Welcome to TRON Grand Hackathon - HackaTRON Season 5

Attention, fervent hackathon enthusiasts! We cordially welcome you to the grand stage of HackaTRON Season 5, where extraordinary possibilities await. This edition has been meticulously crafted to surpass all expectations set by its predecessors. Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey as we unveil a dazzling prize pool of 500K USDD. Beyond simply sharpening the skills of adept developers, this hackathon aims to forge a profound sense of collaboration and integration within the dynamic realm of blockchain. Together, let us embark on an unforgettable voyage of creation and innovation.

To participate in the Season 5 hackathon, seize the opportunity to register on the esteemed platform, HackerEarth, and carefully read the rules that govern this spectacular event. Furthermore, it is essential to comply with the mandatory requirement of creating and posting your project on this TRON DAO Forum. Remember to submit your project before the esteemed deadline of 2023-10-06T00:00:00Z, and ensure that your project is appropriately categorized on the forum at the commencement of the hackathon. Behold, here lies the condensed timeline of our extraordinary HackaTRON Season 5:

HackaTRON S5 Timeline

Jul 6 - Oct 5: HackaTRON S5 Submission Period 2023-07-06T16:00:00Z→2023-10-06T00:00:00Z
Oct 6 - Oct 19: Pre-selection Period
Oct 20 - Oct 27: Judging & Community Voting Period
Nov 10: Qualifiers & Winners Announcement
Nov 30: Qualifiers Projects on Mainnet

We invite you to check out our HackaTRON homepage where a captivating live countdown timer awaits your attention.


We’ve listened to your valuable feedback and taken it to heart :heart:, recognizing the importance of rewarding completed projects in this exhilarating hackathon. Thus, we’re thrilled to continue the two-milestone submission process that proved successful in HackaTRON Season 4. Get ready to embark on this incredible journey with us!

The first milestone, to be unveiled on 2023-11-10T20:00:00Z, is open to all participants who have successfully completed Milestone 1 of their projects. As we evaluate the submissions, our esteemed panel of judges will select the exceptional qualifiers who will be awarded a generous 30% of the prize money. But the excitement doesn’t end there! The remaining 70% of the prize pool will be granted to those who reach Milestone 2 and successfully deploy a fully functional Dapp on the TRON/BTTC mainnet. Prepare to witness innovation and excellence firsthand as we reward exceptional accomplishments.

In the spirit of fairness and transparency, we require all projects to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) hosted online. For projects involving smart contracts, deployment on the testnet or mainnet is essential :white_check_mark:. We encourage thorough testing on the testnet and urge you to invite the community to experience your projects, gaining their support and invaluable feedback as you work towards launching on the mainnet.

To foster interaction between participants and the community, posting on the TRON DAO Forum is a mandatory aspect of this Hackathon :warning:. Embrace this opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals, seeking their valuable insights and input. Remember, the community will play a pivotal role in selecting winners through polling, ensuring a democratic and inclusive experience for all.

But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to announce the addition of bonus awards in the TRON Grand Hackathon S5. :gift:

The Determination Prize, totaling 9,000 USDD, will be awarded by TRON DAO to two projects (4,500 USDD each) that demonstrate exceptional value to the community. These projects, regardless of their advancement to the pre-selection round, have the chance to receive well-deserved recognition and reward for their unwavering dedication and continuous progress. To be eligible for this esteemed award, projects must be fully functional on the mainnet by Nov 30 and have garnered positive feedback from the community. Seize this incredible opportunity to showcase your skills, creativity, and unwavering commitment, and receive the recognition you deserve.

Additionally, the captivating Project Engagement Prize, valued at 6,000 USDD, will be bestowed upon two projects (3,000 USDD each) that exhibit exceptional engagement with the community, despite not having received any previous prizes. This is a chance to shine and be acknowledged for your active involvement and meaningful connections established within the community.

In a thrilling twist, we’ve introduced two exciting new tracks for Season 5:

  1. Artistry: Unleash your creative prowess in visual projects that embrace GameFi, NFTs, assets, and ventures related to the Metaverse. Showcasing your submission’s blockchain-related nature and its potential to benefit from the integration of blockchain elements is a must.
  2. AI: Embrace the power of Artificial Intelligence to make a positive impact. These projects should leverage the capabilities of the TRON/BTTC blockchain to craft solutions that promote the usage of AI or contribute to an AI-centric future. Possibilities include AI blockchain developer support, NFT-based AI generation, or any AI implementation using TRON and BTTC.

