HackaTRON Season 5 - 5,000USDD Community Contributor Prize

Greetings, Tronics! The excitement is mounting once more! :star2:
Let’s have some fun before community voting begins on 2023-10-20T16:00:00Z.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the TRON HackaTRON, here’s some exhilarating news: In our HackaTRON S5, you don’t need to be a coding genius to grab some fabulous prizes. You can be a part of the action simply by actively engaging in our forum discussions. We’re eagerly anticipating the incredible ideas you’ll bring to the table and looking forward to the challenging questions you’ll pose to the participating project teams!

Community Contributor Prize - 5,0000 USDD Total
Incentive allocated to 10 TRON DAO Forum community helpers that provide great support and feedback during the hackathon period (500 USDD each)

While we may have appeared somewhat silent this season, rest assured, we’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the forum, seeking out those remarkable individuals who’ve shown unwavering dedication and support throughout the hackathon. Engaging in this post is just one piece of the puzzle. If you’re aiming to secure the Community Contributor Prize, you are encouraged to:

  1. Dive into the inspiring projects of HackaTRON Season 5 already showcased on the forum and quench your curiosity by asking insightful questions.
  2. Be a supportive community member by providing answers to the questions and inquiries of fellow enthusiasts.
  3. Should you spot any nefarious spam or scam posts, raise the flag, and our vigilant admins will swoop in for action.
  4. Provide guides, helpful tips, engaging video tutorials, or any gem of knowledge that can enrich our community and elevate the hackathon experience.

But enough of the formalities; let’s get started with two hackathon-related topics now! :rocket:

1. This question is relevant to all participants: For hackathon project participants who have engaged in multiple HackaTRON events, which partner platform do you prefer the most (Devpost, Dorahacks, HackerEarth), and what specific functionalities do you appreciate about that platform? As for the rest of you, are there other platforms you’d like us to explore? What features and attributes are you seeking in a hackathon platform partner that would be most beneficial to you?

2. Next season’s Hackathon may introduce a different format from our previous ones. It’s likely to take on an incubator-like approach, guiding newcomers into the L2 BTTC ecosystem, incorporating more introductory elements, collaborating with third-party entities, sponsored tracks, hosting mini-events, and exploring innovative prizes, like energy allocation for winners. Please note that nothing is set in stone at this stage, and we’re eager to gather valuable input from the community. Please share your ideas to help enhance the Hackathon!

3. What specific support are you looking for when considering development on BTTC? Is it the lack of clarity in technical documentation, a shortage of video tutorials, technical support, examples, grants, or something else? Please provide feedback on how the team can improve in this aspect.

4. As a general question for HackaTRON Season 6, what new tracks would you like to see included in the next season of the hackathon, and why?


Hi @TronLive :wave:

  1. For the first question my answer is simple: Trondao should build its own platform. None of them really convinced me and the last one was probably the worse experience. Hard to find a Tron Hackathon without using the link posted on the forum, no flexibility for team creations and management, can’t join 2 teams afaik,…

An in-house platform taking into account participants inputs and Tron Ecosystem specificity would be in my opinion way better.

Also once a project posts its submission on the Tron Hackathon platform, that submission could be automatically duplicated on the forum and the link sent to the team so they know where is their application on Trondao forum. They would just need to link their forum username with the hackathon platform and authorize the platform to post the submission on their behalf.

    That would be a major improvement imo. I’ve tried to push most of those propositions on the forum and telegram cause:
  • it would help those who really want to be a part of the ecosystem rather than those who just jump from hackathon to hackathon
  • it would bring some kind of “Tron Spirit” in the ecosystem
  • prizes in energy would help newcomers to deploy their contracts and why not offer free transactions to users in the beginning so they can build a community around their products
  • BTTC needs a HUGE boost
  • the creation of a kind of hub with third parties solutions, tron dapps, big investors would help the synergy and interoperability inside the ecosystem

And this would probably require Tron to have an in-house platform to organise such events with sections for builders to discuss together and with those third-parties solutions/vc’s, trondao team,…
So it would probably be a mix between a forum, a hackathon platform and Telegram. Maybe as an app for Windows/iOS/Android.

