Web3Space NFT Marketplace

Project Name: Web3Space

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: Purple Youth

Team Member(s): 1 @Kojopapo

HackerEarth Project Link: (kojopapo - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons)

Project Goal:
The project, known as “Web3Space,” aims to create a decentralized Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace decentralized application (DApp) built on the BitTorrent blockchain ecosystem. The DApp leverages smart contracts and incorporates its native utility token, called “Web3Space” (W3S), for seamless, secure, and efficient transactions within the platform. The ultimate goal is to revolutionize the way digital assets are bought, sold, and owned, fostering a more inclusive and transparent ecosystem for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts in the digital age.

The main objectives of the NFT marketplace platform are:

Empowering Creators: The platform aims to empower content creators by allowing them to tokenize their creations, retain ownership rights, and receive royalties whenever their NFTs are resold in the secondary market.

Establishing Authenticity and Scarcity: NFTs use blockchain technology to guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of digital assets, eliminating the risk of counterfeit copies and establishing true scarcity for each asset.

Unlocking New Revenue Streams: NFTs open up innovative revenue streams for creators and intellectual property owners. Creators can earn revenue from the initial sale of their NFT and continue to receive a percentage of profits from future transactions involving their NFTs.

Enhancing Collector Experience: NFT marketplaces provide an exciting opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire exclusive digital assets and showcase their collections to a global audience, enhancing social status within the community.

The project acknowledges the competitive landscape with established NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and Foundation, as well as blockchain platforms like Ethereum 2.0, Binance Smart Chain, and Cardano integrating NFT functionalities.

The target audience includes artists, creators, collectors, investors, and developers. The project highlights the potential of the BitTorrent blockchain for energy efficiency, scalability, and security, making it an attractive choice for hosting the NFT marketplace.

Project Value: Integrating the Web3Space NFT marketplace Dapp with BitTorrent blockchain technology offers several benefits and relevance, enhancing the overall functionality and user experience of the platform. Here are some key advantages:

Energy Efficiency: BitTorrent blockchain is known for its energy efficiency compared to other blockchain networks like Ethereum. By leveraging BitTorrent, Web3Space can reduce the environmental impact of its operations, making it a more sustainable and eco-friendly platform.

Scalability: BitTorrent blockchain is designed to handle a high volume of transactions quickly and with lower fees. Integrating with BitTorrent ensures that the Web3Space NFT marketplace can handle a large number of users and transactions, providing a seamless and efficient experience to its users.

Security: BitTorrent blockchain employs robust encryption mechanisms, enhancing the overall security of the NFT marketplace. This ensures that digital assets and transactions on the platform are secure and tamper-proof, reducing the risk of counterfeiting and fraud.

Seamless Token Integration: Web3Space incorporates its native utility token (W3S) within the BitTorrent blockchain ecosystem. This allows users to transact within the platform using the native token, enabling seamless and efficient transactions for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

Decentralization: Both Web3Space and BitTorrent blockchain are decentralized systems, which aligns well with the core philosophy of NFT marketplaces. By using a decentralized blockchain infrastructure, Web3Space ensures that ownership, authenticity, and value of digital assets are transparent and verifiable.

Cost-Effectiveness: BitTorrent blockchain’s lower transaction fees contribute to a more cost-effective platform for users, enabling creators to tokenize their digital assets and trade NFTs without excessive overhead costs.

Interoperability: BitTorrent blockchain’s compatibility with other blockchain networks allows Web3Space to explore potential interoperability options. This means users may have the opportunity to trade assets across different NFT marketplaces and ecosystems, expanding the reach and liquidity of their digital assets.

Access to BitTorrent Ecosystem: By integrating with BitTorrent, Web3Space gains access to the existing BitTorrent ecosystem and user base. This can attract more users and increase exposure to the NFT marketplace, fostering growth and adoption.

Differentiation from Competitors: While there are established NFT marketplaces and blockchain projects, integrating with BitTorrent blockchain sets Web3Space apart and offers a unique proposition to its users. This can attract users who are specifically interested in the BitTorrent ecosystem and its benefits.

Overall, integrating the Web3Space NFT marketplace Dapp with BitTorrent blockchain technology provides a range of advantages, such as energy efficiency, scalability, security, and seamless token integration. These benefits contribute to a more efficient, secure, and inclusive ecosystem for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts, making it a compelling choice in the competitive NFT marketplace landscape.

Project Info:
Web3Space 1.pdf (862.7 KB)

Project Website: (

  1. https://web3space.world/
  2. https://marketplace.web3space.world/ Mainnet

Project Test Instructions:
To test out the Web3Space Dapp view-only, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the DApp: Ensure that you have access to the Web3Space NFT marketplace DApp. You may need to visit the platform’s website or use a compatible decentralized browser like MetaMask to interact with the DApp.

  2. View Available NFTs: Once you have access to the DApp, navigate to the marketplace section where NFTs are listed for sale or display. The DApp should have a user interface that allows you to browse through the available NFTs and their associated metadata, such as artwork, music, virtual real estate, collectibles, etc.

  3. NFT Details: Click on a specific NFT to view more details about it. The details may include the creator’s information, a description of the NFT, its attributes, and any relevant historical data, such as past owners or transactions.