The TRON Grand Hackathon Season 5 and the TRON DAO Forum are all about unlocking possibilities, fostering interactions, and empowering the TRON DAO community to shape the digital world. The decentralized web thrives on placing power in the hands of the people, and with HackaTRON S5, anyone can seize the opportunity :rocket:


  • Residents from Brazil, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Quebec
    and Nigeria are not eligible to participate in the hackathon.

  • Individuals who are at least the age of majority in the country where
    they reside as of the time of entry Teams or Organizations of any
    size are welcome to join.

  • Entrants must create (or significantly update) a working software
    application/dApp/website that integrates with the TRON or BitTorrent
    blockchain that fits into one of the hackathon tracks

  • Entrants must register not only on HackerEarth but also register on
    the TRON DAO Forum and
    create a post for the TRON Community under the season 5 category for
    TRON community voting.

Both Submissions on HackerEarth and Submission on TRON DAO Forum are REQUIRED.

A. HackerEarth Submissions: Entrants should submit their original works/projects/products/ideas at https://hackatrons5.hackerearth.com/

Your submission should include the following items by the end of the submission period:

  1. Complete project description.
  2. Valid personal contact
  3. a TRON DAO Forum Submission link, following TRON DAO Forum Submission Requirements below.
  4. A demo video that is publicly visible on the Internet and explains Entrant’s track and includes footage that explains your project’s features and functionality comprehensively. No less than 3 minutes.
  5. The Smart Contracts deployment links on TRON/BTTC (Mainnet / Testnet).
  6. A detailed description of how your Project integrates with TRON/BTTC.
  7. If the Project has been submitted in any form to another hackathon, include which Hackathons.
  8. Links to your code repository, website and socials to help judges review your submission. If Entrant’s website is private, Entrant must include login credentials in its testing instructions.

Other Requirements:

  1. Multiple Submissions: An Entrant may submit more than one Submission, however, each submission must be unique and substantially different from each other.
  2. All Submission materials must be in English or English translation of the demonstration video, text description, and testing instructions as well as all other materials submitted.
  3. Financial or Preferential Support: A Project must not have been developed with any support from the Sponsor or Administrator. The Sponsor may disqualify a Project, if awarding a prize to the Project would create a real or apparent conflict of interest.

Forum Submission Requirements:

  • Register for the Hackathon via HackerEarth

  • Sign up on the TRON DAO Forum.

  • Request access to Hackathon - TRON DAO Forum group and wait
    for the approval. If you have already been accepted to the forum hackathon
    group in a previous season you can skip this step.

  • Wait for approval to be added to the Hackathon group which will
    give you permission to create a project post on the TRON Hackathon >
    Hackathon Season 5 category on the forum.

  • Post your project in the TRON Hackathon > Hackathon Season 5
    category on the TRON DAO Forum and tag it with one of the relevant
    tags: Web3, DeFi, Artistry, Builder, or AI.

  • Follow the hackathon project post format given to create a new topic
    for your hackathon project.

  • Update your project post actively as you make progress throughout the
    hackathon period.

  • Actively answer community questions in your own project post as the community
    will be the ones that choose the Forum Hackathon winners.

Entrants must be eligible to participate according to these official rules. Projects entered on the TRON DAO Forum but have not submitted their projects to HackerEarth, or vice versa, will be disqualified.


All prizes are denominated in USDD.

Click to learn more about prize eligibility / delivery!

There will be 5 tracks for you to participate in - Web3, DeFi, Artistry, AI, and Builder. If your project covers multiple tracks, simply chose the most relevant track that describes your project.

All Hackathon prizes will be paid out in USDD, which is a decentralized stablecoin that depends on an on-chain mechanism & currently fully collateralized assets. USDD circulates on TRON, BSC, Ethereum, and other networks via the cross-chain protocol BitTorrent Chain (BTTC).

