Hextopus - Sharefi on-chain marketing platform

Project Name: HEXTOPUS

Project Track: Web3


Team Member(s): 4 members @shawn @Celine @DianaLeee @Cole

DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/software/hextopus

Project Goal: A new paradigm in crypto marketing

Project Info:
Lite_Paper_Hextopus.pdf (4.6 MB)

Project Website: https://hextopus.app/

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Connect wallet

  2. Refresh page (It will be update in next UI/UX upgrade)

  3. Click top right of the webpage TRX faucet button

  4. Click tokens faucet button next to the TRX faucet button

  5. Go campaign & participate

Contract Address:

TEST (It will be HXTO in mainnet): TQUZpG78uNN9B712G9MUitKPrcQ5hSEJL1
esTEST (It will be eHXTO in mainnet): TWBBpJdxTLrWjgBqs51cbwoiVzGzJtTCSM
JM (mock token in nile testnet): TWXiVqeYnAS3wzZ6u4rhxhZUzhdPxAv8NC
USDD (mock token in nile testnet): TVHF8cZXXmKSk6CMaaL8Za2bCcwVSk79zW
JM-USDD LP (mock token in nile testnet): TMa8h4kpr46JNJE5DEkcYBjWDq9xSjdjH8
JustMoneyCampaign (mock campaign in nile testnet): TMArLwfzdCb4xbXXqPKdfHcKDrJAgepadU
CapReader: TCn3bvrcLtgHougqw2Ha8ahoUxgoHStpSJ
CampaignReader: TKbD8SYaKyCvFMEvo6TUsis2piM7Kq9nQb
Vester: TS3uFzZFW7nHZ12JozacG2RLHPbt6tKDkG
Staker: TJhLHdtNU9urZtsu3KGkfCQJeurgjZh6G5
CampaignManager: TVJb6oQG6RjASrzE3VZT1pH1aMNd3bezC5

Project Details:

In the traditional market, there are various marketing agencies and methodologies for efficient use of a limited marketing budget. However, unlike the traditional market, the web3 market operates based on a wallet, making it difficult to apply the traditional marketing-efficiency analysis. In addition, in order for the existing marketing agencies to implement DApp/DAO’s CPA(Cost-Per-Action) marketing, additional understanding and development ability of smart contracts are required. For these reasons, marketing means in web3 are limited to influencer marketing or community marketing.

Hextopus aims to solve this problem by developing an on-chain referral marketing platform. Hextopus will help DApps grow and bootstrap, and eventually will bring a new paradigm of crypto marketing.

  1. Campaign

    • Customization: Campaign creators can set all smart contract-based actions as target action conditions and allow rewards to be distributed only when target actions are performed by users - CPA marketing. In addition, campaign creators can create an event-type campaign aimed at a specific holder group by setting only qualification condition without a target action.

    • Referral Marketing: Hextopus campaign is basically based on referral marketing. With Hextopus, DApp/DAO can maximize marketing reach through viral effects.

    • Abuse Prevention Mechanism: Hextopus minimizes the number of cherry pickers through its own optimal participation deposit scheme.

    • Minimum Participation: When creating a campaign, if DApp/DAO enter the amount of rewards to charge in the reward pool and the minimum number of participating wallets, Hextopus campaign contract automatically sets the reward schema to ensure the minimum participation. This makes it easier for DApp/DAO to quantify the correlation between marketing cost and efficiency.

    • Withdrawal: DApp/DAO can withdraw its marketing budget from the reward pool after a certain period of time.

  2. Consecutive Referral Chain

    • Hextopus is a protocol that allows users to earn rewards through both ‘participation’ and ‘share’. When users participate in a campaign, they can receive participation rewards and their unique referral links are generated. Once generated, these links can be shared among their community and if their referrals also participate in the campaign, the user is rewarded again for the successful referral.

    • Participants are eligible for ‘1st level referral rewards’ arising from direct participation for each of their referees, and ‘2nd level referral rewards’ for their referees’ successful referrals.

