A suggestion for season 5

Good evening tronics.
As we draw the curtains on season 4 and we open the door for season 5, i have a suggestion to make.

This hackathon saw alot of projects trooping in from all angles, in defi, web3, gamefi, eco-friendly, NFT and builders track.

One thing i observed this season is the concern raised about the relevance of the use of blockchain in some projects.

Alot of questions have been asked.

  1. Do we really need blockchain for this??
  2. What is the use of blockchain in this??
  3. Can you tell us the relevance of blockchain to your project??
  4. Don’t you think this could have been done other way without necessarily using blockchain tech?

These were among the numerous questions raised, as we seek to build a stronger hackathon in seasons that follows.

I would like to suggest to the team, @StevenTRON, @TronLive, @EMerchant, @WindsOfChange92, @admin.hackathon and @trondao to set up an initial application commitee.

The duties of this committee will be to;

  1. Screen all the projects that plan to make a submission.

  2. Interview project owners about the relevance of blockchain in their project.

  3. Show the EXIT to any project that cannot give a tangible reason why blockchain is needed in their project in the first place.

When this happens, people will be satisfied that any project that made it to the forum to make a forum post really deserved to be here and not here for cash grab.

This is just a suggestion and should not in anyway be assume as a call to action

All views and opinions are welcome. Stay safe and active guys.


Thanks buddy for this concern.
Yes lately, this set of questions have been
A trending questions across each project.

Well, I could say, Maybe not all things blockchain could be applicable.

Nice suggestions you made up there


Me parece una buena sugerencia, asĂ­ evitarĂ­amos las tediosas preguntas, que no dejan de resonar.
Los proyectos que se presenten tendrán las garantías de utilidad en la cadena de bloques.
La comunidad por su parte permanecerá tranquila en este aspecto.
Gracias por tu reflexiĂłn.


Thanks for your thoughts and sharing. :full_moon_with_face:

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Seriously i see many projects in this season which don’t have any specific use case in Blockchain…


It’s also a nice suggestion

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If thats the case then there should be a system in place to question these projects. If they cant give any solid reason, we bid them farewell

Appreciated. And have a wonderful day

Yh exactly that. Cos i think that question has been resounding almost everywhere.

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Exactly it could be a better solution


Thank you, you have really made a nice suggestion


Thank you for this valuable feedback for future HackaTRON seasons. We welcome all projects in the HackaTRON but having a few additional questions for screening could be positive :slightly_smiling_face:


Yh that will be lovely.

A small screening process will not hurt anyone but will rather go a long way to forge a strong community filled with projects that are dedicated to blockchain.


No perjudicará a nadie tienes razón, al contrarío se presentarán proyectos como bien has dicho en la contribución de la cadena de bloques, consiguiendo una transición a la web3 en beneficio de los usuarios en todos los ámbitos.


Amazing suggestions you guys.
Well am still going through the whole hackTRON process and I think more prizes should be allocated to community contributors am not saying this because I didn’t win, I had no idea there was a prize.
But some people who I know very well participated in contributing and didn’t win for example @kaarasamuel9 was active and got his member badge in the process which I look forward to getting . So maybe someone who added more value wasn’t added to the list because their was only 10 winners and the winners actually contributed a lot too. So I think it’s fair to say the amount of community winners should be increased. Maybe more than 10. A little bit more.
Just my honest opinion. @StevenTRON


Good suggestion! :+1: I totally agree with that

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Somehow late, but in my opinion not all case or life problems can be built or solved on blockchain.

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No one is ever late on this platform, :joy::joy: you are always welcome to interact with any post at all.
I really admire your zeal on the platform. You have really stayed alive here even when things weren’t that rocking. I pray you keep the fire burning as we the place ablaze once again.

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Thank you for your encouragement. Have been advised to stay active. Now that you have added I will keep the fire burning. Please I will run to you for help when I run into any difficulty

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