Hackatron S6 Projects In Summary

Hello Tronics, take a look at the previous Hackathon S5 summary in view

S5 Summary

Here we go again for

Official Announcement

Projects Entries

  • A Web 3
  1. SaveWallet by TronSave team - The first crypto wallet with fee savings on TRON network

  2. Timeweave - Protecting Unregistered Designs with Blockchain

  3. zkVault by zkVault Team - The Next Generation of Asset Security & Account Abstraction

  4. Rosper - An ecosytem for referrals on products fairly powered by bttc

  5. Rooni by Team RedWilly & Shadowkite - The Very First NFT Marketplace on BitTorrent Chain

  6. Datapond.earth - D-SAFE Library

  7. RenewableHub by FundGreen - Empowering Clean Energy Together

  • B Defi
  1. Tap - Next generation financial tools

  2. TronCheques - Sending Money Without a Need of a Wallet Address

  3. Hey Exchange currency easy

  4. Surity | Decentralized Insurance Market platform

  • C Integration
  1. Solide - Solidity Database

  2. BttTipBit - Tipping is mandatory sir

  3. CodeHive - Crack the Code, Reap the Rewards!

  4. BTForge by Team ByteSync - Empowering BTFS

  5. Smart Disperse by Team Lampros Labs DAO - Cross-chain Transfers with a Single Transaction to Multiple Wallets

  • D Builder
  1. Bird Catcher Game By Solo : Play For Fun

  2. Flixe: Gateway to Artistic Exploration

  3. Zombieland By Team Zombie - Survival Web3 Game v4

  4. AWPSWAP by Team AWPSWAP - Counter Strike 2 community & trading platform

  • E Artistry
  1. QuestArcade - relaxing and more relaxing is just a click away

  2. Jumble Dude By Mandy - A wacky web3 adventure

To be updated…


Nice one, the summary is good for some persons who would like to check on it :handshake:


Yea, trust me I will make this session summary very brief for anyone to glance through.
Together we sTRONger


Yeah bro trust you, ride on


Ahh I don’t have so much time to check all of them. So I’ll come to this page regularly and check new ones. Thank you @Gordian you best, brother :black_heart:

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You can also update the Ding Dong one. They are in builder now

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GM Buddy, thank you for finding this summary very helpful. Alright let me update the list.

Thank your for your kind words. All the best buddy

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Anytime :raised_hands: All the good buddy

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It’s updated now. More project will be joining us.
So it going be fun to have it updated regularly.
Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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Why is it written “project withdrawn” in Ding Dong Game. Owner of project is literally contiuning right now to develope project. Let’s update that part please

Thank You for the update. Let me get that updated.
Got it fixed now

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Good morning @Gordian
Thank you for adding us to list :heart:


You welcome. All the best to you and your project


Hi Dear @Gordian ,
Just minor quick update, project name of builder track is Bird Catcher Game. as Ding dong project is cancelled. :sweat_smile:
Thanks for listing and nice summery


Alright, let me fix it up thanks for drawing my attention to that. All the best buddy


It looks like it will be crowded this season.
My guess is that we will see around 80 projects
@Gordian what is ur guess?


Normally we wil expect to see more project joining soon towards the end. We still have about under 30 days to go.

Let me predict like 50-60 projects. How about we bet? Lols

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Thank you for adding us here @Gordian!

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