    • For example, a campaign with a participation reward scheme [50 (DApp’s reward token), 10 (HXTO)], a direct referral reward scheme [25 (reward token), 5 (esHXTO)], and an indirect referral reward scheme [10 (reward token), 1 (esHXTO)] will result in the reward structure described below.
    • Analyzing Participant A’s total rewards,

      • Participant A receives 50 reward tokens and 10 HXTO for his/her direct participation.
      • Through Participant A’s link, he/she has also shared the campaign to Participants B, C, and D, who all have participated in the campaign. Then Participant A is eligible for an additional 25 reward tokens and 5 esHXTO arising from direct participation for each of his referees.
      • If Participants E, F, G participate indirectly through either Participant B, C, or D’s referral link, then Participant A will be eligible for another 10 reward tokens and 1 esHXTO for each.
      • Thus the total rewards received by Participant A is 155 reward tokens, 10 HXTO, and 18 esHXTO.
      • Note that this consecutive scheme is currently restricted to only three layers, so any participation by users further down in the tree will not be considered when calculating Participant A’s rewards.
    • Calculating from Participant B’s viewpoint,

      • 50 reward tokens and 10 HXTO** for his/her direct participation.
      • Through Participant A’s link, he/she has also shared the campaign to Participants E and F, who all have participated in the campaign. Then Participant B is eligible for an additional 25 reward tokens and 5 esHXTO arising from direct participation for each of his referees.
      • If Participant H participates through either Participant F’s referral link, then Participant B will be eligible for another 10 reward tokens and 1 esHXTO.
      • Thus the total rewards received by Participant B is 110 reward tokens, 10 HXTO, and 11 esHXTO.
  3. On-Chain Data

    • Marketing data such as Conversion Rate and Cost per Action will be provided on the dashboard. Whenever the details of the campaign change, marketing data will be automatically archived and comparative analyzed to help the optimal marketing execution for each campaign.
  4. Tokenomics

    • Value Capture Mechanisms:
      (1) Participation deposit
      (2) Increase base referral reward caps by holding more HXTO tokens
      (3) DApp’s reward pool withdrawal fee
      (4) A certain amount of HXTO essential for composing a reward pool

Project Milestones:

  • Designing the UI/UX ( :white_check_mark:)
  • Writing Lite Paper ( :white_check_mark:)
  • Developing Frontend ( :white_check_mark:)
  • Building Backend smart contracts ( :white_check_mark:)
  • Developing Campaign creator admin page ( :negative_squared_cross_mark:)

Project Roadmap:

  1. Hextopus Lock (2023 Q1)
    Hextopus Lock makes the ecosystem safer by ensuring the reliability and safety of DApps. It making DApp’s community trust-building process clear and easy. DApps will be given a certification mark and benefit from the campaign creation process.

  2. Premium Pass NFT (2023 Q1)
    Premium Pass NFT offers exclusive opportunities for multiple Hextopus events such as campaigns or airdrops only for Premium Pass NFT holders.

  3. Boost NFT (2023 Q2)
    Boost NFT is used for boosting referral rewards for a certain period of time. It accelerates campaign participation and increases the value of HXTO.

  4. Hextopus Community Platform (2023 Q2)
    To further accelerate Hextopus’s growth, Hextopus will launch its own community platform to write and share articles about crypto. The more high-quality content is shared, the more rewards the user will receive.


hey guys! this is team Hextopus. we are developing Sharefi on-chain marketing platform. We are aiming to bring a new paradigm in crypto marketing on Tron ecosystem.

Please feel free to ask any questions or give some feedbacks!!


looking forward to this project :blush::clap:


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Anticipating this project


However, in a case where there is a low influx of new referees? Will earnings plunge too?


Looking forward to this project. Seems nice


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This is a very beautiful project


Basically, people who participate in the campaign can get real yields with participation rewards. In the case of referral rewards, it corresponds to the incidental yield that can be obtained by participants, and since reward scheme is up to level 2, it is easier for general participants to earn referral rewards.


In the case of DApp, which is a campaign creator, if there are few participants, the reward pull can be withdrawn, so even if the new inflow is small, there is no loss.


Nice project you got there. Hope it’ll stay strong on the long run.


In the case of HXTO token holders, since HXTO is not planning to have a farming model, I don’t think the decrease in the new inflow will not have such a negative impact. However, in terms of B2B, if there are fewer campaign creators who will increase the value of HXTO by creating campaigns, I think this will cause losses to HXTO holders as you are concerned.
However, we will do our best to continue attracting campaign creators and develop various functions that DApps have no choice but to choose HEXTOPUS for their marketing.


Thanks for your support :blush: We’ll try our best :star_struck:

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