Inheritokens by Team Tokinhers - Let your nominee get what they deserve

Project Name: Inheritokens

Project Track: DeFi

Team Name: Tokinhers

Team Member(s): Team of 2 @Bhumi @Jaydip

DevPost URL: Inheritokens | Devpost

Project Goal: Inheritokens lets you appoint a nominee and securely passes on your crypto assets in the event of your death.

Project Info:
inheritokens_landing_page.pdf (927.7 KB)

Project Website:
Demo Video URL : Inheritokens - YouTube
Project flow : Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Contract address : 0xaEF8eb4EDCB0177A5ef6a5e3f46E581a5908eef4 (mumbai testnet)
0xB987640A52415b64E2d19109E8f9d7a3492d5F54 (BTTC)

Project Test Instructions:

  • On the landing page, you can see the Get Started button and the Wallet Connect button.
  • connect your wallet by clicking on the “connect wallet” button.
  • If your wallet address is not registered, you will be redirected to the “Sign Up” page if you click the “Get Started” button; otherwise, you will be redirected to the “Profile” page.
  • On the profile page, you can see the collectibles, tokens, and nominee buttons.
  • You can see the list of nominees you’ve added by clicking on the “Nominee” button, and you can add a nominee by clicking on the “Add Nominee” button.
  • On collectibles, you have a button that says “Choose nominee.” By clicking on that button, you can choose the nominee for that asset. After choosing a nominee, it will show “nominated” and a “change nominee” button for that asset. You can also change your nominee for that asset.

Project Details: Inheritokens provides a way to ensure the tokens, NFTs, and digital assets of a user don’t go redundant within the wallet.

So, if any wallet sees an absence of activity such as buying, selling, receiving, sending, or swapping in 6 months, the wallet owner shall be contacted through an official email.

In an event where the owner responds within a 1-month time frame from the date of communication, we consider the wallet to be “alive” although inactive.

Whereas, in an event where the wallet owner hasn’t responded, an email to the nominee is sent out to claim the assets of the ghost user. The nominees must visit the website to claim the assets.

As of now, the functionality is specific to MetaMask wallets in the Polygon blockchain. We aim to develop a multi-chain system for the easy transfer of assets from one wallet to another, or from one blockchain to another without difficulties.

Project Milestones:

25-10-2022 : Backen Api, Contract, Raw designs, Miro board

5-11-2022 : chron job, UI, Api integration

8-11-2022 : Responsive, smart contract integration

Future Goals:

  • Enhance the platform’s functionality for smart wallet backup and recovery. When private keys are lost, the upcoming version will also be employed to guard against the loss of cryptographic assets.
  • We will also collaborate with non-profit organizations. The user can donate some of their assets. If no claims are made by the nominee, the unclaimed assets can be donated. Our platform will not suggest any charities. The TRON community can play an active role in suggesting such organizations.
  • We will make the platform compatible with multiple blockchains so that it will increase its accessibility for a wide range of users.
  • In version 2, we will include a feature that allows you to add a number of nominees in priority order. So after the user’s demise, if the first nominee, which has the highest priority, does not respond, we will move forward with the second nominee and in like manner.
  • Moreover, we will provide functionality where users can divide their tokens among multiple nominees. For example, you want to give 60% of your BTT token to Alice and 40% of your token to B. That will be done in our next version.

@Bhumi @Jaydip, The project idea looks good. I have some questions,
(1) Is it possible to nominate multiple wallets for a single wallet?
(2) Suppose I create a backup account and nominate it, However in that case I can’t wait for 6 months of inactivity. Is there any solution to it in your application?


cool design, waiting for website


ahaaa designs are awesome


Really interesting topic, a solution is required for this matter, in order to get a massive adoption


Actually that’s interesting for all the people who scare losing their keys, not only in case of death :+1: Any plan for audit?


Thank you for your support. We have both things on our roadmap.
(1) You can nominate multiple wallets, but for now, you can only nominate one wallet for one token or NFT. However, you can nominate as many wallets as you want for different tokens.
(2) To nominate yourself in case of a lost private key is on our roadmap, but it might not be possible to implement it in the first version as we have not reached the conclusion of the process.


Thank you. We are also excited. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Bhumi @Jaydip The project idea is very Impressive and I have one question.
(1) is it support CrossChain NFTS, or digital assets?


Thank you. I appreciate that you liked our design.


Great concept.

Will i get to select that, if i am inactive for 6 months transfer my tokens to 0x…67 address?


Thank you. Sounds interesting.


Thanks a lot. We’re aiming for a solution that is almost ideal. However, feedback and support from community members will be helpful for mass adoption.


We did experience the problem when one of my team members’ accounts was hacked. We had NFT in it, but we couldn’t transfer it because the money was transferred right away. So it might also be useful in that situation. We’re almost done with our smart contract. Any assistance with auditing would be greatly welcomed as we test it.


For your friend wallet, go to wallet management and check if there is any approval. Remove all approvals and try to send a small amount of coins.


Hola, en el caso propuesto me parece un poco macabro, pero si tiene también las funciones de poder recuperar la billetera en casa de pérdida o extravío de las llaves de billetera, me parece perfecto. Suerte


Nice concept and i think this will be a very good project if it is worked on to the end.

Now my question is, if i nominate a wallet to receive my tokens in case of death and the person dies before me, can i come back and change it?

Another one is if the person dies two months after my death, then what then happens to the tokens. I wouldnt be alive to respond to your emails and so would he. Can you help me out here, we live in crazy times and anything can happen.

Thank you, but i think this is one of the most interesting projects i have come across in this hackathon. Wishing you the best


I really liked the idea, also it would be helpful if I lost the private key. We can use it to restore our assets.


We really appreciate your support. Here are the solutions that we are providing based on your questions:

(1) You have the option to change your nominee whenever you want.

(2) We have the option to select multiple nominees for the same account. However, it can’t be for the same NFT, or token, or coin. Also, if the nominee dies before claiming the token and does not nominate any other account, we are planning to give that money to charity. This way, money will not be frozen and can be utilized.

This is on our roadmap and might not be done before the submission, but yes, we are thinking along those lines.

However, we are open to any suggestions that can improve the project. :v:t2:


Greetings Bhumi! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Devpost URL
Project Website
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