Rooni by Team RedWilly & Shadowkite - The Very Firstartistry NFT Marketplace on BitTorrent Chain

Project Name: Rooni

Project Track: artistry

Team Name: SBCD

Team Member(s): 2 Member @Rink3y and @Shadowkite
Hacker Earth Project Link: Rooni | Devpost

Project Goal: We’re building a marketplace that’s all about bringing together every kind of digital treasure, whether been collectibles, Web3 domains, or nft game asset. The dream is to make this space as decentralized as possible. That means no hoops for creators to jump through to get their stuff up for trading. Everyone gets to play, no permission needed. And, super important to us, we’re making sure creators get their dues with proper royalties. It’s all about keeping things fair, free, and totally open( docs for marketplace & royalty for creators will be linked soon - we are currently working of getting the ui & the backend setup correctly).

Project Value: we’re all about freedom, fairness, and low transaction on BitTorrent Chain make it possible. Our marketplace is designed with these values in mind. Imagine listing your NFT for sale but still holds it in your wallet, that’s exactly what this project is about.

Listing an nft on your Marketplace require approval for the token been listed to the marketplace contract along with the price ( to be sold for ). Once a buyer purchases your assets, it transfers to the buyer wallet in the same transaction. Leading to a much less gas spent and the seller BTTC in their wallet.

This approach means you’re always in control of your assets, holding onto them until the moment they’re sold. Given you full control over your assets. Also means if for some reason our website goes down and you are not savy with web3. you dont have to do anything as you own your Assets yourself. PEACE OF MIND

Project Info: [You may upload this part later but it is advisable to upload it ASAP so the community can learn about your project early- We will update this SOON]

Project Website: BTTC Marketplace (

Project Test Instructions:

  • To test out our marketplace, simply if you own an nfts or any sort of ERC721, you can visit the website( )

  • in the search bar paste the contract address and search

  • it will take you to the collection page ( and under my NFTs - you will be able to see all your nfts for that collection)

  • Feel free to list your NFTs for sale. But, just a little heads-up: we’re currently ironing out some kinks in our marketplace backend. After running for a bit, it might not catch new listings right away(the aim was to use subgraph but since subgraph is not supported. We’re all hands on deck fixing these bugs, so everything runs smoothly. If you have any suggestion / improvement let us know.

Still working on Improving the UI

Smart Contract links: MarketPlace Contract - BTTC Explorer

Project Milestones: [Provide a brief progress outline of when users can expect what during the hackathon period]

Project Milestones:

  • Frontend UI: :white_check_mark: Done(90%)

    • Minor tweaks in progress to enhance device compatibility and user friendliness for all devices.
  • Smart Contracts and Deployment: :white_check_mark: Completed

  • Backend Stability Improvements: :wrench: IN PROGRESS

    • enhancements for backend performance and reliability, ensuring a smoother user experience. And adds Last sold…
  • Sweep Floor Price & Global Offers: :hammer_and_wrench: In Progress

    • Implementation underway; expected completion soon to introduce new trading dynamics and allow collection creator to sweep the collection floor price in a single transaction. The global offer system will also allow anyone to submit an offer for the entire collection, rather than on an individual NFT basis. This means asset owners can review offers and decide if they wish to sell at the proposed price, making the buying/offering process simpler and more efficient as the buyers won’t need to submit offers to multiple token IDs within a collection.
  • Integrate CoinGecko for BTTC Price: :arrows_counterclockwise: Next Up ( but we will start working on this sometime after the website is fully launched )

    • The plann here is to fetch the current BTTC price, ensuring accurate and up-to-date value assessments.
  • Community Features Rollout: :mega: Announced Soon

  • Integration of Additional Token Standards: :date: Future Milestone

More info the marketplace logic/docs will be post ASAP.

Edit (on 04/15/2024)

Update> to

Use this URL to access the marketplace BTTC Marketplace (

Edit (04/18/2024)

Telegram community Link>

EDIT (04/19/24)

Backend Stability Improvements: :wrench: Completed :white_check_mark:

Update - Collector & Creators {23/04/2024}

If you a creator and will like to Whitelist your collection to have the peaks of that please join our telegram group above. And let us know.

We will require the following>

  1. contract address
  2. collection Profit picture
    3.Collection cover image
  3. Royalty percent & address to receive the royalty { by default all collection that is traded on Rooni whether it’s Whitelisted or not, royalty is set to 2%- this is paid to deployer of the contract(owner) so if you like to set to a different address too }.
  4. Social link { optional - but need especially for new people to easily your project }
  5. Website

The marketplace is now operational, and it supports all erc721 including DN404 and erc-404.

By the end of this month or within the first week of May we would have finished the collection offer( which allows someone/anyone to place an offer/bid to the entire collection rather than an individual NFT.

So buyers interested in purchasing multiple works from the same a collection at once, mostly aiming for a better price .