Web3, DeFi, Artistry, AI and Builder tracks will have the prizing structure as below:

1st Prize 25k USDD
2nd Prize 15k USDD
3rd Prize 10k USDD
4th Prize 8k USDD
5th Prize 6k USDD

Participating in the TRON DAO Forum will also enable you to win one of the forum track prizes. Each of the 5 tracks will have the same prizing structure as below:

1st Place 7k USDD
2nd Place 6k USDD
3rd Place 5k USDD
4th Place 4k USDD
5th Place 3k USDD

There are 3 additional bonus prizes to be won for this season of the TRON Grand Hackathon! You can even win one of the community contributor prizes without coding in the hackathon!

  • Bonus: Determination Prize 9,000 USDD - TRON DAO will award 4,500 USDD each to up to 2 projects that have not received any prizes but are valuable to the community, are fully functional on mainnet by Nov 30th and have received positive feedback.
  • Bonus: Project Engagement Prize 6,000 USDD - TRON DAO pick two projects that have good engagement with the community but have yet to receive any prizes (3k USDD per project | 2 in total)
  • Bonus: Community Contributor Prize 5,000 USDD - Determined by the TRON DAO team based on an individual’s valuable contributions during the hackathon. Awarded to individuals who did not win another prize. The individual does not need to be a hackathon project participant. Up to 10 individuals may split this prize pool with a minimum of 500 USDD per person.

Judges Will Be Announced At a Later Date

Judging Criteria


How novel and innovative is the idea? Does it set out to do something unique or at least improve existing models?


What is tech like? Is it user-friendly and does it have comprehensive and efficient features? Is it designed to scale?

Business Model

What is the value proposition and how does it set out to differentiate itself? How will it capture the market and/or generate revenue?


What is the user experience like? Is it clean and intuitive such that users not familiar with blockchain can easily interact with the program?


Is this something the community would actually use and want? Will the idea have an impact on the crypto community?

Contribution to the Crypto Ecosystem

How does your idea increase crypto adoption, value for its users, and innovation in the field of blockchain? Does it welcome new users and help existing users?

Phases of Judging

Eligible submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges selected by the Sponsor (the “Judges”). Judges may be employees of the sponsor or third parties, may or may not be listed individually on the Hackathon Website, and may change before or during the Judging Period. Judging may take place in one or more rounds with one or more panels of Judges, at the discretion of the sponsor.

Stage One) The first stage will determine via pass/fail whether the ideas meet a baseline level of viability, in that the project reasonably fits the theme and reasonably applies the required APIs/SDKs featured in the Hackathon.

Stage Two) All submissions that pass Stage One will be evaluated in Stage Two based on the above equally weighted criteria (the “Judging Criteria”)

Entries will be judged on the above equally weighted criteria, and according to the sole and absolute discretion of the judges.

The scores from the Judges will determine the potential winners of the applicable prizes. The Entrant(s) that are eligible for a Prize, and whose Submissions earn the highest overall scores based on the applicable Judging Criteria, will become potential winners of that Prize.



Q. Where do I sign up for TRON Grand Hackathon Season 5?
You are required to sign up on HackerEarth. Please make sure to read the rules carefully and submit your project before the deadline.

Q. Is it required to join TRON DAO Forum for this hackathon?
Yes, it is required to join this forum to participate in the current hackathon. Projects that do not join will be disqualified.

Q. What are the steps for a Hackathon participant to make a Hackathon project post?

  • After you sign up on HackerEarth, sign up for an account on the TRON DAO Forum
  • Request access to the hackathon group. Hackathon - TRON DAO Forum
  • Wait for approval to be added to the Hackathon group which will give you the permission to create a project post on the correct hackathon category
  • Post your project in the TRON Hackathon > Hackathon Season 5 category on the TRON DAO Forum and tag it with one of the relevant tags: Web3, DeFi, Artistry, AI and Builder.

Q. How long will it take for the forum approval to post in the Hackathon Season 5 category?
It will typically take less than 24 hours for the approval to take place. If you are still not able to create your project post after 24 hours, please make a comment on this post. However, during the end of the submission period, the pending queue may be longer if the number of participants that have yet to submit to the forum is large. It will be the participant’s responsibility if they could not be approved to post their project in time as there’s a 3-month period for participants to take action.

