Rosper - An ecosytem for referrals on products fairly powered by bttc

Project Name: Rosper
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: GlenX
Team Member(s): 2, @anshss @rahulkathuriaaa
HackerEarth Project Link: Devpost Project

Project Goal:
Rosper aims to democratize the landscape of influencer marketing by offering an innovative platform that lowers the barriers to entry for emerging influencers, facilitating their entry into paid collaborations. This platform not only enables small brands to adopt sophisticated marketing strategies typically reserved for their larger counterparts, but it also assists established enterprises in engaging with their customer base in a more detailed and personalized manner. Additionally, Rosper leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline the matchmaking process between brands and influencers, ensuring optimal engagement with campaign goals. The platform’s advanced analytical capabilities empower users to measure impact precisely, enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing investments.

Project Value:
Rosper is envisioned as a pivotal resource for small brands and nascent influencers, serving as foundational support at the inception of their social media endeavours. It facilitates their ascent into the professional echelons of their respective niches by minimizing initial struggles and augmenting their growth phase with additional benefits. For established brands, Rosper offers a strategic avenue to expand their marketing reach without exceeding budgetary constraints, effectively broadening their influence while maintaining fiscal prudence. Moreover, Rosper’s innovative approach enables brands to transform their loyal customer base into a potent marketing force, leveraging consumer advocacy to enhance brand visibility and credibility. This dual capability of fostering both influencer and customer engagement positions Rosper uniquely in the marketplace, enhancing its value proposition to a diverse array of business clients.

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Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Login using the modal in the navbar
  • Create an influencer profile
  • Go to Dashboard and copy out your EVM address
  • Logout and sign with a different email
  • Create a brand profile, enter details and complete the signup process
  • Go to Campaigns on the dashboard page, create a campaign with appropriate details and escrow some tokens.
  • Whitelist your influencer profile address to the campaign
  • Enter an x amount of referrals that are made by influencer profile and are now visible on your Shopify dashboard.
  • After the deadline of the campaign, your influencer profile will be able to claim funds

Project Details:

The operation of Rosper is elegantly straightforward. After completing the initial account setup, users are introduced to a diverse array of brands, applications, and businesses in need of promotional services. Influencers can select from these offerings, and upon making their choice, they receive a personalized discount or coupon code. This code is intended for use in the content they create for the selected company. Subsequently, the impact of this content is quantitatively assessed through engagement metrics, and influencers are compensated accordingly at the end of each month, including additional earnings from the utilization of their codes. Rosper facilitates niche development for influencers, providing a platform to either solidify their current market or venture into new ones, all while ensuring there are no barriers to entry or exit.

For businesses seeking promotion, the process is slightly more intricate initially but becomes straightforward post-setup. Companies are required to draft a contract and allocate a budget for their promotional campaigns. This budget is later disbursed to influencers based on the performance of their promotional activities. Businesses retain complete control over their promotional expenditures, with the ability to adjust their budget as needed. Rosper retains a minimal commission from the allocated budget, ensuring there are no hidden fees. This streamlined approach allows businesses to efficiently amplify their market presence while maintaining financial control.

Smart Contract links: [Link to smart contracts if applicable. Can either be on TRON/BTTC testnet or mainnet]

Project Milestones:

  • Frontend (done)
  • Wallet integration and profile creation (done)
  • Smart contracts and their deployment on the BTTC network (done)
  • Client web-app interaction with a smart contract for campaign creation, escrow, whitelisting and funds dispersal (done)
  • Shopify API integration and features debugging (April 3rd week delayed)
  • DMs, Chat and connection request features between brands and influencers (done)
  • Responsive frontend (May 1st week)

the project idea seems cool, assuming it’s an affiliate marketing platform powered by BTC. when can we expect on receiving more detailed information about the project beyond just its title?


welcome waiting for updates, no information


Welcome aboard, Team GlenX to Tron Hackathon Season 6, We are excited to see what you’re working on with Rosper in the Web3 track. we await the project details and links (Project Goal, Value, Website, etc.)
All the best sir


I have added a little more information, complete information and the pitch deck will be made public in few days


Sounds great, we are eager to see more information on your project when ready.


Welcome to Tron hackathon season 6 expecting more and wishing you all the best


you are missing an important information. Project goal is important to me, kindly update that


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, please lots of updates is still missing, kindly update as soon as possible to avoid die minute rush


Welcome to Season 6 I like your ideas as I read it but let me ask how are you going to prevent fraud from anybody that will try to misuse the referral system

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Welcome to Season 6 Hackathon, it’s been a while you posted here I did notice, 6months is enough hiatus to come up with an extensive entry atleast, your entry “Rosper” short-lived my expectations of a total rebound from your hiatus but that’s by the way. I had to read your entry twice, and from my analogy, I think Rosper aims to create an ecosystem for fair referrals on products powered by blockchain technology, specifically leveraging BTTC on the TRON network, summarily.
I’ve a few questions moving forward;

Have you conducted any user testing to validate the usability and effectiveness of the platform?


hey, I have updated the project details, have a lookout on the application again, will be updating technical information soon

Hello, I like the Idea you building this on the Bttc.Keep building. All the Best.

First, I would be interesting to know if you have any
Current community ? Where brand and influencer can meet?

If on telegram, would love you to check out.
Btt tip bot project and how it can help us give incentives to within your community members
( Just my suggestion tho).

Lastly, checking on your website I saw this!

I believe still developing stage? Should be in English language like the rest?


You are highly welcome to the Tron Hackathon season 6. I’ve read through the objectives of the project. I know this is very voluminous and will require a lot of time. I just hope your plans are in line with the duration of this season’s Hackathon. Also if you got social handles, you could as well drop it.
I wish you all the best.


Thanks for updating your information, I believe you guys have seen how new projects like yours get into the market and some even get funds from binance and others. Check cookie3, a marketingfi projects and also a socialfi projects. They promote their project using airdrops. At the end top class influencers join and makes the project popular. You are coming out with similar projects like theirs so how are you going to market yours?


we have added some information, take a look.

@rahulkathuriaaa check here and answer me kk

Hello buddy after going through your project goal, value and the rest I got some important questions to ask.

(Q1) How will Rosper ensure brands connect with the most relevant influencers for their target audience, and will there be a tiered system based on follower count or engagement metricsCampaign Measurements.

(Q2) How will Rosper handle disputes between brands and influencers regarding campaign deliverables or performance.

(Q3). Beyond Shopify, are there plans to integrate Rosper with other popular e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Magento,

(Q4) How will Rosper ensure the security of user funds and data stored on the platform.

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Glad to have your team join the HackaTron S6. My question will be on how you plan to facilitate this collaboration between emerging influencers with brands

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Welcome team GlenX to Tron hackathon season 6.