  1. I think it would be nice to just create a one forum between BitTorrent and Tron.
    Just until the BitTorrent forum becomes active, as its hard to find help there.

Good morning,

  1. I agree with @fabsltsa that TronDAO should build it’s own platform. However, having a partner platform can be helpful for more reach. In case we decide to go with a partner, we must make sure that submissions on TronDAO Forum is are more important than submitting projects on the partner platform.

Community Contributor Prize must also be highlighted, to make general community members aware of it. No other hackathons are organizing this type of stage, especially for a community member.

  1. For next season’s I believe the builder’s track, if we are still going to have it like that, should have higher prizepool than other tracks.

Apart from having innovative prizes like energy allocation for winners. TronDAO must support winners in getting listed to the information websites like CoinMarketCap, Coingecko. TronDAO can also provide support in getting listed to exchanges like Huobi now HTX, Poloniex.

Lastly for now, I also agree with @Kojopapo , we must integrate TronDAO Forum and BitTorrent Forum, as there is not much activity in the latter. I myself have thought to join BitTorrent forum multiple times, but whenever I open it, it always seemed inactive to me.


Another option is HTX,Poloenix, Tron, & BitTorrent could create a platform that works like CMC and Coingecko. Also adding those features on bttc and tron chain, it would increase users, help with tron ecosystem accessibility, BitTorrent chain awareness.

Also increasing team to increase support. As much as there is a doc/help center something problems come up due to new smart contracts code, as ETH is at ERC-4337 and BTTC still doesn’t display ERC-1155.

Or create a partnership with xircus platform, which make development easy, could benefit Tron TVM.


Thank you @TronLive
I have only participated in one HackaTRON as a project team member and it was on devpost. It was cool then but haven’t tried the remaining ones. You came up with #TronDaoForum which is serving it purposes well. It is even the main platform which helps the HackaTRON, so if it’s only another platform you need for participants to register then I support @fabsltsa too. Create a new platform for that and other ecosystem or blockchain projects can use too.

Question 2: Thanks for bringing this up. I hope you are not just introducing this and leaving them behind. Some of us have been hammering on getting support from team to teams building on bttc. Individuals like @fabsltsa @Dendorion @Cornycoin69 @moneyversac @intercroneswap and a lot have been doing their part as communities. So this is a good move and we hope will come to live and get the teams full support.

Thank you


Thank you @TronLive Here are my simple personal opinion
To start with it’s very cool for TronDao to have it’s own platform ,but it’s also very important to have a partners in anything which helps grows whatever you do in a bit, what is good for John might not interest mike so must be individual differences ,for me I still prefer Devpost as your partner because of its simplicity and stress-free to sign up in their platform, I also loves how they alert their platform users with recent updates or happenings in their platform so for me I still prefer DEVPOST.

For the Energy allocation I think it’s good one because it will gives room to real Tronics who are willing and dedicated to build on Tron

For me I think having a separate bttc forum will be better my reason is because it will be easy to identify the supporters and the real builders in the bttc chain, with that aspect new energy, force and focus will be channeled into bttc and also help to grow the bttc community , as it stands most bttc builders in the TronDao formally have an intention to build on Tron but due to some communities suggestions some now switch to bttc, so my point is having a separate forum for bttc will be better and conducive as well, here are all my small opinions, thank you for this great opportunity @TronLive


Please fix this.

Thanks @TronLive for this season and waiting the new one with the new format. I am sure will be awesome and all comunity can enjoy it like never.

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100% with this improvement proposal


I like your idea that TRON will help to get project listed on website like coinmarketcap. It will be maybe nice to have prize money but also funding money. Maybe in your hackathon submission you can make a roadmap how much funding you need and how TRON can help with the first milestones in technical and funding. What do you think?


