Kraftly NFT Marketplace

Project Name : Kraftly NFT Marketplace
Project Track : NFT
Team Name : KraftlyCorp parent
Team Member(s) : 5 currently as of FEB 2022
Project Goal: is a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, rare digital items, and collectibles. Mint, trade, and collect.
The marketplace was built on TRON blockchain to provide a solution for users not used to paying high gas fees on Ethereum

Project Info : is a P2P decentralized TRC721 marketplace protocol that runs on TRON blockchain which allows users to do the following

  1. Mint and own TRC721 NFT on TRON blockchain against uploaded media files such as video, music, animation, images (.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .mp3, .mp4)

  2. Create a ‘crypto punks type’ blind auction collection where the buyer not only mints the NFT upon purchase but your collection uses 's fair-distribution algorithm to randomize the ‘who gets what’ NFT process



    BLIND AUCTION Create (For Creators)

  3. Trade NFTs that are minted on marketplace using various type of auctions (Buying or Selling)

  4. Trade secondary NFTs that uses different TRC721 smart contract or NFTs that are NOT minted on NFT marketplace ( Also supports creator royalty)

Project Repo: kraftlychef · GitHub

Project Details: is created and run by parent Solidity Gods is a team of induvial people with love for Solidity and basic blockchain tech. The team aims to bring forward multiple awesome product and services revolving around blockchain in general and use their skills and experience to solve 1 small problem at a time and introduce solutions. is built using React.js and utilizes a web3.js-like plugin called TRONWeb.js hence users can attempt to sign up with both personal computers and mobile devices like cellphones or tablets as long as they have access to a TRON wallet basically any device works!!

The marketplace was built on TRON blockchain to provide a solution for users not used to paying high gas fees on Ethereum

Partners and Investors

Project Milestones: was launched in August 2021 and we are really glad to say this but with generous support from APENFT and the TRON community we’ve already completed all of our major milestones in only 6 MONTHS that’s a record :star_struck:

Nevertheless here goes a short summary of our journey and we are still working on

August 22, 2021 : Launch of (NFT Mint Only)

August 26, 2021 : Launch of first NFT trading smart contract

September 2,2021 : Launch of Kraftly NEO and Kraftly’s fair-mint smart contract for conducting blind auctions for generative artworks etc and we launched first ever 100% original community crated artwork project aka CRYPTO CLOUDS

September 8, 2021 : Launch of Kraftly’s native token $KTY

September 10,2021 : Launch of NFT bid war and anti-snipe tech smart contract

September 24, 2021 : Mint NFTs with your favorite TRC20 coins → New Smart Contract

September 30th,2021 : Major GUI update allowing users to like NFTs and Follow their favorite creators on

October 16th,2021 : Generous investment from APENFT and TRON DAO and establishment of long-term partnership

October 21, 2021 : Launch of blind auction public (A FEATURE THAT BLOCKCHAIN INDUSTRY HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE ) along with new smart contract

November 28, 2021 : Launch of secondary NFT marketplace that supports NFT that are NOT minted on and added APENFT Token as a trade currency on marketplace

December 17, 2021 : Lunched NFT Burn , Transfer , Referral , KTY Burn panel , Airdrop Panel , NFT Trader Rewards Panel , NFT Creator rewards panel

January 10th , 2022 : Added batch upload for NFTs

January 25th : Support added for BTFS and IPFS

Current Work

Q1 2022 : Launch of new smart contract that will allow users to link media and mint NFT on their own custom contract using (You will be able to deploy your own TRC721 contract and link it with and use to link media and mint NFTs on your own contract)

Q1 2022 : Availability of Royalties of above mentioned smart contract users

Research Work

In the mean time we are working on studying ways to use EIP 2981 as whole on TRON blockchain although we don’t want to associate this research with any timeline because we would have already long solved the problem of royalty by then

----------------------------------- END OF PRESENTATION FOR HACKATHON -----------------------------

---------------------------------- START OF MILESTONES TRACKING ------------------------------------------



1.PROJECT COMPLETION : We are at 90% - Released the 80% ,
GUI polish and backend/database optimization ~ 10%

  1. Including a screenshot here : → Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. Yes we are 100% on time and we will complete 100% of the milestones before the end of April (not May)

We have 100% in house , high skill devs to make new ideas possible very fast.

  1. LINK : Kraftly → The new smart contract which does all the things mentioned in Point 2

  2. Please follow this link, this is an user guide made for our potential and current users : Collection - Kraftly Docs

See this screenshot ----->>>>

<<<----- This shows the 4 SECTIONS that deals with the developed product

Demo video of dev creating a mintable collection : - YouTube <<<- you can also follow this video step by step and test our development.

In case of any confusion you can directly reach our customer support here : Telegram: Contact @kraftlynft (Customer support reply may vary from few minutes to few hours based on timezone , customer support services are generally offline during the Asian night hours)

1. What problem does this current update solves in the NFT space apart from minting NFTs on custom TRC721?

2. GUI change

Best NFT marketplace on TRON! :slight_smile:


Happy to see you apply Kraftly team…

As TuruGlobal, we are specifically interested in this section as this can be a game changer for us as well.


Great to see you participating! :+1:t2::raised_hands:


Great entry keep it up team keep pushing💪


Yes absolutely,
Today as of 25th Feb 2022, We completed the smart contract that we have been working for over 40 days till now and will start beta testing from next working day after the weekend (Monday).
After testing all that will remain is the GUI integration to roll this feature out finally…!!!


This is the the comment one of the 3D artist on our platform made about us. We are showcasing his work since he came up with one of the first 3D VFX video type NFTs on tron blockchain.

Here it goes is without a single doubt the undefeated and the best NFT marketplace on the TRON blockchain.
I am a 3D artist and I upload my 3D NFTs on pretty regularly and not only they have a user friendly perfect UI (some bugs on iPhone) but their 24x7 support and their team is what keeps me hooked on to this platform.
It’s amazing.
You can check out my demo work on their platform





Thank you for the shout-out and making me join the DAO community guys :heart_eyes:
Love working with you guys


Great work by the Kraftly team!


you have the best babytury


Could you please explain more the support of NFTs on BTFS?

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Yes, although we do not provide a BTFS dedicated gateway (IPFS - Pinata) users can still choose to keep their media files in BTFS

Example collection : Kraftly

This feature is currently limited to batch uploads only we have plans to roll out a final version very soon


The best NFT marketplace on TRON … UI is very user friendly


Thank you for creating such a nice product and joining the Tron ecosystem , I’ve been observing your project from day 1 and It’s unbelievable what you guys have built :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:

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Good to have you here @kraftly and it’s great to have a detailed project post with a lot of info and graphics to keep the community informed.

We have a couple of questions for you.

  1. As the hackathon prizes will be paid out based on milestones, it is important for the judges and the community to know what will you be building during the hackathon event period. Is it safe to say your focus will be on the “launch of new smart contract that will allow users to link media and mint NFT on their own custom contract using”?

  2. How does royalty works on your platform currently?

  3. Do you support forked projects (i.e TRON project that forked a copy of Ethereum’s NFT project and make minimal changes to the art style)? How do you deal with this type of NFT?


Thank you for going through the post and the project itself

  1. Yes our current goal involves allowing us to add a protocol (Smart Contract + GUI) that let the users deploy and add their own NFT contract to and either create a NFT series (1 by 1) or perhaps conduct a blind auction( Like CryptoPunks ) by attaching appropriate media files and enjoy royalties and Kraftly secondary marketplace or opportunity to easily get listed on other important marketplaces

This will involve us deploying a mint factory contract that deploys a proxy contract every time an user links their own contract with the factory … The proxy contracts will store the data of user contract and factory contract will store the data of proxies

Proxy will run over user contract minting NFTs and backend scripts will keep track of everything

In case if the user wants to conduct a blind mint the proxies will book tokeIDs and apply fair blind mint algorithm for a fair mint process

This makes it one of the most complex smart contract project we’ve ever worked on but it will bring ease of using NFTs to people without any coding knowledge trying to build complex NFT projects and will be a huge advantage for GameFI developers

  1. Every asset on is TRC721 as of today hence to provide royalty we do keep data on Royalty percentage of the NFT contract deploying address

After completing the above mentioned update , we do plan to push 1155 update very soon

  1. Yes, we do support famous forked projects like ( TPunks , TMeebits , CoolCatsTron etc )

We do list them under secondary marketplace. You can place a bid on any above mentioned forked project on even if the original owner of a particular NFT (for example TPUNK ID 0 ) has not listed their NFT on sale. The original owner however can accept your bid anytime to complete the trade.

Our legal policies regarding forked projects :

I. We do not check for authenticity it’s up to the user to verify the similarity percentage

II. In case the original owner raises a dispute, we work out quickly to find a temporary resolution by matching the similarity percentage

III. For permanent resolution of a dispute we advice the involved parties to resolve their disputes via legal bodies


Yes, interesting. In terms of appearance it is very good. Very excited

Tron Address: TVT9dB6xiiekNbzdkVh8ZXZFkbSuSFbTGj

First of all… that’s really great to see you guys here… Well I’m very much satisfied with the explanation as well as marketplace experience… but I’d like to know more about the $KTY it’s tokenomics as well as it’s usecases also how to get it…


The progress so far has been great … best wishes for future :+1::joy:

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