Hackatron S6 Projects In Summary

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S5 Summary

Here we go again for

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Projects Entries

  • A Web 3
  1. SaveWallet by TronSave team - The first crypto wallet with fee savings on TRON network

  2. Timeweave - Protecting Unregistered Designs with Blockchain

  3. zkVault by zkVault Team - The Next Generation of Asset Security & Account Abstraction Withdrawn

  4. Rosper - An ecosytem for referrals on products fairly powered by bttc

  5. Rooni by Team RedWilly & Shadowkite - The Very First NFT Marketplace on BitTorrent Chain

  6. Datapond.earth - D-SAFE Library

  7. RenewableHub by FundGreen - Empowering Clean Energy Together

  8. NFTicketMaster - Revolutionizing Event Ticketing with Blockchain Security and Transparency

  9. Meikai: TRON Forensics Tool Suite - Sanctions, Counterterror, Criminal, and Human Trafficking

  10. CRITICICE - Social app for blockchain community

  11. TroniQue by Team DataVoyagers - Simplifying Tron and Empowering Users with TroniQue

  12. CiroTRX, simple stables on TRON

  13. Tronbook. ,WITHDRAWN

  14. ChainAI - Automating contract creation , auditing and deploying Withdrawn

  15. TriAd by Team Tri - Powering The Next Internet

  16. CuteGarden - OnChain community spaces utilizing token gated system

  17. SupplyGuard: Disrupting the Status Quo of Global Trade with Unparalleled Transparency

  18. DInference | A decentralised LLM inferencing infrastructure

  19. BlinkAI - Blockchain Link for AI

  20. OmniAuth by Team HackIT - A decentralised Identity management and verification system

  21. Monetizado - On chain pay per view platform

  22. TronStore created by team Store

  23. uDawgBot TRON smart contract updates on Telegram

  24. K-Lock by cilok - your key to unbreakable security

  25. Hexs, a decentralized computing platform and a marketplace for AI developers

  26. KeyFi - AI-Powered Home Purchasing Platform

  27. Toqen Components - From developers to developers

  28. Metana: Automated Marketplace for Consumer Rewards

  29. ClaimFreeTRX By Stian

  30. Transatron - transact in Tron without TRX

  31. Noesis - Right datasets for your AI model

  32. Tronnect: link in bio on tron

  33. EventChain: Decentralized Event Ticket selling platform

  • B Defi
  1. Tap - Next generation financial tools

  2. TronCheques - Sending Money Without a Need of a Wallet Address

  3. Hey Exchange currency easy

  4. Surity | Decentralized Insurance Market platform

  5. The Existential Dread Launchpad

  6. Alpha drop- revolutionizing airdrop with sponsored defi positions

  7. Elysium Receipt - Let’s create our invoice together

  8. ClimaShield by Team DeFiCatalysts - Weather-Proof Your Finances, Hedge with Confidence

  9. Rastro - An ERC 4626 inspired Tracable and transparent channel for token transfers

  10. Pump On TRON | The anti-rug meme launch and trading application

  11. GuessThePrice by GTP Team - Decentralized platform for forecasting asset prices on the BTT network

  12. ChickenSwap/Bot - TRON swap platforms (web3/mobile/telegram)

  13. Colswap by Team Col - A DEX that compensates for Impermanent Loss with Algo Stablecoin

  14. Tronenergize Energy Telegram Bot

  15. EcoFunds - Financing Sustainability for a Greener Future

  16. Harvesting Technology: Grow, Predict, Thrive with AgriTRONix

  17. Nobles - Luxury items on Tron

  18. Staqe Protocol - Non-castodial pools for NFT and token staking

  19. Cn3xyz - Transparency and efficiency in the REC market

  20. Algae pay-finance

  • C Integration
  1. Solide - Solidity Database