Q. What do I need to do after posting a project to the forum?
You will need to ensure you submit your complete project before the deadline on HackerEarth. Additionally, you will have to make sure you are actively monitoring your project post and answering the community’s questions. Make sure to post new updates to your project post often to get community members engaged as they are the ones that will be voting during the judging period and choose 5 winners per track from forum hackathon participants.

Q. Can I join the hackathon if I already have an existing developed/developing project?
Yes. You can still join the hackathon provided that you have made significant updates or new feature additions to your project. Please make sure to use the Builder tag as that is the only category you can qualify for IF you are using the same project from past TRON Hackathons. Projects found not making any significant updates during the hackathon period will be disqualified.

Q. How do we define significant updates for existing projects?
Significant updates can be defined as updates that are major enough to be presented as an entirely new project itself and not merely a cosmetic change or minor functionalities that still largely depend on a previous project. For existing hackathon projects joining the BUILDER track, please ensure that you explain clearly the previous state and new state of your project to convince the hackathon team the updates made should be considered significant updates.

Q. Can I join the hackathon if I have participated in TRON Grand Hackathon Season 1, 2, 3 or 4?
You are more than welcome to join season 5 of the hackathon if you have launched your existing hackathon project for the community to use. Please make sure to use the Builder tag as that is the only category you can qualify for IF you are using the same project from past TRON Hackathons. Each judge will make their own decisions on how they treat pre-built projects vs new projects. You will need to signup on DoraHacks like the rest of the participants and create a new project post under TRON Hackathon > Hackathon Season 5

Q. What are the differences between TRON Grand Hackathon Season 4 and Season 5
Season 5 adds 1 new track A.I. and combines GameFi and NFT into the Artistry track. There will also be a few in-person hacker house events.
Q: What are the requirements for the hackathon milestones?
A: The first milestone will be on either mainnet or testnet, but the final project must be live on mainnet.

Q. How to find the number of Hackathon S5 registrants so far?
You may check live hackathon participants on HackerEarth. You may also check all submitted Forum entries for S5 here - Hackathon Season 5

Q. Will there still be community voting for S5?
Yes. TRON DAO Forum community members will pick the qualifiers for Forum community participants.

All Tronics that meet the minimum requirements to vote will be able to participate in the community voting polls.

Q. Can I reward people to vote for my project?
Any type of reward is considered vote buying. Rewarding voters for voting for your project may result in disqualification. TRON DAO will be monitoring closely to make sure that all voting is done fairly. If you notice any projects that are practicing vote buying, please feel free to inform us so we can take further action.

Q. Some projects are using bots to boost their voting?
The TRON DAO Hackathon team is always monitoring the voting process and analyzing bot accounts. After the voting period, there is a time for checking spam/bot voting. The Hackathon team may penalize participants who are dishonest and may even disqualify participants that are against the rules to keep the hackathon voting process fair.

The hackathon team will strive to make the voting process fair for every participant in the hackathon.

Q. Will TRON DAO release the Judge’s scores to the projects?
Due to the nature of how the HackerEarth platform works, we are unable to release personal scores or provide judges’ feedback for each project as the platform doesn’t support it. The HackerEarth team will be evaluating and checking all judges’ scores and assigning the Hackathon winners.

Q: What if my project is completed by the first milestone?
A: Projects are encouraged to keep building and have reasonable milestones throughout the hackathon period. The hackathon team may also reach out to participants to discuss and plan further milestones during the pre-selection round or judging period. If a project is simple and has met the requirements for the first milestone, the hackathon team may reach out to offer suggestions for improvement and growth opportunities.

Q. What if I still have other questions?
Feel free to email contact@hackerearth.com, or create a topic on the TRON DAO Forum under Dev Talks, or by joining our TRON Hackathon telegram.


The BTFS team also provides tools and solutions to assist HackaTRON S5 developers in obtaining free hosting for showcasing their projects live on the decentralized web. Please refer to the guides below and feel free to ask any questions. If you have any inquiries regarding the free decentralized web hosting opportunity provided by BTFS, please tag @BTFS

I. Storage3 Overview

Welcome to Storage3, a specialized decentralized web hosting platform in the BTFS ecosystem that has served more than 200 websites.

We are committed to providing industry-leading services and tools for developers to build, deploy, and manage websites without hassle.

II. Advantages

Why Storage3?

