How to build Partnerships in Tron ecosystem?

Hello there!

TRON Hackathon season 3 is about to be completed and winners will be announced real soon. I have seen so many great projects built by motivated developpers who want to bring something new in the ecosystem.

I believe most of the participants, despite having a great and meaningful project will face difficulties to bring it to the next stage.

As a participant of this hackathon with InterPool, that’s one of the major challenge ahead of us. Build a strong community around the project might be the key, and also strong Partnerships.

That’s on this particular matter that i would love to hear your advices, feedback, recommendations and experiences.

If you are an “old” project that managed to came out big, a growing project, or a new one with the same problematics please share your stories, i guess it will be beneficial for everyone!

Thanks you so much!


Hola, en este hackaton hay muchos nuevos proyectos que se han asociado con otros y han emprendido algo en común, otros son colaboradores.

Siempre puede relacionarse con otros desarrolladores que han presentado en este hackaton y ver si pueden crear una colaboración.


You are right my brother @antonio, also the project that has it doors always open for collaboration is @TuruGlobal. The team is available 24/7 and ready to help you in anyway possible.

Count me in if u want to build a community around this project, i have used the platform too often to even serve as a moderator :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

My records are there for all to see, excluding the last event which was a total mess :joy::joy::joy:


Thanks @antonio and @Nana66419 for your comments.
You are right, collaborations in between young projects is great option to join forces and have more impact.

I’m going to share an experience from my first hackathon back in September, where we did won with @Perrin several prizes, in different sponsors categories. It was somehow a MVP that helped us to carry out our new project that we developped for Tron Hackathon S3. At the end we have received some money, which is nice, but appart from that, there was absolutely nothing. We did not receive a personal message from the sponsors to congratulate us, nor a proposal from them to communicate on their social media, or even a proposal to help us in some way.
That was frustrating. When a big protocol decide to reward you in a hackathon, because you are building around their protocol, you could expect at least to have the possibility to contact them directly, ask for some advices or something like that.

@Nana66419 i would really love to have your support to build a community around the project (i really don’t have any experience in this field! :sweat_smile:) I’ll DM you.

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Hola, otra forma como dice @Nana66419 es contruir una comunidad alrededor de tu proyecto, la cual te puede hacer crecer y hacerlo más visible, además de apoyarlo.


Sounds great to me. Where and how do we start?

Hola, cuando quieras podemos empezar y podemos ponernos de acuerdo en los canales.

Tron based projects are far from being inaccessible :wink:
Team members are easy to find here, on Twitter or Telegram :+1:


Hola, si en eso estoy de acuerdo, pero expandir en más canales y dar a conocer más proyectos también es bueno para todos.

Yh thats very true, i think almost all the tron based projects can be found here and they are always available 24/7 especially @TuruGlobal and @JustMoney

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Better to dm me than JustMoney’s account. We use the official account to post the hackathon’s presentation. But we are more active with our personal accounts.

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Yh i think it will be best if they get in touch with you. Some partnership wont be a bad thing for both of you.

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This is an interesting post and to me, i think the veat way to achieve this is when the various projects on tron see themselves as partners and not competitors. Obviously, a lot of projects are already doing this and getting lots of supports from each other

StrongerTogether challange is and will be always a great pool of projects building in the Tron Ecosystem. Proud to join this hub!

I heard that next season is coming…