Welcome to HackaTRON S6!

Get ready, passionate hackathon aficionados! We’re thrilled to invite you to the electrifying realm of HackaTRON Season 6, a platform where innovation knows no bounds. This season, we’re raising the bar even higher, with a staggering prize pool up to $650,000. Our mission extends beyond honing the talents of skilled developers; we aim to foster unparalleled synergy and innovation within the vibrant blockchain universe. Join us on this exhilarating adventure to sculpt the future of technology.

Dive into Season 6 by registering on the dynamic platform, DevPost, and immerse yourself in the guidelines that shape this remarkable journey. It’s crucial to adhere to the guidelines, including the submission of your project on the TRON DAO Forum. Ensure your project is submitted by the critical deadline of 2024-05-08T00:00:00Z, and properly tagged on the forum. Here’s a snapshot of what HackaTRON Season 6 has in store, embarking on a path of creativity and technological breakthroughs.

HackaTRON S6 Timeline

Feb 20 - May 7: HackaTRON S6 Submission Period
May 8 - May 21: Pre-selection Period
May 22 - May 29: Judging & Community Voting Period
Jun 11: Qualifiers & Winners Announcement
Jun 28: Qualifiers Projects on Mainnet

We invite you to check out our HackaTRON homepage where a captivating live countdown timer awaits your attention.


Attention, passionate hackathon pioneers! Welcome to the exhilarating launchpad of HackaTRON Season 6 :rocket:, where innovation leaps into the blockchain universe. This season is set to eclipse the remarkable achievements of Season 5, with a thrilling adventure that boasts a formidable prize pool of up to $650,000. We’re on a mission to catalyze a deep-rooted collaboration and innovation within the expansive world of blockchain. Together, let’s dive into an odyssey of creation and technological triumph :globe_with_meridians:.

To join the Season 6 saga, step forward and register on DevPost, our chosen platform for this season. Immerse yourself in the event’s regulations, ensuring your groundbreaking project is poised for submission to the TRON DAO Forum. Mark your calendars for the crucial deadline: 2024-05-08T00:00:00Z :alarm_clock:, and ensure your project shines brightly on our forum.

We’re elevating the stakes with an enhanced prize structure: the Project Engagement and Determination Prizes now stand at $10,000 each, split between two deserving projects ($5,000 each) :trophy:. Additionally, we introduce the Ecosystem Inclusivity Prize, awarding $10,000 across two projects ($5,000 each) that exemplify active engagement within the TRON community through diverse events and platforms.

For those eager to amplify their impact :loudspeaker: and explore further collaboration opportunities during HackaTRON Season 6, we invite you to express your interest and share your project’s unique proposition through our special form.

Demo Week Interest Form

This is your chance to connect with potential VCs, gain additional visibility, and participate in exclusive Demo Week events tailored to showcasing innovative solutions within the TRON ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your project and make meaningful connections :handshake:.

Embrace the challenge with our new Integration Track, inviting participants to weave cutting-edge protocols and tools into the TRON ecosystem, now featuring eligible applications for integration supported by leading blockchain partners:

  • BitTorrent File System
  • Just Ecosystem Dapps (Justlend, Energy Rental)
  • Sun Ecosystem Dapps (Sunswap, Sun.IO, SUN DappChain)
  • ApeNFT Marketplace
  • Bitcoin Layer 2 Solution

This season, the Integration Track opens doors to a myriad of innovative possibilities, encouraging the exploration of cross-protocol interoperability, scalability solutions, decentralized storage integration, oracle utilization for smart contracts, and privacy-preserving technologies, alongside these exciting new dimensions :star2:.

Our commitment to your innovative spirit remains unwavering, as evidenced by the continuation of the two-milestone submission process. The adventure intensifies as we march towards deploying fully functional Dapps on the TRON/BTTC mainnet, aiming for monumental achievements.

As we journey together, remember: the essence of HackaTRON Season 6 is not just in the competition, but in the vibrant community and the shared pursuit of a decentralized future. Let’s make this season a testament to innovation, collaboration, and the boundless potential of the blockchain :white_heart:.


  • Residents from Brazil, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Quebec
    and Nigeria are not eligible to participate in the hackathon.

  • Individuals who are at least the age of majority in the country where
    they reside as of the time of entry. Teams or Organizations of any
    size are welcome to join.

  • Entrants must create (or significantly update) a working software
    application/dApp/website that integrates with the TRON or BitTorrent
    blockchain that fits into one of the hackathon tracks

  • Entrants must register not only on DevPost but also register on
    the TRON DAO Forum and create a post for the TRON Community under the season 6 category for TRON community voting.


Both Submissions on DevPost and Submission on TRON DAO Forum are REQUIRED.

A. DevPost Submissions: Entrants should submit their original works/projects/products/ideas at DevPost HackaTRON Season 6 Registration Submission

Your submission should include the following items by the end of the submission period:

Your submission should include the following items by the end of the submission period:

  1. Complete project description.
  2. Valid personal contact
  3. a TRON DAO Forum Submission link, following TRON DAO Forum Submission Requirements below.
  4. A demo video that is publicly visible on the Internet and explains Entrant’s track and includes footage that explains your project’s features and functionality comprehensively. No less than 3 minutes.
  5. The Smart Contracts deployment links on TRON/BTTC (Mainnet / Testnet).
  6. A detailed description of how your Project integrates with TRON/BTTC.
  7. If the Project has been submitted in any form to another hackathon, include which Hackathons.
  8. Links to your code repository, website and socials to help judges review your submission. If Entrant’s website is private, Entrant must include login credentials in its testing instructions.

Other Requirements:

  1. Multiple Submissions: An Entrant may submit more than one Submission, however, each submission must be unique and substantially different from each other.
  2. All Submission materials must be in English or English translation of the demonstration video, text description, and testing instructions as well as all other materials submitted.
  3. Financial or Preferential Support: A Project must not have been developed with any support from the Sponsor or Administrator. The Sponsor may disqualify a Project, if awarding a prize to the Project would create a real or apparent conflict of interest.

Forum Submission Requirements:

  • Register for the Hackathon via HackerEarth
  • Sign up on the TRON DAO Forum .
  • Request access to Hackathon - TRON DAO Forum group and wait for the approval. If you have already been accepted to the forum hackathon group in a previous season you can skip this step.
  • Wait for approval to be added to the Hackathon group which will give you permission to create a project post on the TRON Hackathon > Hackathon Season 6 category on the forum.
  • Post your project in the TRON Hackathon > Hackathon Season 6
    category on the TRON DAO Forum and tag it with one of the relevant tags: Web3, DeFi, Artistry, Builder, or Integration.
  • Follow the hackathon project post format given to create a new topic for your hackathon project.
  • Update your project post actively as you make progress throughout the hackathon period.
  • Actively answer community questions in your own project post as the community will be the ones that choose the Forum Hackathon winners.

Entrants must be eligible to participate according to these official rules. Projects entered on the TRON DAO Forum but have not submitted their projects to DevPost, or vice versa, will be disqualified.


All prizes for HackaTRON Season 6 will be awarded in TRX for international participants and USDT for U.S. based winners.

Participating Tracks: Web3, DeFi, Artistry, Integration, and Builder. Choose the most relevant track for your project if it spans multiple areas.

Prize Structure:

* 1st Prize: 25k in TRX/USDT
* 2nd Prize: 15k in TRX/USDT
* 3rd Prize: 10k in TRX/USDT
* 4th Prize: 8k in TRX/USDT
* 5th Prize: 6k in TRX/USDT

Forum Track Prizes (for TRON DAO Forum participants):

* 1st Place: 7k in TRX/USDT
* 2nd Place: 6k in TRX/USDT
* 3rd Place: 5k in TRX/USDT
* 4th Place: 4k in TRX/USDT
* 5th Place: 3k in TRX/USDT

There are 4 additional bonus prizes to be won for this season of the TRON Grand Hackathon! You can even win one of the community contributor prizes without coding in the hackathon!

Bonus Prizes:

  • Project Engagement Prize: $10,000 (awarded after 2024-06-28T19:00:00Z; $5K per project for up to 2 projects showing good community engagement but haven’t received any prizes).
  • Determination Prize: $10,000 (awarded after 2024-06-28T19:00:00Z; $5K per project for up to 2 projects not yet awarded, with projects fully operational on mainnet by 2024-06-28T19:00:00Z and receiving positive community feedback).
  • Ecosystem Inclusivity Prize: $10,000 (awarded after Jun 28; $5K per project for up to 2 projects demonstrating active TRON community involvement across various events and platforms, emphasizing hackathons, TBT, meetups, and online/offline events).
    Community Contributor Prize : $5,000 - Determined by the TRON DAO team for individuals showing valuable contributions during the hackathon, not needing to be project participants. Up to 10 individuals may share this prize, with a minimum of $500 per person.

Remember, participating in the TRON DAO Forum enhances your opportunity to engage with the community and gain visibility for your project.

Judges Will Be Announced At a Later Date

Judging Criteria


How novel and innovative is the idea? Does it set out to do something unique or at least improve existing models?


What is tech like? Is it user-friendly and does it have comprehensive and efficient features? Is it designed to scale?

Business Model

What is the value proposition and how does it set out to differentiate itself? How will it capture the market and/or generate revenue?


What is the user experience like? Is it clean and intuitive such that users not familiar with blockchain can easily interact with the program?


Is this something the community would actually use and want? Will the idea have an impact on the crypto community?

Contribution to the Crypto Ecosystem

How does your idea increase crypto adoption, value for its users, and innovation in the field of blockchain? Does it welcome new users and help existing users?

Phases of Judging

Eligible submissions will be evaluated by a panel of judges selected by the Sponsor (the “Judges”). Judges may be employees of the sponsor or third parties, may or may not be listed individually on the Hackathon Website, and may change before or during the Judging Period. Judging may take place in one or more rounds with one or more panels of Judges, at the discretion of the sponsor.

Stage One) The first stage will determine via pass/fail whether the ideas meet a baseline level of viability, in that the project reasonably fits the theme and reasonably applies the required APIs/SDKs featured in the Hackathon.

Stage Two) All submissions that pass Stage One will be evaluated in Stage Two based on the above equally weighted criteria (the “Judging Criteria”)

Entries will be judged on the above equally weighted criteria, and according to the sole and absolute discretion of the judges.

The scores from the Judges will determine the potential winners of the applicable prizes. The Entrant(s) that are eligible for a Prize, and whose Submissions earn the highest overall scores based on the applicable Judging Criteria, will become potential winners of that Prize.


Everyone you welcome to Tron Hackathon session 6
Join this Twitter space


We are back again. Let the game begins


Is there still a voting category?


May 22 - May 29: Judging & Community Voting Period


I welcome everyone to this exciting season of the hackathon that aims at enhancing the successful innovation, creativity, and collaborations of the Season 5 HackaTRON.

To all the Devs in the house, it’s time to showcase those beautiful skills you’ve got to contribute in the development of the Tron ecosystem. I can’t wait to see the great projects you all has been working on :fire:

Good luck to you all!


Just an observation @admin.hackathon

In the Determination Prize Criteria you used the date of the last season 5 HackaTRON as the deadline for projects to go fully operational on mainnet before standing eligible for the prize. Can you please check to see if it’s a mistake or everything is fine with it.


Thanks for the welcome and encouragement, looking forward to contribute and learning from tron ecosystem


Just for info: Devpost link not working…

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You experienced this?


Yup… The team must be aware & hopefully will be sorted within a few minutes

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It has been fixed, you can confirm. Lfg


Thank You for the catch! We’ll get that updated.


Welcoming everyone to the another season of Hackathon,…it is high time again and opportunity for devs to showcase their excellent skills that will enable him/her to grab a prize that will help them BUIDL! The time is now!.. Good luck to all the participants of this great season 6

I love what I see that the team must submit their personal contact,…I have been clamouring for that initiative

Thank you all


Great info. Glad to be participating in this season and learning from all the experts in the group


We back again. Can’t wait for whats cooking. Looking out for projects that goes way beyond to deliver something beautiful for the community.

Wishing everyone the best of luck this season. Lets set the ball rolling.