  1. Decentralization-based security: We use BTFS-based distributed storage and encryption mechanisms to protect your website data and guarantee its reliability. Your data will be stored on multiple nodes, ensuring that your site remains accessible even in the event of node failures or attacks.

  2. Competitive performance: With the high scalability and speed of BTFS, Storage3 offers fast website loading and response time that meet the performance requirements of websites ranging from simple blogs to complex large programs.

  3. Friendly UI: Our simple, intuitive UI design allows you to manage your website without difficulty. You can also customize the domain name of your site.

  4. Automated tool integration: You can easily connect your codebase (e.g., GitHub, GitLab) with our hosting platform for automated DApp building and deployment.

  5. Global node network: We have nodes deployed across the world to ensure that your websites load fast and operate stably. Your users can access high-quality services no matter where they reside.

The Storage3 team understands the importance of channeling developers’ energy into creativity and innovation rather than burdening them with the complexity of website management tasks. Our goal is to offer trusted, secure, and efficient website hosting solutions, allowing you to dedicate your energy to developing exceptional applications.

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III. Documentation and Technical Guidance

If you have any questions about using Storage3, please refer to our tutorials and documentation. We are here to provide guidance and help you make the most of Storage3.

Our documentation: https://docs.btfs.io/docs/storage3-introduction

Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/gmAVNYCvYu

IV. Traffic Boosting Program

Once you have deployed your website to Storage3, you may apply to list it on Awesome BTFS for greater exposure. This will enable you and your development team to attract consistent traffic and also enhance the reputation of your website.

Application form: https://forms.gle/cEZfG84hqkuLjYs48


It’s now OFFICIAL.
The floor is open.
Congratulations to everyone
Making it into the session 5 Hackathon

Thank you Tron Dao for this Another
Beautiful building opportunity.


You are all welcome
Let the game begins :fire::fire::fire:

All the best builders


Time to set the ball rolling again.
Calling on all developers who are interested in developing a valuable project that can meet community’s demand and create a lasting impact on the users to utilise this opportunity to participate in the hackathon and establish collaboration with other projects and gain community’s trust.
Wishing everyone all the best!


Once again we are here again in the new season 5 Grand Hackathon, from my observations I witnessed some improvements ranging from the new added tracks to the submission time frame, kudos to the TronDao team
The goal is to set the Tron flag very high
Together we can make it happen :facepunch::fire:


Se abre oficialmente la temporada 5, chicos empezat a cargar las plias.
Âż Estais preparados?


Participants who need to list their token on a DEX on BTTC/Tron or need a bridge can contact me directly in dm :handshake:

Good luck to all participants :muscle:

Hopefully BTTC will start growing a little bit with this 5th season :crossed_fingers:


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! Can’t wait to see what applications builders will bring to BitTorrent & Tron ecosystem this season ! Good luck to all participants !


It’s official
Season 5 is here lets start building.


Always great to see another season as it is time to witness great innovations from creators around the globe.

Hoping to see alot of projects this season and diverse contribution from the community this season also.

Wishing every participant all the best and may this season bring more goodies to #Tronics.

All we need is fireworks :boom:


Especially to BTTC :eyes:
Transactions are so cheap on BTTC. A transfer is about 10-30 BTT and a swap is usually under 100 BTT gasfee. That’s $0.000005 for a transfer and $0.00005 for a swap.

Projects will be missing out if they don’t look at it and focus on the L1 only.


Wow, BTTC is really been slept on by the entire tron community. We need to do better.


$SHIT and $PMAN tried to revive it and it worked for few weeks but the meme hype didn’t last. Other devs have to start considering building on BTTC if we want that chain to succeed. Otherwise it will stay a ghost chain. Btw I still hold my both bags of pman and shit :grin: as the chain will grow I think they’ll do great as well :crossed_fingers: Anyway they are my gambling bags :joy:


Nice to see you holding a bag of $shit. Memecoins will always give a short lived hype, but the impact is not that great to overturn the fortunes of a blockchain in the long term.

We just hope BTT wakes up from its slumber and we need not just hype but projects that would stand the test of time.



Memes can be useful as a fuel to drive attention to the blockchain. But it has to be followed by actions from Bittorrent team and community devs. So far we haven’t seen much but I’ve heard some news might be coming for this year :crossed_fingers: