Tron hackathon session 5 project in summary

Idea gotten from
Session 2 projects summary @WindsOfChange92

Here is session 5 project list in summary so we can see at a glance. I will be updating this list at regular intervals.

  • DEFI
  1. NRG Wallet

  2. Zkbttc

  3. DebitLLama

  4. Energy Rental

  5. Tron Energize

  6. Outre Finance by @KachDN - Transforming finance through decentralization

  7. Project: Portcase - Your web3 smallcase on Tron

  8. AssetFusion - The Decentralized ETF Creator on Tron

  9. Wish Me Luck by USTX Team

  10. AlgoAMM by Dspyt - Automated Prediction Market Maker

  11. DAFATCAT - Defi application which integrates saving and prizegaming

  12. MudraFi - asset management dex

  13. Mar Finance - Decentralized Asset Menagement leveraging ERC6551

  14. Finch Protocol

  • WEB3
  1. GM Tokenization of Decentralized IT Service

  2. Triton

  3. Royal Casino

  4. Purple Youth Blockchain Academy

  5. ExploreX by Team Explorers - Redefining the DApp Experience by

  6. Medical Management by Ennovasol: Bridging Healthcare, Enhancing Patient Care

  7. TraceCheck - Verifying Excellence!

  8. Horse Racing Bet Game by Amazing - Lets Bet With Multiplayer

  9. - A Web3 Merchstore powered by Crypto

  10. Gitchain - Fire Your Boss and Forge Your Path

  11. CONET project - Complete Privacy for the New Internet

  12. BTT Social - Decentralized social media platform on BTT Chain (Testnet)

  13. Tron Explorer by TronQL team

  14. - Create Apple/Google wallet passes + profiles for receiving payments

  15. JustMoney Invoice - Online Invoicing Solution

  16. UltimaTron | Create content & collect upvotes (Challenges || Theories || Blogs)

  17. Legions by TRON Warriors - Bringing DAO Creation to TRON

  18. Blockto - A Decentralized Social Media Ensuring Content Authenticity in the Age of Deepfakes

  19. WebBadminton-decentralized badminton centered dapp

  20. IknowSpots - Seamless granular events hosting with NFT tickets

  21. AdContract - Elevating Advertising Solutions by Delivering Trustable Achievements

  22. TronXChange - Connecting publishers and advertisers for an improved ad ecosystem

23.SunnyDAO - DAO as a service

  1. X-Sport by Betron - E-sport community to place bets in a safe and fair way

  2. BitLogix: Blockchain-Powered Supply Chain Magic

  3. Bounce: A NFC card solution to payments based on PoS terminals

  4. Payee - Send Crypto directly via Usernames

  5. Thoughts | Tron’s Publishing Hub

  6. CharityWave Web3 Project

  1. Samhita Dao

  2. Onchain vision

  3. Tron save- energy service solution and comprehensive tool on Tron

  4. Galaxy throne- decentralized sci-fi strategy game beta release

  5. Evoie- revolutionizing digital expression through Nft social networking

  6. dcloud lite + dcloud mobile by

  7. Zombieland By Team Zombie - Survival Web3 Game v3

  8. ArtBeat by 4thFloor - Curated art marketplace that helps you discover and buy authentic artworks also helping to advance small businesses by @youvandra

  9. Kattana-

  10. Driving Digital Transformation and Business Training with LinknRed by Ennovasol by @JavierGarza

  11. TradeCoin - Builder by @AlexFedotovqq

  12. TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas

  13. Cloak by Team Cloak - Anonymous and Quick transactions in Tron

  14. TRON POS - a proof of concept for in-app payments with TRON

  15. MyOwnData - I own my data, my data is my own

  16. Decentralized exchanges - Spot - Swap - CrossChain Swap-S5

  1. Crypto museum- crypto history told through Token

  2. Web3space Nft marketplace

  3. Dreamverser- spread your dream to the world via Tron

  4. Ominiaverse- the Web3 entertainment ecosystem

  5. Flixe- pioneering the future of Cryptocinematic frame by frame

  6. Avatar lab- your signature look into the metaverse

  7. AsTRONaut NFTs by AsTRONauts - The Ultimate Lottery NFT on TRON

  8. Tron Godot SDK - Connect your Android mobile games to your Tron Wallets by csfm1993

  9. Bitcoin Ordinals on TRON by anna2d

  10. TronKong NFT - TKong Jungle World Game by TronKong

  11. World Craft- create your own metaverse world by creat3

12 Crypto Sailing Quest - NFT fractional ownership of IRL Yachts with rewards by ClintonK

  1. VocalizeMe by Team Vocal - Where AI Gets a Friendly Face and You Get a Voice! By Luke45

  2. PixelPulse by Team Hodlers - Game, Stream, Earn, Own

  3. TIXO - Bringing Event Ticketing On-chain via TRON

  4. Playtron by Viral Tronites - Tokenized Video-Based Decentralized Social Network

  5. LoopNFT - Mint Your Melody, Own Your Legacy. Create, Mint, Sell and Earn Royalties, All In One Place

  6. BCate by UMR_KRW - where creativity meets blockchain, your gateway to a world of unique architectural designs!

  7. JustBetOnTron - Decentralized Games of Chance for GenAI NFTs!

  • AI
  1. Launch box- business builder AIA by @wescosmic (WITHDRAWN)

  2. Oil token- runs like clockwork by @OIL. ( Disqualified)

  3. Tron Ai scanner- Tron smart contract code analysis using AI by @strandgeek

  4. Pravahiniby @im_31

  5. ASCAI - AI-Driven Clarity, Security, and Beyond! By @ZeroGravity

  6. ChainQ - Make Blockchain Data Speak Your Language by @squirtle

7 TronDevGPT - your friendly neighbourhood AI by TronNinjas

  1. Blend

  2. NaviTron by Tron Trailblazers - TRON Ecosystem Navigation AI

  3. Tronica by TronAI Labs - TRON Blockchain AI-Assistant

  4. TRAIX - Quick Smart Contract Vulnerability Scanning

  5. Blo-V-Verse(Simplifying NFT Minting with Innovative Blockchain Chatbot)

  6. - Tron ecosystem copilot

  7. MeloSynthia AI : Discover the power of AI led music generation

  8. TRONFusion Project Overview

  9. TronAssistant | AI companion for developers on Tron

Currently About 94 Projects in total For the now

Here is the sub track summary

  • Defi - 14 projects
  • Web3 - 29
  • Builder- 16
  • Artistry- 19
  • AI- 15

Total ≈ 93 registered project in the Tron Dao Forum
(Please indicate if have missed a project on the list or project in the wrong track).

Together we sTRONger. We move to the next stage of the HACKATHON SESSION.

All the best to everyone.


Make #TRON stronger!!!


All the best buddy, trust the update coming up soon from your ends
Together we sTRONger


not bad, let’s see how it goes


Thanks for the effort to make the summary


You welcome. Keep building so you deliver your milestone on time.
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@Gordian you know better than us, What I think is that there is still 1 month left to share the projects, it looks like this place will be much more crowded, right?


heya @Gordian LaunchBox entry submission was withdrawn for this season. We’re focusing efforts on our existing projects for now. Cheers to the other participants! :vulcan_salute:


GM Buddy, Yes we still have till October 6 for project submission and I believe no project will be tolerated for late submission after.

Lol, as usual we likely to see new project sign up towards that period, but not always good, cause the rush can make a project forget important details or update


Alright thanks for sharing this information with us,
It’s clear, so have made the update above.
All the best mate


Well collected, thanks for putting all teams in one text,.

Due to it we can easily check other teams’ projects in wide perspective :+1: :+1:


Is Builder category competitive, or do the teams that won with good ranking last year still get the best rankings?

@Gordian could you explain it please? Moreover where we can check all previous seasons’ projects?


You welcome buddy, yes will be updating project to the list so we can see at a glance.

Naturally the builder track as the name implies it healthy competition where outstanding project of previous session doin best to add to their products

As usual the ranking here is based bon community vote and the judges .

Very simple, just spend some time to navigate the Forum using the search box to find winners of the previous Hackathon session.


Very nice compilation in one box, kudos :v:, keep up the good work :handshake:


Very useful explanation, thanks for answers. You brightened my day, I made a list of all my old projects. I will review them in order. Thank you for sharing.


@Gordian will you be updating the list regularly, or you just did it for 1 time and past ?

Hello buddy, thank you for your concern.
Yes sure, I will be updating the list regularly.


Oh my goodness, this reply to just added happiness to me at the moment.
Glad you find my answers helpful.
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Thanks @Gordian for such summary informative post. Really helpful :partying_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

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@Gordian which category will have the least amount of project, what is ur opinion ?

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