What Dapps / Projects / NFTs are needed on TRON or BTTC?

I wanted to create a list of possible Dapp or project ideas for people/developers who might be interested in the TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3.

I will separate the ideas into the respective tracks and constantly update the topic. If I know of projects already being developed on TRON or if you do, then I will make a note of it using brackets.

Your ideas can be wacky, fun, crazy, or serious.


  1. Decentralized Google Suite - An email address but using BTFS (Bittorrent File System), google docs, sheets, and drive. Collaborative work.

  2. Decentralized Youtube - hosted by BTFS.

  3. Dapp Store (Combining dapp radar + tronlink dapp store + meta critic) - This includes user reviews, stats, trust scores, audit checks, and code reviews, to increase the trust of dapps.

  4. Token Garbage Dumpster - Tracks tokens put into it showing a leader board of the worst tokens with no value that are probably scams. Could build more upon this.

  5. Decentralized I.D.


  1. Cross-Chain DeFI Protocol on BitTorrent that provides yields from (ETH, BSC, and TRON in one central place)

  2. Decentralized Stock Market - Invest in tokens that are paired to the NASDAQ, Snp 500, or stocks like APPL or GOOG


  1. Full NFT Generation Suite, from combining image layers together to get your generated images, to meta data traits configuring, to integrating with ApeNFT to have a mintable collection. All of course hosted by BitTorrent File System instead of IPFS. Both TRON and BTTC

  2. NFT Liquidity pools like NFTX (TRON)

  3. BitTorrent NFT Marketplace


  1. Mobile Phone NFT Avatar Chatrooms - For events/conferences/meetings, integrated presentation projector in the 3d space.

  2. Mario Party Game - Minigame fun party game where everyone bets a little TRX and sees who wins the pot.

  3. Metaverse Library - Walk around with NFT Avatar, buy/sell/rent ebooks or magazines. Authors can give NFT signs and conferences. Sell tickets for events and scholarships for young people.

  4. Game like Gods Unchained on BTTC or TRON.


Wow these is so thoughtful and inspiring of you, I really love these


This is so beautiful and I love these, it’s so inspiring


Please go ahead and think of some cool ideas, and I will add them.


decentaralized ID may be usefull


Greate project ideas here


in this state of metaverse creations, i would like to see the first nft’s library in metaverse. where people walk there with her nft avatar and can buy, sell and rent ebooks and emagazines “nft’s” , and autors can give nft’s signs and conferences. sell tickets for events . schoolarship too young people and many more.
that is just an idea =)

and i will love if someone make a game like gods unchained in tron or bttc chain.

and a fun fact is , soccer is the king of sports , so many ppl like it … and theres nothing in tron yet about it.

wish u all a good day =)


Funny you should say that. ApeNFT just released their teaser for WinNFT Football today.

You can see the teaser trailer here.


Some very good thoughts on this my friend. have you heard of dlive? i believe it was built on tron and falls into the decentralized youtube category


That sounds interesting. :star_struck: Appreciate the thought of getting ideas and comments from the community. Love this concept. :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:

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Great idea, thank you for this


This idea is very good, since I’m 100% into DDEFI and yields, would be perfect for me ahah!

Also we need a DEX :eyes:


That a inspiring ideas! It’s interesting what type of consistency might be implemented in Decentralized Google Suite

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We need NFT liquidity pools, like in NFTX


Thanks for putting this together, very helpful!

This is very thoughtful of you, definitely needed by the community

It doesn’t because it only does LiveStreaming and not uploading standard videos.

There is already a DEX on BTTC. KyberSwap and JustMoney


Good IDEA! I will add this

Some type of graph service like DEXtools or PooCoin. SUNswap doesn’t have any since V1 and it seems JustMoney only has charts for tokens listed on their DEX.