OmniaVerse - The Web3 Entertainment Ecosystem

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OmniaVerse Inc

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Project Goal:
OmniaVerse aims to be the #1 gaming and entertainment ecosystem integrating web3 technology into gaming, art, collectibles, entertainment, and more.

Project Value:
Below are some of our key products and value propositions:

  • Cross-chain interoperability of asset suite and game portfolio
  • Apex is a ZERO-GAS, highly secure, reliable (5/9s uptime), and scalable (horizontal and vertical) Layer 1
  • Proprietary Web2 to Web3 bridge prevents need to connect games to wallet
    • Uses an off-chain Identity and Access Management (IAM) system secured using OAuth that ties the on-chain data with off-chain.
  • Game Dashboard serves as hub for P2E/H2E rewards (can log either wallet address or ENS ID)
    • In the next phase of development, we are extending the Dashboard to also serve as a game library.
  • Game-agnostic NFTs (cross-platform) have been issued and demonstrated.
  • “Dynamic” NFTs are under development which will store metadata from games as it is updated (analogous to a “save file” in a conventional game); this will enable players to power up their character and make them more valuable.

Project Info:
OmniaVerse Pitchdeck Q4 2023.pdf (1.8 MB)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
To mint the free NFT:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Connect your wallet (make sure you’re on the BitTorrent Chain)
  3. Click on the “Aria” NFT
  4. When the new screen loads, click the “Buy” button.
  5. Approve the transaction in your wallet (you will only pay for gas, ~85-90 BTT which is about $0.01 - $0.02 USD worth).

To add your NFT to your wallet:

  1. The contract address is: 0x80e4e2f4c34ef94296D4949a5E86E6F31884e0d
  2. After the transaction is confirmed, reload the Aria screen on the dashboard.
  3. Under “Owned”, it will show you your token ID.
  4. Add the NFT to your wallet with the contract address and your token ID.

To play as Aria in Fud Escape:

  1. First, you must “onboard” your user name on the Dashboard:
    a. Go to
    b. On the left hand side, use the drop down menu to navigate to Fud Escape.
    c. Create a unique user name and clock the “Onboard” button.
  2. Now you must login to Fud Escape using the same user name you created on the Dashboard:
    a. Download Fud Escape from the google play store:
    b. Login to Fud Escape using the same user name from the Dashboard.
  3. Our web2 to web3 bridge will query the wallet associated with the user name and enable Aria as a playable character. This is done without having to connect your wallet to the Fud Escape game!

Project Details:
OmniaVerse aims to be the #1 gaming and entertainment ecosystem integrating web3 technology into gaming, art, collectibles, entertainment, and more.

Within OmniaVerse, we are embracing NFT tech to act as playable characters, skins, powerups, weapons, and more within our games and the overall OmniaVerse. Our NFTs are game-agnostic, meaning that they can be used across a number of different games and platforms that support .GLB and .3D files. For example, we’ve been able to demonstrate the use of our NFTs in VR/AR in apps like Spatial for the Oculus Quest 2.

All of our games and entertainment systems are free to play and have a Play to Earn (P2E) component. We’ve also been able to connect Web2 to Web3 through our proprietary bridge in all of our games in such a manner to avoid concerns from gaming companies and app stores related to digital assets.

As a result of our work on OmniaVerse, we developed and released the Apex chain, which is our zero-gas, highly secure, highly reliable, and scalable Layer 1 blockchain. Our goal with Apex is to not only host our own OmniaVerse ecosystem on Apex, but also to create an attractive environment for other developers.

In addition to Apex serving as our “home base”, we’ve also launched our gaming ecosystem on the Core network. We’re also looking for other suitable chains to bring OmniaVerse to, including the TRON and BTTC networks.

We have successfully released a number of NFT series, more than 10 games are live on Android, PC, and MacOS, and our Apex mainnet is live. “Cyborne” is commonly in the top 10 ranked web3 games on various ranking sites. We have a P2E game on Roblox, and we’ve released a beta version of our OmniaVerse metaverse. We’ve also recently released a “Move to Earn” app called “Kinetix” which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Our fully immersive metaverse will be more than just fun and games but will instead host a fully functioning economy complete with games, entertainment, and other businesses/services.

Recognizing the importance of “quality” in the web3 industry, we’ve also prioritized the development of an innovation platform and launchpad (Xto8, which stands for “From Unknown to Infinity”). The Xto8 platform not only facilitates quality/high potential startups launching on Apex, but serves as a crowd-sourced platform for developing “ideas” in a wide range of industries (not limited to web3/blockchain). Although web3/gaming is our major niche, we don’t want to discount other viable business and markets with aspirations outside of web3.

We’ve accomplished a lot in a matter of a year and are continuing to build additional games and utilities for our users.

Gaming is obviously a massive sector with over $200B in global revenue in 2021 alone. There is a trend emerging which indicates broad integration of web3 technology into the gaming industry. This is evidenced by major game and entertainment studios readying for integration of web3 elements. Additionally, NFT technology is an ideal means of monetizing in-game customization and play.

Our OmniaVerse ecosystem lives on our Apex blockchain and is already delivering dynamic web3 enabled games with NFT integration. Our Apex Blockchain has ZERO gas fees, which is perfect for gaming applications which typically require a large number of micro-transactions.

OmniaVerse and our Apex chain are well positioned to lead the coming web3 gaming revolution.

