The TRON grand Hackathon Season 3 - Winners Announcement

This season of the HackaTRON has been fun the competition was stiff! There were 1,100+ participants who formed 272 teams that submitted projects in one of six tracks: Web3, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Ecosystem and Tron Academy.

Once again, we would like to thank all who have participated in this hackathon, whether you are a developer, designer, voter, or one of our forum members. We thank you for making HackaTRON S3 a success :heavy_heart_exclamation:

We would also like to thank our judges from across the industry and among universities who took the time out of their busy schedules to go over 80+ down-selected submissions.

Season 3 has been a success with more community topic engagement on this forum, more participants from the Ethereum ecosystem and amazing project submissions from University students.

We have also tried our best to make the community voting as fair as possible by removing ineligible projects and fraudulent votes. Our moderation and hackathon forensic team would like to give those members that help report suspicious projects and votes a big thumbs up :+1: for the great teamwork! A lot of community members on the forum also appreciated the effort that we have put in so we will make sure to carry on with the positive impact we had on HackaTRON season 4. We already have a few revisions in the pipeline as some active members have been suggesting some significant improvements on our hackathon community topics thread that we will be considering! :wink:

We encourage everyone to please leave feedback about your experience with TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3, whether it be good or bad. We will read every single community response and take it into account to further improve for season 4. Thank you Tronics!


And now, the moment that you have been waiting for… :drum:

Let’s start with our judges-selected winners. :tada:
These projects have been judged by multiple criteria such as their originality & creativity, technicality & design, business model & feasibility, usability, practicality and their contribution to the crypto ecosystem.

Devpost and TRON DAO won’t be releasing any judging or scoring details as the judges scored projects in confidence. Please note that the judges scored each eligible project using the equally weighted criteria mentioned above and the results are according to the sole and absolute discretion of the judges. Projects that scored the highest per category by the judges are selected as the winners.

Without further ado, the hackathon winners for each category are:


1st Prize (60K): OpenATM
2nd Prize (50K): Journey by Tron Magicians
3rd Prize (40K): Hextopus
4th Prize (30K): JustPush by Team Push
5th Prize (20K): Falt by Renaissance Labs

1st Prize (60K): Meson-To by Meson Team
2nd Prize (50K): Bunny Notes by StrawberryChocolateFudge
3rd Prize (40K): Inheritokens by Team Tokinhers
4th Prize (30K): Elk-Finance by Team Elk
5th Prize (20K): goStables by goStables Team


1st Prize (60K): Lazara
2nd Prize (50K): The TREE Token by The TREE Foundation
3rd Prize (40K): Artbeat by 4thfloor
4th Prize (30K): Fractron
5th Prize (20K): Metastore by Void


1st Prize (60K): Galaxy Throne
2nd Prize (50K): TuruVerse by TuruGlobal
3rd Prize (40K):
4th Prize (30K): Zombieland by Team Zombie
5th Prize (20K): Mushroom by 0xCatbox

Ecosystem Technical

1st Prize (15K): WaveData
2nd Prize (12.5K): Tronql
3rd Prize (10K): Paylock
4th Prize (7.5K): GETO.Finance
5th Prize (5K): Interpool by Irruption Lab

Ecosystem Non-Technical

1st Prize (15K): B4B.World
2nd Prize (12.5K): Road Incident Predictor
3rd Prize (10K): MetaVote Poll by Raph Strategy
4th Prize (7.5K): Xeat by BatamPride
5th Prize (5K): Nature Foretold

TRON Academy Technical

1st Prize (15K): Pneumatic
2nd Prize (10K): Keystream
3rd Prize (9K): DeForms
4th Prize (8K): GroupBy
5th Prize (7K): Dazzle
1st Runner Up (5K): Groot Club
2nd Runner Up (5K): Level
3rd Runner Up (5K): ECO

TRON Academy Non-Technical

1st Prize (2K): LSP (Tron: Legacy)
2nd Prize (1K): SuperSets
3rd Prize (500): Arcus
1st Runner Up (250): DeTrove
2nd Runner Up (250): Axies
3rd Runner Up (250): BWS
4th Runner Up (250): Autonoma
5th Runner Up (250): Imperia
6th Runner Up (250): Compute Allocation


And, we also have our Forum hackathon winners, selected by you humans! :clap: (and not by you bots :robot:!)

Congratulations to our community-selected winners! :tada:

These projects have been selected by community members on the TRON DAO Forum. Please note that we have already reached out to project teams that were disqualified or had a ranking update and all teams are clear on the decision made.

So, the community-selected hackathon winners for each category are:


1st Prize (10K): TronHub by TronNinjas
2nd Prize (9K): dCloud by cctechmx
3rd Prize (8K): Oracula
4th Prize (7K): TsTron by Sterliakov
5th Prize (6K): Web3-scheduler by tokeniz


1st Prize (10K): T-Boost by USTX
2nd Prize (9K): Synergy by
3rd Prize (8K): Inheritokens by Team Tokinhers
4th Prize (7K): Garble.Money by GoblinLab
5th Prize (6K): TRON unlimited Oracle by RedStone


1st Prize (10K): Fuzzy Ocean
2nd Prize (9K): Fractron
3rd Prize (8K): Lazara
4th Prize (7K): TBlocks
5th Prize (6K): PalmT by JustRug


1st Prize (10K): Turuverse by TuruGlobal
2nd Prize (9K):
3rd Prize (8K): Zombieland by Team Zombie
4th Prize (7K): Mushroom by OxCatBox
5th Prize (6K): Galaxy Throne


1st Prize (10K): InterPool by Irruption Lab
2nd Prize (9K): Nature Foretold
3rd Prize (8K): MetaVotePoll by Raph Strategy
4th Prize (7K): Snake Bite by Team Hero
5th Prize (6K): Shantranj by web23

TRON Academy Community Forum Winners

1st Prize (5K): Tronify
2nd Prize (4K): Project PLedger by Muffin
3rd Prize (3K): VooDoo Finance by Elvolution
4th Prize (2K): GreenDAO
5th Prize (1K): StackChain by Team Chain


We also have 3 bonus hackathon prizes to give out.

Bonus: Devpost Community Prize $1,000 - Determined by popular choice voting on Devpost by DevPost community members. This is reward is given to the most popular project after removing bots and spam votes performed by the DevPost team.

The bonus DevPost community Prize of $1k goes to - Elk Finance

Bonus: Project Engagement Prize $5,000 - TRON DAO picks a project that has good project status updates and engagement with the community but yet to receive any prizes

The bonus Project Engagement Prize of $5k goes to - TRONJoy

Bonus: TRON Community Contributors $5,000 - Incentive allocated to 10 forum community helpers that give good support, feedback, promotion, etc (with a maximum of $500 each)

The bonus TRON Community Contributors prize of $5k goes to - @antonio, @constantinpricope201, @Deba215, @Fabsltsa, @H_P, @Hirangi, @Nana66419, @Prince-Onscolo, @Simon, @strxfinance You guys have been a great addition to the forum and we truly appreciated your support and feedback.

Once again, congrats to all Hackathon winners and runner-ups, and also participants of the TRON Grand Hackathon. For Ecosystem winners, we hope to see you continue porting your projects to TRON/BTTC. For Academy winners, we hope you had a great time learning about the TRON blockchain and hope to see more exciting projects from you!

We would also like to thank all forum community contributors that shared their opinions and stood by our side to help keep the forum an organized and civilized space for all of us here!

With :heart: from TRON DAO Team


Congratulations to all the winners.

An insane amount of work went into building JustPush (Web3 - 4th place).
Countless hours were spent in front of the laptop in all sorts of cafes and Starbucks.

I was a bit bummed not to see the project not win a place in community voting. Then again, this is a completely new project on Tron with no community yet.
The focus was to build a kickass project that can improve the Tron ecosystem. And I am glad the devpost judges see the effort that went into building this.

The next step is building a community, and bringing other projects in the ecosystem to use the JustPush protocol to deliver notifications. That’s coming.

Thank you admin for organizing the hackathon. Thank you, judges. And last but not least, thanks TRON community.


Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you @admin.hackathon for the community contributor prize.


Doy mi más sincera enhorabuena a todos los ganadores.

Gracias @admin.hackathon por el premio de colaborador a la comunidad, por permitir expresarnos y ser útiles en este foro.


Congratulations to all the winners!

For those who weren’t selected, I want to share some words from someone from the TRON DAO team who has gone through the same thing and I think these are important words to hear at this particular instance:

" I write these words as I know what it’s like for your idea to not be selected.
You might be feeling an angst of misunderstanding between yourself and the world.
“Why didn’t I win?”
That’s a hard question with soft answers.
Venture is one of the hardest games in human existence.
You worked hard and committed to this effort and there is honor in that.
Perhaps throughout time you ideate this idea into something spectacular.
To conclude in positive words, keep on evolving, hacking, and learning."


Big congratulations to all winners.
Thank you @admin.hackathon for the community contributor award. Big thanks go to the community for their support. All those who interacted with my posts and those who found my posts has helpful. This is just the beginning. I am always here for you. STRONgerTogether… #tron


Respected sir, I would like to know something, our project assuredocs in ecosystem track got healthy number of likes and good response from both the DAO and the devpost voting, but we didn’t win any prize, so I am little bummed as to what lacks and how the projects get judged in order to prepare for further DAO based hackathon , can someone help me out here :smile:


On behalf of USTX Team I want to thank the organizers and the wonderful community that showed the appreciation for our product giving us another 1st Place!
Congrats to all the winners and the participants that will have a chance next time.
Let’s keep building.


Thank you! I worked very hard to get to the position I am in with and it paid off! Blessings to everyone! Much love.


Congrats to all HackaTRON S3 winners. :fire: We would like to hear from the winners that what they are planning to do for the next month or two so the community can learn about what’s coming up and what to expect. Let’s have some mini thank you speech :smiley:

For participants that did not make it, don’t worry, we still have S4. It’s important to keep the community engaged in your project so you can start attracting more community members as supporters for your projects!


Lazara here, a real honor to get the NFT prize! I worked very hard to get this project off the ground, and to be rewarded just feels awesome.

Next order of business: Integrate DALL-E 2 (A diffusion model from OpenAI), last I checked they didn’t have an API but hopefully they have now. Otherwise I will try to throw something together by myself with something like Selenium :smiley:


People can view the dev board for here to see what’s in the process :fire:


Congratulations to everyone.Everyone deserves love :pray:


Congratulations to all the winners! Much deserved! :slightly_smiling_face:

Keep building!


I am glad to announce that my project won the Ecosystem 5th prize. I have a question for claiming the prize. What is TRON USDD . Can I use binance to receive the prize money?


Yayy! goStables won 5th Place in the Defii track! :boom:

Massive thanks to the organizers and the community showing interest and appreciation for our project!

Also, congrats to all the winners and a pre-cheers for all participants that will have an opportunity in the upcoming Season 4 Hackathon.

Let’s keep building. Together.