  2. BttTipBit - Tipping is mandatory sir

  3. CodeHive - Crack the Code, Reap the Rewards!

  4. BTForge by Team ByteSync - Empowering BTFS WITHDRAWN

  5. Smart Disperse by Team Lampros Labs DAO - Cross-chain Transfers with a Single Transaction to Multiple Wallets

  6. Wevora - The AI-Powered Decentralized Website Builder on BTFS

  7. Sponsify By i’am VanillaBaby - Ads pay , transaction plays

  8. JustMoney Explorer: A Hybrid Platform

  9. AnkerPay Tron TRX and USDT integration

  10. IntegraTRON by Decon Team - the AIO (All-In-One) Metaverse

  11. TRON VR - Decentralize Reality. Explore, interact and own your virtual experiences powered by TRON and BTFS!

  12. Snack Prompt: AI Prompt Platform - Attracted 1.3 Million Users + 30+ Million Prompts Opened

  13. File-Wallet.com - Deterministic Wallet Generator from Any File (Hidden in Plain Sight)

  14. Strongcoin - Be strong! Tap and earn

  15. ShieldAuth: Secure Social Authentication SDK for TRON

  • D Builder
  1. Bird Catcher Game By Solo : Play For Fun

  2. Flixe: Gateway to Artistic Exploration

  3. Zombieland By Team Zombie - Survival Web3 Game v4

  4. AWPSWAP by Team AWPSWAP - Counter Strike 2 community & trading platform

  5. Bond by USTX Team - A safety net for USTX

  6. Pravahini (प्रवाहिनी) by Team Pravahini - Where Data Flows, Models Grow, and AI Glows!

  7. BlockFabric by Comexias Labs - All-in-one platform for smart contracts development

  8. OnChainVision - Open your eyes on chain worlds

  9. World Craft by World Craft’ers - Create your own metaverse world

  10. JustMoney Swap: Self-listing

  11. Gamesfi Lottery Game

  12. Cukies World: The Infinite Archipelago Revamped and Better Than Ever

  13. BCate by UMR_KRW - Architect and interior design marketplace

  14. Score Milk - Browser-based Competitive Gaming Platform

  • E Artistry
  1. QuestArcade - relaxing and more relaxing is just a click away

  2. Jumble Dude By Mandy - A wacky web3 adventure

  3. Looop Music Dapp

  4. XMutant by Team Lampros Labs DAO - Unlocking the Potential of Generative Art through Innovation!

  5. Voxel Game - On-chain voxel game in which users truly own their assets

  6. TOBA - Token Bound Accounts On Tron

  7. Unclaimed - Fall of Mankind

  8. ChickenWars - TRON GameFi based on meme tokens

  9. StarBoard - Discover, Collect, and Create: Where Art Takes Flight

  10. ClayQuacks - Building a Play-Doh World by QuackAttack.

  11. (NFTY FLAKES) How To Trap Online

  12. Cukies Brain Buzz - The Ultimate Trivia Challenge!

  13. Cukies Jump n’ Hop - Adventure Awaits in Every Leap!

  14. STAR-EX a cross-chain, cross-platform, cross-dimension, cross-gameFi

  15. VideoTRON by Team Ignitus

  16. Donats by Jido - A service that helps streamers get financial support from fans through TRON!

  17. STAR-EX a cross-chain GameFi across dimension and platforms

  18. Planet Tron - Space adventures on the blockchain

  19. Cricket Clash: NFT Game

  20. Tronquility - Get answers from the universe through the blockchain

  21. Decentralised Character AI

  22. Footballaliens.store

  23. Ai-social - Empowering web3 social with AI

  • Web3 32

  • Defi 20

  • Integration 15

  • Builder 14

  • Artistry 23

  • Total 102

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It looks like it will be crowded this season.
My guess is that we will see around 80 projects
@Gordian what is ur guess?


Normally we wil expect to see more project joining soon towards the end. We still have about under 30 days to go.

Let me predict like 50-60 projects. How about we bet? Lols


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