Agree man I believe those kind of prizes motivate people to do projects which is very productive


I believe that Tron dao should exclusively host hackatron on its own platform. The entire hackathon management process should be on the Tron dao forum, eliminating the need to post projects on other platforms such as Dorahacks or Devpost. (plus we cant ask questions there ;). I know other platforms are great for attracting developers ,audience to build on Tron. Still, as we all know, Tron is one of the popular blockchains, and I don’t think that it would create any impact if Tron doesn’t organize on other platforms.

This approach offers several benefits. Firstly, users won’t have to submit applications twice , reducing the chances of projects being rejected. Secondly, organizing the entire hackathon within the Tron DAO forum can boost forum activity and attract more users. Overall, I believe this strategy will streamline the process, increase participation, and contribute to Tron’s prominence in the blockchain space.
What are your thoughts? These are my thoughts only. Maybe not valid :joy::muscle:.i just share it.


Yes. This is expected from a project along with describing the respective project’s revenue model.

Absolutely, as mentioned in the HackaTRON details, TronDAO is supposed to award 30% of the prize money to the winners.
And yes, they can also start to support projects with technical aspects from milestone 1 itself.

Yes, while partnering with a external platform can help HackaTRONs reach more developers. Organzing on the TronDAO Forum will boost community activity. Rather than creating another platform just for HackaTRONs.


It’s great to see so much support for TRON DAO in building its own Hackathon platform! :smiley: The reason why TRON DAO chose to work with third-party Hackathon platforms is that these platforms specialize in hosting hackathons and can offer their expertise. TRON DAO also aimed to have a broader reach by collaborating with different partners. Of course, transparency and resource efficiency were also considered factors. However, we understand that each platform has its shortcomings, and we will definitely take note of these and see what we can do about them. Who knows, TRON DAO may come up with its own Hackathon platform if the time is right.

And thank you for all the feedback regarding BTTC. We have realized that an important piece was missing, as there should be more materials and support to help developers leverage the low fees on TRON L2. This will prevent dApps from suffering due to rising transaction costs on L1. We will do our best to push for this, but the final decision lies with TRON DAO. Therefore, let’s address more questions regarding BTTC next.

3. What specific support are you looking for when considering development on BTTC? Is it the lack of clarity in technical documentation, a shortage of video tutorials, technical support, examples, grants, or something else? Please provide feedback on how the team can improve in this aspect.

4. As a general question for HackaTRON Season 6, what new tracks would you like to see included in the next season of the hackathon, and why?


For Season 6 can you create a bot that accepts hackatron submissions on the forum automated. Instead of administration review, can also program the bot to only accept if all liked are filled, even if people write coming soon, then program it to remind all those who put coming soon. Can increase pool for those who build on BitTorrent, as i think most people dont want to build on it as Tron platforms are active.

For the BTTC video tutorials would be nice, with links resources and clear environment setup.
Better technical support, upgraded (BTTCSCAN) hopefully with advertise her slots, :man_shrugging: grants and ambassador program could help improve usage. Everyone has their personal views on this on jus going to leave it there.

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The most important imo is to migrate the gouvernance protocol to BTTC.
Then a huge marketing campaign promoting the Network. Attract liquidity providing solutions, GameFi/casinos dapps. BTTC could be a hub for GameFi, Metaverse, gambling, NFT’s.


Yes I am 100% agree with your post. Now you have to submit twice the application. Also TRON DAO has a great interface where it’s easy to customize the page with answers.

I have two suggestions in mind, my other colleagues can help better it.

  1. Is about security, we have seen several hacks recently. So I will be happy to see a dedicated track to build projects to enhance Blockchain security.

  2. Travel and tourism: We have project like travala already in this kind of business. People love traveling, tron team travels a lot, let’s have a track for that and see if we can get some good projects. We can use tron, bttc to travel and tour places

  1. Grant is one

  2. We saw an announcement about bttc meme carnival from Justin. That was a great a example of how they can help project. I think it was going to be on Huobi or so? This would have given the projects in this contest great publicity.

We lack local community for both tron and bttc projects


I think TRON has almost al material to host the hackathon on their own platform. Regarding technical support, it will be great if their will be more video material based on topics😊

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