Amazing predictions project on tron


Hey awz!

Try We’ve built this ground up during the hackathon. RWAs are the hot potatoes as of the moment, but haven’t seen a really decentralized approach to bring them on-chain. We have an unique solution with an user-friendly experience. Give our thread a read and thumbs up if you think this is a value-add for Tron!

Now we can predict our games and place our bet.
Let the game begin

Nice guys!! We are also developping a prediction game for this hackathon! Soon we’ll be 2 on Tron as we are for now live on Ethereum, but conversion to Tron has been added to the roadmap!

Any plan of having a website available soon on your side?

All the best for this hackathon!


Nice approach, good one there.
My only issue is, how do u payback bettors after they have won a game. Are they being paid from a prize pool or u already have enough funds to make settlements.

Let say i place a bet on a game with 100 $trx and after winning i will be rewarded 1000 $trx, where are the team going to get the extra 900 $trx from to make the settlement.


perfect instructions, u got 1 vote from me, but as an advice make the titles bold please

Good project keep up the good work👌