Nature ForeTold - NFT platform supporting endangered species

Project Name: NatureForeTold
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Member(s): 1
DevPost URL: Nature ForeTold | Devpost
Project Goal: We aim to provide regular donations to endangered species with an NFT art platform
Project Info: We’ve all seen the following statement at least once in our lives: “Endangered Species”
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Video: Nature ForeTold - YouTube

According to the IUCN, currently, more than 41,000 species have been assessed to be under threat of extinction.

Donations are collected on this subject from various places around the world. So, how can we approach this issue with the developing technology?

Nature ForeTold is a platform where young people, designers and professionals can come together and produce NFT, where they can both donate and generate income. We designed our platform to be user-friendly and minimalist.

Together with TRON, we are here to announce the name of our project and reach more people.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: You connect your metamask wallet to the site from the connect wallet section at the top right with your member account. Then you share the NFT you created by choosing the donation amount. Our platform offers your NFT for sale through OpenSea as supporting endangered species.

Project Details: The user who logs into our site can access detailed information and learn how our system works. The user will then be able to transact on our site by connecting the crypto wallet in the upper right corner. The user states how much he wants to sell a specie from the endangered animal list he created, how much of it will be donated, and how many of this NFT design he wants to sell. As Nature ForeTold, we are making this sale by connecting our platform to OpenSea. Along with the transparent payments made, the user is instantly notified of how much donations go where.

Project Milestones: What makes our project different is not to bring a quality structure or a new name to the market, but to make a social responsibility project open to users with the evolving technology. We are trying to reach the leading NFT Artists in the World this month. In this way, we aim to accelerate our advertising speed. We are also in touch with professional NFT designers and blockchain developers. Moreover, we will try to grow our team and cooperate with prominent organizations such as WWF and WHO.

Contract Address : 0x4fc6eDcec04925042a576ec42B0594Ebc3ab501e
(NatureForeToldIncrementer | Address 0x4fc6eDcec04925042a576ec42B0594Ebc3ab501e | Etherscan)

Details about NFT Upload and Smart Contract:
You can find detailed information about the smart contract in the terms & conditions section of our platform.

  • The fact that the NFTs are original and do not contain any nationality, religion, political opinion, or similar derogatory elements will be controlled by our professional software and team, so after the platform is operational, the NFTs installed will fall into the system after a while.

  • Since we act as a bridge between OpenSea and the User, the need for smart contracts was limited. On the other hand, you can increase the number of NFTs you have created to donate in Smart Contract by using your NFT key.

  • Our updates on our platform continue.

Proposal for converting to TRON/BTTC:
We have said that we plan to act as a bridge between the OpenSea platform and the user; the sales made on OpenSea are carried out through ETH. However, since we support TRON, we plan to do not the part that users donate but the amount they provide as income through TRON coins. We also plan to transfer the NFT number increase contact we developed on Remix to Tron-ide.


I am happy to see such content about these species. I wish you success on your journey :dizzy:


The project looks inspiring. Do you plan to add a video and elaborate? I wanna see it!!


Nicely balanced combination of social responsibility and NFT project


Wish us success in the hackathon :partying_face:


Thanks a lot for your comment :blue_heart:


Yes of course, we are working on video. It will be ready as soon as possible


Thank you so much. We want to move the project forward :upside_down_face:


The website is now open to the public, the link is in the description part


On which blockchain(s) are you currently deployed and where are you going to deploy next?


Hey like this very nobel idea


Wish you success in advance guys, nice project


The content looks pretty high quality. Btw loved your web design !


Thanks a lot for your comment and support :dizzy:


At the moment, we just act as a bridge between users and opensea, we will forward the details when we deploy


Thanks a lot! If you like our web theme, you can contact us from dm for further information :dizzy:


Thanks for your support and good luck for you too :green_heart: :green_heart:


Wow, these is an amazing project, and it’s very thoughtful to think on this endangered specials, a good social act for the endangered species, i love the project and wishing you success in the hackathon.


Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment :dizzy:


Nice project. Good luck :heartpulse: