TronEnergize - Revolutionizing TRON Blockchain's Energy Rental System

Project Name: TronEnergize
Project Track: Defi
Team Name: TronEnergize
Team Member(s): 1
HackerEarth Project Link: TronEnergize - HackaTRON Season 5 Userdashboard | HackerEarth Hackathons
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Project Goal: To innovate and further develop the current energy rental systems on Tron

Project Value: TronEnergize holds the potential to drive significant change within the TRON blockchain ecosystem. By revolutionizing the energy rental system for transactional purposes, the project promotes a more streamlined energy consumption model. Through these enhancements, TronEnergize contributes to a more optimized and effective energy ecosystem within the TRON network.

Project Info:

Project Website: Tronenergize

Project Test Instructions: Connect your tronlink wallet to the above website , enter the amount of energy you want to rent and confirm the order . The order will get filled overtime as users delegate energy towards it . For the people renting out energy , connect with Tronlink and click on the order you want to fill , you can either partially fill it or fully . Trigger the order and your energy will be delegated and the TRX transferred to your account.

Project Details:

TronEnergize introduces a groundbreaking concept aimed at revolutionizing the energy rental landscape within the TRON blockchain ecosystem. Our project reimagines the utilization of energy for transactional purposes on the TRON network. By innovating the current energy rental system, TronEnergize seeks to enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness of energy consumption for blockchain transactions.

Key Features:

1.Energy Marketplace: TronEnergize establishes a marketplace where TRON users can seamlessly access and exchange energy resources required to perform transactions on the blockchain. By enabling direct interactions, this platform reduces dependencies and enhances the overall efficiency of energy allocation.

2.Optimized Energy Allocation: Utilizing smart contracts, TronEnergize automates the allocation of energy resources for TRON transactions through multisig. This intelligent allocation ensures that energy is distributed based on real-time transaction needs, optimizing energy usage.

3.Transparent Energy Transactions: Leveraging the transparency of blockchain technology, TronEnergize ensures that all energy transactions are recorded and verifiable. Users can audit the energy flow, promoting trust and accountability within the ecosystem.

4.Incentivized Energy Utilization: TronEnergize introduces an incentivization model that rewards users for energy utilization during transactions. By encouraging effective energy deployment, this approach promotes a dynamic energy economy within the TRON network.


TronEnergize is not just an initiative; it’s a transformative approach to energy usage within blockchain transactions. By harnessing the capabilities of the TRON blockchain, we’re pioneering a new way of optimizing energy allocation for enhanced transaction efficiency. With its innovative features and potential to reshape energy dynamics, TronEnergize stands at the forefront of energy innovation, poised to empower TRON users in their pursuit of a more technologically advanced future.

Project Milestones: At current we are finalizing a first version of our energy rental platform which gives users the oppertunity to rent and borrow energy from 1 hour to 14 days . From there we intend to develop it further and present our users with new unique features which will be revealed in time. ( Phase 1 development hackathon entry finalized and ready )


Hello Buddy, Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5

Another project on the Tron energy services. All the best.
But here are my questions for you.

  1. How will TronEnergize be governed and managed?
    Who will be the major source of decision making process?

  2. As of currently, we know that we have some outstanding Energy providers available, I know it a general market. So to make a difference,

  3. What are the specific features of TronEnergize that will make it a more efficient and effective energy rental system?
    Something different from other energy services provider?

  4. How will TronEnergize revolutionize the energy rental system for transactional purposes?
    In other words,
    How will TronEnergize promote a more streamlined energy consumption model.?

  5. What will be your incentives mode?
    How will your project be funded?
    As we know this your project will need tons of Tron to make up the energy.
    That will be able to reach your target audience.


You are welcome to S5 and welcome too Energy Rentals too. I believe you have studied the existing energy market on tron by now, please what are some of the competitive advantages you have over the already existing ones?

Are you here for long-term?


Thank you for your warm welcome and your questions .

  1. How will TronEnergize be governed and managed?
    Who will be the major source of decision making process?

That will be me and in a future phase i will ask people from the tron community to help advising.

  1. As of currently, we know that we have some outstanding Energy providers available, I know it a general market. So to make a difference,

I must agree with you we have some outstanding Energy systems already , what i notice is they all play the same ball game there is no real innovation happening inside it beside a price battle. I can not reveal anything yet about the features we plan to implement after our phase 1 deployment.

  1. What are the specific features of TronEnergize that will make it a more efficient and effective energy rental system?
    Something different from other energy services provider?

