NFTmall - NFT Infrastructure & Phygital NFT Commerce provider for Tron and BitTorrent

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Project Track: NFT

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Team Member(s): 6+ and Growing…

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Project Goal: Be the Pioneers of Multichain GameFi Infrastructure & Phygital NFT Commerce.
Multi-chain Solution: Introducing a robust multi-chain NFT platform that empowers creativity. It allows NFT creators to have fun while earning. NFTmall is not just a marketplace but a community governed by its utility & governance token GEM. :gem:

Our mission includes bridging the gap between digitized and real-world while allowing real-world use cases for NFTs by introducing revolutionary features like the NFT Materialisation service. Using NFTmall, anyone can mint, list & trade NFTs in a simple & cost-efficient manner. Thanks to its super-efficient smart contracts.

We are a next-gen NFT marketplace & Launchpad for NFT creators, traders, and enthusiasts. Our platform is synergizing DeFi and e-commerce to achieve a fully autonomous and royalty-driven marketplace. Bridging NFTs Between Chains *NFTmall will also solve the liquidity problem of NFTs / NFT collections minted on chains that lack sufficient liquidity. We will allow the bridging of NFTs across all the chains that NFTmall supports.

NFTmall = Multichain NFT infrastructure provider + Powerful NFT API + NFT materialisation service + Launchpad.

Why are we Different?

  • NFTmall empowers creators by providing a cost-efficient, super sleek, reliable, easy-to-use user interface platform, which should attract and create interest for newcomers in NFT & crypto space in general.
  • Reliable, Cost-efficient & Secured.
  • Has a robust API “NFT explorer” (Google of NFT).
  • Home of Gamified NFTs. Mint, List, Trade ERC1155 Gamified NFT assets. (Soon)
  • Offers different NFT auctioning systems (Timed auction & Open to bid).
  • Has its native token, GEM :gem: with various utility & use-cases throughout the ecosystem, including governance of the platform.
  • One of a Kind mobile app, AR & NFT verification app.
  • One of a kind platform offers mass NFT materialization service & delivery worldwide.
  • An universal NFT platform with Zero platform fees for all. Gas less NFT listings & Biddings! Accommodates everyone according to their needs.

NFT Materialisation

We create a bridge between Digital NFT and Physical products secured with blockchain. opens a whole new world where NFT and eCommerce meet. It’s no longer a dream to Materialise an NFT into physical products and show off its authenticity using our mobile app!

Any NFT owner can order the Digital version of their NFT to materialize objects like Canvas, Framed Canvas, Digital Canvas, etc. using our NFT Materialisation service.
All they need to do is to list their NFT/NFTs on NFTmall if it’s not listed yet! and order their preferred materialize service. Users are able to get delivered their materialise NFT to their “Doorsteps” in any part of the world!

Users can also have a Preview of the Materialise NFT on our website and in AR through our AR & NFT verification App


  • Using the NFTmall materialization service users get high-quality prints. since we will use the original digital file of the NFT which is stored on IPFS.
  • We use premium quality ink to print.
  • As well as Print ink we use high-end materials for materialization.
  • We have facilities in UK, USA, Canada & Australia using the same ink and same printing tools to ensure High quality and a high-end product. Thus we also make sure delivery worldwide at a very reasonable price!

NFT Launchpad
NFT Launchpad is one of its kind Multichain, NFT mechanics INO platform. NFT Launchpad platform is an integrated product & service of the NFTmall ecosystem. The Platform uses GEM as its utility token and a specific amount of GEM holdings or owning NFTmall “Founder NFT series “ NFTs enables participation in the platform. The INO Platform serves a vast number of uses to an array of users. The platform offers to fundraise for NFT collection owners. NFT collection owners can use the platform to launch the presale of their NFT collections. Launch your NFT Collection on NFT Launchpad, The Advertising is on us. The Profits go to you.

A multi-chain-focused project incubation while providing a safe token-launch mechanism thus helps the projects in their initial stages to get the fuel for a proper take-off.

A multiple system model (FCFS & Lottery) & a Four-tier launchpad with each tier representing the allocations for the investor’s Participation in different tiers depending on the amount of GEM held.

NFTmall Founder NFTs act as a key to safe and successful access to the launchpad.

Competitiveness vs other NFT Marketplaces

What’s next for NFTmall:

  1. Scaling Faster Further and Beyond.
    We workaholics at are building our platform with scaling in mind from day one. As our platform is live on several main nets and more and more users are joining, we are anticipating exponential growth in our partner chains.
  2. Phygital NFT Commerce.
    Being the first to present ‘Phygital’ (Physical & Digital) utility to the NFT world. (Materialize your NFT in its physical form - Verify its authenticity by scanning the QR code on the front) - We already have the MVP of that! Wanna see it? contact us.
  3. No-code NFT Collection Minting.
    In the past, minting an NFT collection required special technical knowledge and hiring developers. We are going to simplify this process to allow creators to create their NFT collections easily and efficiently.
  4. Public NFT API for 3rd party project integration.
    Building a robust NFT marketplace for your game is hard. Really. We’ve been there.
    Fortunately, we can now help you to focus on what you know and do best - your game.
    Saving a ton of energy, time, and money you would otherwise spend to develop a marketplace for your project. Best part? Your community can trade your NFTs using your own token!

  1. Social Features.
    Enabling users following, NFT likings, commenting, and direct chatting (soon) Enabling social interactions and chat service.
  2. Launch of NFTmall DAO.
    NFTmall Governance Forum is a platform for a higher level of decentralisation.
  3. Pioneer of GameFi Infrastructure - Home of Game NFTs and NFT Games.
    We want to become the leader in GameFi and MetaFi space. Mint, Buy & Sell your Multichain Game NFTs through NFTmall. Bridging the gap between web2 & web3. NFTmall integration with popular web2 game app through partnership and introducing game Economy & NFT in the gamification.
  4. NFT Games.:shushing_face:
    (Did anyone tell you about NFTmall Games? Probably not. because it’s secret yet.)
    Last but not least, we have an ambitious plan to bring massive Web2 games to the web3 world leveraging NFTmall’s powerful Multichain Game NFT Marketplace. We are in talks with prominent web2 game studios with millions of monthly active players. We are not going to share too much on this topic just yet but our games may hit the market earlier than you think.

Keep an eye on us. :eyes:

Edit [10/08/2022]
Hello everyone, you asked and we delivered. We are launching a long-awaited feature today! You can now mint your own ERC721 Collection on !
Plus we’ve prepared a handy tutorial for you. Check this out: Minting Collections and NFTs - NFTmall

Please don’t forget to VOTE on our project! Every vote counts. ===> NFTmall | Devpost
Thank you for supporting us.


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Congratulations Partners! These are really huge NFT features coming to TronDao and BTT!

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Nftmall is huge emerging platform will utilise web2 and 3 also it will be hub of nft market . Their native token gem will have many eye-catching utilities . Wish u great success


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