  4. Ownership and Provenance: The DApp should display information about the ownership and provenance of the NFT. You should be able to see the current owner, establishing the uniqueness and authenticity of the asset.

  5. Non-Interactive Testing: While some DApps may allow limited interaction with view-only functions, others may restrict access to actual transactions without proper user authentication. In such cases, you can test the view-only functions by reviewing the available information without executing any actions like buying or selling NFTs.

Project Details: Imagine give an idea of what it might like.




Smart Contract links: (Web3Space (W3S) Token Tracker | BTTCScan)
Smart Contract links:
(1. Marketplace Contract Contract Address 0x5895d51b01a2f36904d26335d9f93e36a196d73f| BTTC (bttcscan.com)
2. Proxy Contract Contract Address 0x7625b30a2f2e17149454fea84739bac3a6dc1db7| BTTC (bttcscan.com)
3. ERC - 721 Contract Address 0xcdc7ac7675a60dccd38adaa46809530211c465af | BTTC (bttcscan.com)

Project Milestones:
The aim is to enhance the platform’s usability, user experience, and visual appeal. Below is a suggested project milestone plan for the UI upgrade from the demo version:

Project Milestones for Web3Space NFT Marketplace Dapp UI:

Mainnet (done)

Fix Typo errors

Upgrade to a full functional NFT Marketplace

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Hello Web3space welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5.
Good to have your project on the BIt torrent blockchain,
Where your project and INVESTORS, will get to enjoy fast transaction and supper cheap transaction fees.

All the best to your project.
Keep building


Reading through your project I got the following questions

What will give your Nft marketplace the OUTSTANDING FEATURES from the already existing Nft marketplace like Opensea and co?

What will be the governance model about decision making in the marketplace ( both now and future)?

Q. Looking at your token $M3S, will they be airdroped to early users or sold through ICO ( initial coin offering)?

What will be the Liquidity provision of the Token ( I mean how easy I can buy and sell)?.
I will suggest you meet with @fabsltsa for token collobaortion and listing on Justmoney Dex.

More questions for clarification will be coming
As you keep building and providing more details.
All the best to your project.


Great to see your project brother. Wishing you all the best. I have an advice for you, if it’s possible within your range, make this a multi-chain marketplace.

We are doing our best to get #Bttc out there, promoting it with other chains will help us too.
Thank you


Also you are an African so please join our group lol


@Kojopapo and me already had a quick dm.
Looking forward to see the platform live.


Good to have you in this season of the HackaTRON. I’m glad you are building in the BitTorrent chain to drive the needed attention in the BTTC network. Just a few questions for you;

What will be the purpose of the W3S token in the MarketPlace?

What are the advantages of using the Web3Space DApp?

How does Web3Space work to revolutionize the way digital assets are bought, sold, and owned?


Thanks will my to create a safe & appealing platform.


Reading from the document.

Token Utility: The token will be used as a payment option on the NFT Marketplace
dapp, it will also be used for community rewards.

Staking and Rewards: existing DEX’s will be used for holder and liquidation
provider to stake and earn rewards.

  1. Those are the kinder features that are open for dissuasion, But should be features that are non existing platforms on BTTC it would be easier to work together rather compete.

  2. For the now is to use the existing DAO dapp, but would be included on the platform. So a private a Group will be created for investors and huge stake holders, then from there a poll can be created on creating a DAO on platform for them to created for future changes on the platform.

  3. An airdrop will be there regardless, as for ICO that is an open idea at this moment, only problem is remembering that the platform would need a audience 1st or using a platform that would offer without.

  4. It would be easy to use the Defi’s that on bttc, like kyber swap liquidation mining, JM for spot trading and others for single staking, using the current platforms will make it easy for user to choose where they want to buy & sell and stake, they all have offer something different.
    i’ll dm him, thanks

I’m open to them as they’ll give more suggestion on how to create a better platform. Hope i answered every question correctly, the DAO is really open for discussions.

Thanks you


That was something i saw that might be needed. Thanks you

I’ll check out the group.


@Gordian it will be an option to use to buy NFT’s using it, just giving it more use

Thank you buddy for your kind honest replies.
This is helpful not just me, but to others that might
Had similar questions to ask.

Keep building.
More suggestions, questions coming soon


Bienvenido a este S5, me parece una buena idea adoptar BTTC como cadena para NFT, su proyecto parece interesante a nivel de legitimidad de creadores y para el publico puede ser un buen apoyo las bajas tarifas de la cadena, siga trabajando y dando visibilidad a su proyecto.

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@antonio Gracias lo haré.

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
Our great armies has already asked what I have in mind, so I have digested it already
Wishing you all the best :handshake:


Welcome to Season 5, it’s interesting seeing and reading the outlined details of the project and I’ve a few questions;

What is the current status of the project? Is there a working prototype or MVP available for testing, or is it still in the development phase?

Can you provide more details about the Web3Space utility token (W3S)? How will it be used within the platform, and are there any mechanisms in place to ensure its value and utility?


I did miss out on joining before now, thanks for sharing the link.

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Small but important detail, the spot trading platform on JM is swap based. So still need to open a pool on the swap to be added on the spot trading platform :+1:

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@manfred_jr the some part of the demo site is live.

I t will be used as a payment method option, mechanisms will be implemented, but it would be wise to start with a DAO, it easier to work with community rather then make decisions for them.