So example>. If a buyer place a bid on a collection for let say 200 btt, this offer is visible to the seller and the collection holders who can then decide whether to accept or reject the bid.
If a seller or any of the holder from that collection accepts the offer, the NFT will be transferred to the buyer and sales will be made )

Also please join the telegram community and if you have any questions of listings or purchasing an NFT we be sure to give a response

Update Free Mint nft - Nuggets>

Get Your Free NFTs on Bittorent Chain - ( Marketplace ) - TRON Discussion - TRON DAO Forum

Nuggets Nfts on BitTorrent

Update Improve& optimise Image speed { 21 May 2024 }


Welcome to hackathon season 6
Your project description mentions no permission needed for creators to list their digital treasures. This is a compelling aspect for user freedom, my question is
(1) how do you plan to address potential issues like spam or low-quality content flooding the marketplace
(2) Would there be any mechanisms in place to curate content or incentivize high-quality creations.

You are welcome, seems every hackatron we get at least 1 marketplace but we do not see them after the event. Mostly you will hear, we ran out of funds and others… Please what should we expect from you after this hackatron? Do you have funds to continue the project or solely depends on the amount you may get from this event?


So the project aim it to be much like some of the big marketplace out there, and much more like OPENSEA. free and open to all trade regardless but we also have a whitelisted system we are working.

And with this whitelisted collection get a badge symbol indicating that (currently it set by default for all collection but we should complete that by the end of the week) ,

they will be able to set a description for the collection (instead of the stand “This collection has no description yet. Contact the owner of this collection to get whitelisted.”

they can set cover and even ( working on them to have thier own inpage inside the collection ( something like an ongoing mint page, annocuement etc… ) , and the last thing is whitelisted collection will be able to set royalty )

while freedom is great it also might have it bad side. but we aim for the bigger picture


Yeah note really, i actually didnt know there was an hackathon going on.

Me and Shadowkite have been working on this Marketplace for while ( and most built using subgraph - more info on that we shared that in devpost with the challenges and all that)

but am a member in the BTTC telegram community, although am not mostly active I haven’t heard anyone talked about nft or marketplace so i asked and one of the admin sent me a link and that how we got to apply here.

So if we win, that would be great might help us get more infrastructure - with server upgrade and improve the speed of the marketplace as of now the we have currently set the servers to delete all inactive collection img save after 30 days Mostly to free up space.

Am not sure how to answer this because already planning on launching the marketplace before we knew a Hackathon was going. So if we are selected it wil great :slight_smile:


So does this mean your project not built during this Hackathon?


Not really. the Marketplace contract already there. Had to reinvert and build the Backend from scratch, along with New UI Design.

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Welcome to this session. I suggest you invite you team mate to this forum


What if you don’t win. Will the building of this market place continues?


Yeah like i said the plan is to be the very first marketplace on Bittorent Chain. so it wont matter that much. Plus i also think this hackathon will be a great way for the community to know about our Marketplace.

Also, the Marketplace should be live Before the hackathon evens ends.


woooo NftMarketplace on btt network, exciting to see how you pull this off and make the marketplace :raised_hands:


Welcome to hackaTRONs6 ! You need explain in detail what has been built during the hackathon period. I like you are building for BTTC. Good luck to you !


oh ok nice to hear, all the best


That sound nice buddy, Being the first marketplace on the Bittorrent Chain is good and all the best.

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thanks, just check the website out and if there is any suggestion / improve for the UI. let us know

BTTC Marketplace (

Note we are still fixing some issue on the backend but you can view you nfts etc…

also the wallet page not active currently ( )

thanks appreciate it

Welcome to the Season 6 of the Hackathon, please tell us what are the long term goals of your project, thank you

Well the big dream is to make our marketplace the go to spot for all things NFT on BTT as do you plan on adding a multichain approach in the future. Plus, we are working on a cool financial features i think all NFT owners will like. e.g loans and instant liquidity options using BTTC with interest with this is an idea and haven’t start yet but It’s all still on the board.

we do have other plan, but these are thing we think we can be achieved by the end of the year.

anyways please check our website and if possible, share your thought on the UI (still working on improving it so if you have any sugestion or found any bug tag me with it) Note> our backend api is down as we are fixing an issue so listing an nft will not reflect immediately)

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Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, your entry is quite amazing and was a wonderful read from start to finish and from my understanding, you aim to create a decentralized marketplace for digital treasures centered on NFTs, Web3 domains, and gaming assets, with fair royalties for creators and minimal transaction costs on the BitTorrent Chain.

Can you comment on the specific issues encountered during backend stability upgrades and how the team intends to address them?


okay so with the backend first thought, which would have been perfect was to use subgraph but that isn’t available for BTTC.

Anyways most issue we came around on the backend was WebSocket connection dropped after some minutes (20mins tops) which make the server not catching event once it dropped.

So as of now we have worked on a mini app i called runner which is a sub app with the backend Api which monitor, report and catchy drop WebSocket and restart it immediately,

while this for now is effective it’s sometimes missed a couple of blocks. (It still a work in progress.) but should have it done soon

Another option we could use or do is to use the good old JsonRpcProvider which will be called in intervals(the only issue with this solution too is there is a 5 second delay between the event emiited and the rpc catching and delivering).

We are still looking for a much more stable/efficient solution.