How can I engage and contribute more effectively to the TRON community?

Hello, my name is Nick Mura and I am a builder on TRON and have been working passionately day and night on my project for the Season 3 hackathon,

Like most builders; I want to provide a service my fellow users will appreciate, I am looking for the best ways I can engage and provide the best platform I can to represent TRON, and ensure my project is essential to the ecosystem.

I’m posting this on behalf my fellow developers, who may be participating in the hackathon or not, what are some interests or things you guys consider for contributing, participating, or supporting the evolution and development of a project?

- What are some ways we can provide more of an intrinsic value to each other with our platforms / projects? How can we connect with you?

- What tells you if a project has merit and is worth supporting?

- What catches your attention this season?

- How can we do a better job as devs to provide a better service?

- Do you think there’s anything to watch out for NOT to do as devs with our projects?

- Do you have any general ideas for features that we could provide in our projects in the future?

My goal is to create and provide a user-centric service to my fellow community, and catch the attention of new users, bringing them in to participate in this wonderful ecosystem.

Builders, users, anyone in the community, if you guys have any feedback, advice in general about mentioned above please let me know, or reply in the comments. Thank you for reading.

My project can be found here - a wagering/staking multiplayer minigames platform

Feel free to give me and criticism or feedback about what I can do better. Thank you!


You project seems cool. You support BTTC also? Would you like to partner?

I’m submitting a project for this hackathon that uses zero-knowledge proofs to provide full ownership of assets using off-chain notes and to create gasless (for the user) transactions using zkSnarks that prove you have a wallet (and spend money) without having to use one.

Gamify could greatly benefit from using zkp and it’s on my roadmap to try to integrate this technology with the ecosystem as much as possible.

For Gamefi you can use crypto notes for rewards that can be stored off-chain, coupons, winning tickets that are printable and gas free to use for the user. You can embed the notes into in-game assets or use the proofs to bridge off-chain data to the blockchain.

You can see my project here Bunny Notes - A Zero-Knowledge Proof based Gift Card and Cash Note Protocol

and send me a message if you are interested in any form of partnership in the future!


Very nice project… Keep it up


We will deploy to BTTC after the judging period, and hey zkps are something to consider! we are trying to deploy to existing games such as CS:GO and various minecraft minigames, etc in the future so whether we can find an implementation of ZKPs to override a custody management system we will let you know. Your project looks good, so I will stay updated with it as best I can.


@Easybank thank you for the kind words! Is there any advice or suggestions you could provide? Perhaps generally for other developers reading? Appreciate the positive feedback


Can you imagine how cheap it is to get a end to end smart contract audit on the TRON network. This is how I am providing value to Tron. TAP in #Audtik


@santos What do you mean? Are you releasing a project on TRON? And when I need an audit, I’m looking for quality regardless of price. Cheaper is nice, but the important part is the highest quality report on my contract’s integrity.

What specifically are you offering with your service?


When the hackathon’s judging period ends you can try to join #sTRONgerTogetherChallenge


@fabsltsa Where can I learn more about this?


Check Laurent Perello profile on twitter.


This is Great project :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hope this project skyrocket soon​:rocket::rocket:


@Tinymf , @Emmysax , If you’re talking about, let me know on the submission! Appreciate your words. Let me know how I can be better for the community!

Hey nick,

Of course quality over everything in this space. I am the founder of Audtik and we’ve discovered a perfect way to make audits very affordable without sacrificing the quality of work, compared our leading competitors. We do manual and automated code review.
We’ve also built tools that are very user friendly for the average developer or Web3 enthusiast, which they can use and do a soft audit on their projects.

So now theres no excuse for bad code deployment.


Glad to hear. Will be excited to hear more from you as I progress with my startup.

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Look forward to it :sunglasses:


Hola, tiene un buen proyecto, además el proporcionar que el usuario indique sus necesidades para de alguna manera poderlas cubrir, es realmente satisfactorio. Suerte


so detailed, nice explanation. Loved it for ur support

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I am glad for you on what you are building. I do hope you join the StrongerTogetherChallenge by Laurent Perello to network with other solid projects on Tron for more partnership and exposure


This project should be one of the best of all.

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@antonio Seguiré dando lo mejor de mí, lo máximo. Gracias.

@NnadumeR I will look into the StrongerTogetherChallenge, @fabsltsa was telling me about it!

@Switch Thank you @Switch, that’s very kind word of you and I am humbled. Do you have any tips or advice that you appreciate on other projects? what do you like about other projects! Thank you for the kind words!

Remember to vote for on the GameFi category if you want to see us win! Thank you guys! Good luck to all the other builders, and thank you for your kind regards here! My favorite projects are TronNinjas and dCloud currently. Please vote for them aswell! We appreciate you all! Happy to be building on TRON!