Smart Contract links:
$BLOCK: 0x747F964F5703f612e7bf7F9531747998D2925299
$BRICK: 0xB8495e37Af913E199Fba4eFE65bcDD0E6df5558F
$USDT: 0x5F8eBD49507c3D280FA60801927b6cD03497aA0a
$WETH: 0x2de61D2Ea54C82dD9DF7b448d59FE1610A2e6807
$WBNB: 0x49Bcd7Cefa4eab598de281BaDe235f21Ff03653e
$WBTC: 0x8957AddBd2c2B093a3CEfa6f543Ce292CC78D52E

$BRICK: 0xcF65E6F025224d281db405fA6E8Fd3F8B43b33DF
$BLOCK: 0x9B9537EF7C7D8d3a9a046a604AE9Fea6D0350e79

$OMNIA: 0x71dC640b99faAF03544BDbCE87018c2Ae8ebE849

$BLOCK: 0xbFf24592345094DFA4d6f75aFF5BE79AbCbC9bD9

$BLOCK: 0x3d421B76130ECF2B3374091e11530e7f20E29731

Project Milestones:

  1. $BLOCK contract created on BTTC (August 2023) - COMPLETE
  2. BTTC network integrated into OmniaVerse Game Dashboard (September 2023) - COMPLETE
  3. OmniaVerse ecosystem operational on BTTC network (October 2023) - COMPLETE
  4. Free NFT mints and Fud Escape Aria character enabled (October 2023) - COMPLETE

You are welcome to Hackathron S5.

Please are you going to integrate #bttc and or #tron into this gaming platform?

I really love #Play2Earn and will definitely try it out.


Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5
All the best to Your Team and project


Welcome to season 5.
I wish you and your team the best in this season of the Hackathon.


Welcome to Season 5, quite amazing what you got going on, had fun reading through. P2E has always been an important branch in this space and I’ve a few questions I want to ask;

How does the Apex blockchain ensure high security and reliability with its 5/9s uptime?

What is the process for issuing and managing game-agnostic NFTs within the OmniaVerse ecosystem?

Could you explain the off-chain Identity and Access Management (IAM) system secured using OAuth and how it ties the on-chain and off-chain data?


Bienvenido a este S5, su proyecto parece tener un buen planteamiento a nivel de la industria de los juegos y NFT, espero ver su proyecto.
Suerte con su trabajo.


Welcome to Grand Hackathon season 5 , as it stands your project is already live on other chains and you are looking forward to expand and reach out to more chains like Tron
All the same, I wish you all the best


Happy to see this acceptance. OmniaVerse is working towards some pretty cool things and i think this will only make them stronger and also bring a unique project to Tron and its community/users.


Thanks, Prince! Glad to be here! And yes, part of our project for the HackaTRON will be to implement our games and Game Dashboard on the TRON network!


¡Gracias por las amables palabras! ¡Estamos agradecidos de estar aquí!


Great to hear Omniaverse joining Tron Hackathon. Omniiaverse has many different options when it comes to gaming and innovative technology.


Our Tech Lead is a cyber security expert, so that was a constant focus during the build out. We’ve built Apex with the latest security standards and focus on maintaining security. For example, we’ve implemented a custom blockchain application firewall that protects against attacks (e.g. DDoS).

Beyond the technicals, our Node Validator team serves in part to perform a stringent due diligence review process before launching on Apex. This helps protect us from “bad actors” as well as protects our user base and investors.

The Apex chain is also scalable both vertically and horizontally to easily enable future growth and expansion. Our validator nodes are geographically distributed to help promote chain reliability, operating on multi-region AWS. Since our launch last August, we haven’t had a second of downtime.

We have enabled horizontal scaling that allows to spawn additional nodes when current 21 nodes are heavily utilized. We have DDOS protection secured using Cloud Flare and all our services go through a Blockchain Application Firewall. Hence, enough nodes run at any point of time to ensure we have 5 9’s connectivity.

Our developer team mints the NFT contracts and includes .GLB and/or .3D files (that our game devs create) in the metadata. Here’s a link to a YouTube video where we held an “AMA” with some of our “Companion” NFTs using the Oculus Quest 2: AMA in the OmniaVerse - YouTube

And another showing one of our NFTs in AR mode (at the five second mark, you’ll see one of our “Nutless Monkey” NFT series dancing on my hand in my basement): Welcome to BlockVerse - YouTube

The NFT’s use platform agnostic object files that can be loaded in any gaming platform like Spatial, Minecraft, Unity etc. Our NFT artifacts can then be loaded in any of our supported games and will be supported OOTB.

The process for launching a project or any digital asset is through engaging our team to launch on Apex (we have an application form). We then provide a review and confirm the project is viable and has utility (amongst some other criteria). We then facilitate onboarding and launch. So in the event a project wants to launch a game agnostic NFT like we’ve developed, we’d follow our normal process for onboarding a project.

I’m not going to get too deep into the details of our web2 to web3 bridge, as this is one of our competitive advantages. Essentially we assign our users an Opaque ID that is saved on the chain and also is one of our OAuth Claims hence tying blockchain with IAM in a decentralized fashion.

Hope that helps! Thanks for the interest and warm welcome!


Thanks, Shanet44! We’re humbled to be here!


I’ve been working side by side with you, and I know what you’re capable of. I trust you Guys and I say, May the forces be with you and in your favor.


Sam, my man! Thank for the vote of confidence! We’re very glad to be building with you!


I know a realer when I see one and you have all the boxes checked


Omniaverse has all that it takes to be great in this space, no story at any time, always delivering. You deserve being here.


It seems the project is backed by an excellent team looking forward to trying out the application in the coming weeks :+1:


Very nice to see Omniaverse here. It’s a very good project with a great and honest team. Would be wonderful to have Omniaverse games in TRON network.


alright wishing you all the best
keep building