My First Topic and my thoughts while waiting for my basic badge

I have a lot of questions and criticisms

Should I go on?

I want to discuss every project in Tron season 4 HACKTRON

Which is adding value? Which is not?

How do handle first time projects who are still trying to bring their idea with a little MVP with a full blown project that started years or months ago? (All in one competition)

So far we have a lot of dedicated peeps on this platform. There are some people if I mention their names you will definitely know them because they are always active pitching ideas and making criticism which is good and honestly I ask myself is there any marketplace that acts like fiverr but on Tron that can easily offer good quality jobs to peeps like this who really care about the well being of the forum?
EG @antonio @Nana66419 @Prince-Onscolo This four names are all over the place good job guys

What’s the idea behind your S4 project?

I spoke to a dev who is yet to submit her build and I personally think the idea behind it is amazing

Lastly This is for @StevenTRON and @admin.hackathon
The hackaton rules stated deploy on testnet or mainnet

That includes Nile, Shasta and mainnet correct?


Projects are supposed to have been built in 2023 and to be able to prove it.
Those who are building on top of something that has been presented to a previous hackathon have to go to the builder track.

If you wanna discuss about the value projects are bringing feel free to interact with every team in their project presentation topic in hackathon section :+1:

About a decentralized Feverr I think Skillpay by @TechyDom was about it. Don’t know if still building.


Thank you and welcome to the forum once again :handshake: together we can move mountains, together we can make great things , we are always stronger together :handshake::muscle:
Wish you all the best bro :handshake:


Thank you for the shoutout bro.
@fabsltsa has said it all.

One of your concerns has been raised before and this season we have a track for such projects (builder)

For first time projects, all are welcome. They should bring their ideas onboard we have experienced devs here and community members who will assist them when they need help.:pray:t2:


Gracias por tu post, es una buena retrospectiva, juntos podemos crear un foro el cual sea reconocido por su calidad y valor.


Hello @Darkness

For the 1st phase of the HackaTRON you must deploy your project on the testnet (this includes Nile and Shasta) . In phase 2 if your project wins you will be required to launch on mainnet to be fully paid your winnings. I hope this helps!


Is it compulsory to verify your contract on this testnets?


Correct, you must have a project launched on testnet


And that contract must be verified? How do we verify contract on the Nile testnet?
Can we do it on the explorer directly?
Thanks for the swift response.:hourglass_flowing_sand::coin:


No need to verify contracts. Just make sure you have a working product that judges and the community can test :+1:


Some people deserve to be commended on this platform and they are always ready to scrutinize every project…


They are real OGs :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4:
So far am loving the submissions am seeing

  • One that integrates blockchain to Medical field
  • One that integrates blockchain to Electrical Field
  • One that’s building a massive game on the metaverse :raised_hands:t4:
  • One that helps in managing payments and sdks in e-commerce
  • One that’s developing 100Games
  • One that’s integrating blockchain with forestation
  • One a trading platform with decentralization at its best

If you have your favorites, like and drop them you don’t even have to mention their name
Just say what they are building and we would know :new_moon_with_face::raised_hands:t4:


My collection :pleading_face: loving the journey so far.
Met amazing peeps


Any idea how to get the “first reaction” badge ?

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a question for the gods :joy::joy::joy:


wow you are doing well, I wish I had all these :facepunch:t4::joy:


Sigue asĂ­, tienes un buen camino recorrido.


The gods are sleeping

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Thank you buddy :heart::purple_heart::heart:
Thank youđź«‚

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