deTronEvent - Event Management Eco-System


  • Project Name: deTronEvent (Tron: Season 2)
  • Project Track: NFT, Web3, SocialFI
  • Team Name: Laboon
  • Team Member(s): Laboon - Innovation Technology
  • DevPost URL: deTronEvent | Devpost
  • Project Goal: A decentralized Event Self-Management Social Network Eco-System for Stakeholders, Sponsors and Influencers
  • Project Info:

  • Feature Image 2:

Project Milestones:

  • Q3-2022: Ticket and Event Management for Eco-System
  • Q4-2022: Ticket Staking, Mobile App
  • Q1-2023: Complete Roles of Stakeholders, Sponsors and Influencers
  • Q2-2023: Support Multiple Chain, Governance Token

Obstacle Things:

  1. High GAS Cost per transaction for minting NFT, and the Contract execution.
  2. Unrollable on failure transaction on the chain.
  3. Low Latency network on responding speed.
  4. Handling ASYNC processing is quite a complex.
  5. Contract deployment was facing trouble because of too much logic inside.

Is this deployed on TRON testnet or BitTorrent Test net?


If you think we can do something as a team :grinning:, count on us :muscle:

Much success in your project


Hi The TRON testnet currently, we just integrated Smart Contract completely.

Interesting bro, let talk further.

We are just up to date on the obstacles thing, which were facing at the time of approaching TRON Network development.