TRON projects that are a part of your life

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As the TritonTeam team from S5, we were also closely examining all projects. We have an important question for our dear friends who have been using the forum for a long time. We would be very happy if you share your experiences, opinions and comments
@Nana66419 @Prince-Onscolo @fabsltsa @HODL @maaz @Gordian @manfred_jr @Youngyuppie @cctechmx @JavierGarza @WindsOfChange92 @H_P @saadabban76 @im_31 @TuruGlobal @TronNinjas and all forum users…

Which of the previous season’s projects do you still use and what conveniences and advantages have you noticed that they provide you? Also, will there be any important innovations about the future of the project?

Thank you very much for your sharing in advance :partly_sunny:


Hello there and GM,
You have asked us a very important question. As a hodler I use many of past hackaTRON winners. To name a few - TronNinjas, TronBies, Turu, JustMoney, USTX, UpDawg. All these projects offer me a great and simple way to earn more passive income by simply hodling them.
In the past hackaTRONs there have been too many great projects that bring incredible value to the Tron and BitTorrent ecosystem. However, there are even more projects which have been abandoned by the builders, which is huge blow for what we are trying to achieve with these hackaTRONs. I think before giving out prizes to the winners, we must make sure how they will utilize the funds to grow their projects further on TRON and BitTorrent and bring value to our ecosystem. It seems quiet unfair to me that, some builders have won the prizes for building on hackaTRONs and after winning they have simply taken their business to other chains. If any participant cannot understand this simple fact that these hackaTRON are to boost the TRON/BitTorrent ecosystem, they should just not participate and waste everyone’s time.


Thank you @TritonTeam
I have been here since the beginning and I am still using some projects from the various Hackatrons.

Some of these projects are @turuglobal @JustMoney @TronNinjas #Tronbies #AfricaStars #NRG #Wulfpack

As stated by @HODL most of these gives me passive income. Some support staking, some too you just hold and earn passively.

For innovations, I see @TronNinjas taking the lead. They have 3 projects this Hackatron and all are very innovative. @JustMoney also keeps adding innovative features to better their dex. @turuglobal just introduced staking for their $turu token with the help of @TronNinjas #Tronhub and also building a #MetaVerse called #TuruVerse

These are some great projects you can partner with or learn from them. Thank you


As it is @HODL And @Prince-Onscolo Has said it, as saying says that any relationships that lacks communication dies yes the facts still remains that these projects mentioned above mostly valued their community, they are always Open to new suggestions and innovations , however there transparency and commitment to always build on Tron has made the community laid there trust on their respective shoulders


Nice to see this summary. These are the projects we will highlight in our Myseum in due time


i use its really very helpful!


It was a text that I enjoyed reading very much. Thanks for all the details. Okay, here’s a question:
Why do projects leave everything behind and move to a different chain, instead of reaching a good audience here and taking their projects further with the awards they won? Do you think short-term greed for money is effective in such a situation?

Because here, TRON users work to move each project forward. It is truly a paradise that is not easily found.


After reading @Prince-Onscolo’s text, we also looked at what @TronNinjas achieved in the previous season and we are sure that they aim to improve every season since 1. They progressed by constantly building on their projects or creating something completely different.

We didn’t specify much in our question. But we wanted to ask about the passive income part. We would like to examine the three projects you mentioned in detail tonight and participate in them. We appreciate you honestly sharing what you’re going through :jigsaw:


definitely best keywords to describe


It is a good example of success that a project that started its journey in Season 3 still has loyal users. I am examining it in detail now. Thanks for sharing @maaz :raised_hands:


These are the 3 projects they have presented this season;
#NRG wallet: NRG wallet By NRG Team

#Tronhub: TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas

#TronDevGPT: TronDevGPT - your friendly neighbourhood AI

Here is how you can earn passively with #Tronninjas projects:

1: You can stake their #tronninjas nft and earn both $trx and $tnt ($tnt is their token)

2: You can be an energy provider on #NRG platform and earn too

3: You can also play games and earn

They also have an affiliate program. @TronNinjas @Stian will add more. They are currently in Barcelona for some crypto conference


Personally I earn through staking of my tronninjas nft and also I provide energy on their platform


It’s definitely very successful, I might even save it as my default AI platform if they add a few more new features. The interface is very nice.

I’ve tried energy providing before, but it didn’t go quite as I expected. But if you use this one yourself, there is definitely something right about it. I will share my feedback after testing the platform for a few days.

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@Prince-Onscolo, according to the myth, it is said that you never sleep and you can be online at any time. How do you do this mate? :sweat_smile:

appreciating and respecting your hardworking at all


Hahahaha sometimes I sleep, sometimes I sacrifice my sleep. This time I have been working continuously since last week for one of the projects I support (#Klever) so I am really tired. But the truth is I don’t miss anything on this forum, if you don’t see me at the comment section it means I didn’t want to.


Yes, greed is the major factor for these project builders for abandonment.


Collaboratively, our team is developing a decentralized application (dApp) focused on privacy within the Tron ecosystem. Currently, there is a gap in projects offering comprehensive user privacy on the Tron network, and our goal is to address this issue, making private dApps a common feature! Introducing zkBob, a non-custodial smart-contract wallet leveraging Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology. This innovative solution enables private transactions on the blockchain, safeguarding personal data like sender/receiver addresses and transfer amounts. Stay tuned for more updates—exciting news about us is on the way! :relieved:


Feels like during previous hackathons 5-6 projects were built around the idea of privacy and only @maaz is still around.


does zk bob works like zcash? Like sheilding and unsheilding transactions.

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I think i didn’t see any privacy project in hackatron before . If u can name some?

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