Currently there are conversations going on with a company which would have have a daily energy demand. This would boost our platform demand . About future and potential features i can not reveal to much yet but they would be different then the current models around.

  1. How will TronEnergize revolutionize the energy rental system for transactional purposes?
    In other words,
    How will TronEnergize promote a more streamlined energy consumption model.?

The goal is to have a contant daily energy demand this will result in a more streamlined energy consumption

  1. What will be your incentives mode?
    How will your project be funded?

Our incentives mode will be a referral model with twist which also will be implemented after our phase 1 is complete . Just then i would be able to provide you more details on it we know the current systems like to copy eachothers features therefore a little secrecy.

The dapp is already in full development and it is expected that the 1st phase the basic energ renting model will be ready soon . I have no worries about funding as i can cover the needs for this. If we are able to win anything during this hackathon it will only speed up the feature implementations.


Thank you for your warm welcome i look forward to participate in this hackathon .

Correct i have been invested in tron for a longer while and have tried out all the current platforms. Our phase 1 deployment will be pretty standard compared with the other current platforms . But after that i will start to implement some more innovating features to seperate ourselves from the others .

I can not reveal to much yet about future features as answered to the person above your question. But i can say they have not yet been implemented by any of the other platforms.

Yes my intention is to be here for long term and build up a strong community around the platform.


Hey, please this is a general market, don’t mention I’ll about other similar projects.
You happen to be in same energy services.


Aside from this company, according to you will boast your daily usage.


If that is case, keep building, come up with Original evidence of your project now a copy of existing ones.

I’m kind of concern how large your energy services be in terms of energy availability to meet us the demand.
Since you 1-man project…

How is this possible?

Q. Would your project will still in development or Available form is ± you don’t win from the HACKATHON?

Hope my question not too hard on you.
Lols. All the best


Oh great, look forward to see what you bring to the already existing market we have. all best, I will come back when i have a question oe suggestion


Like stated our phase 1 release will not be much different from the current projects that are around. Future features will be implemented once phase 1 is done.

There is never a guarantee current users will use it they will go to the ones which provide them the best service . I will try my best to do so .

Phase 1 will be the same as any other current energy rental projects out there as that’s the base of the project . Thank you and will certainly keep building .

Everyone has to start small and grow bigger as they get known . Yes the project will be delivered nd operational even if i would not succeed to win a price in the hackathon.


Hey @TronEnergize welcome to the HackaTRON S5. It’s great to see another community project in the energy market. To further understand your vision for the energy market better, I have a few questions for you.

  1. I can see that you are the only person behind the development of this project, it will be great if the community know who you are and what project (if any) you have worked with. This will help the community trust you more and willing to use your platform for our energy demands.

  2. There are a lot of energy rental platforms offering quality services to the community. The likes of Tronpulse, TronNrg, ustx, etc. How do you intend to compete with these already existing platform to gain a stand in the energy market.

  3. Energy, as we all know, requires a huge capital to meet the market demands, how do you plan to source the funds to run this platform.

  4. Having been in the Tron community for a couple of years and having studied the energy market, what do you think is still missing in this evolving industry and how do you plan on solving it.

  5. In your Key Features, you talked about incentivization. How will this happen and in which method.

  6. A lot of projects collapsed due to lack of long term planning. How do you plan on sustaining the TronEnergize in this competitive market for the long term?


Very good to hear this POSITIVE WORD.




There are some more people helping in the backside but they will not be a key role in managing the project. I have not yet had an project on my own.

Users will go to the platforms which offer them the best services and have energy demand as we can also see in todays markets. I believe multiple platforms can exist next to eachother.

During phase 1 launch the expectations is to have a startup energy between 30 and 60 million from own sources. Rest will come from users which either automate the energy service with us or manually fill orders.

Recognizing the presence of energy platforms, we’re focused on optimizing energy utilization for TRON blockchain transactions. Our approach enhances efficiency, transparency, and incentives, addressing a crucial aspect that remains evolving in the industry.

This will be our first implementation after phase 1 is finished , we will utilize a unique referral system into our energy market . More information will follow on this topic key focus now is to get phase 1 the basic energy platform ready for use .

Energy demand is a thing which will always stay on Tron as it is baked into the blockchain . There will be times with less demand and times with an uptick in demand . With tron intention to capture more of the stablecoin market the expectation is in long term the demand will keep growing.


Hi welcome to the hackathon :wave:
You say current platforms were focusing on a “battle to lower the price” rather than developing features that would make their platforms unique. I won’t discuss if this is true or not. I just wanted to know if, besides positioning your platform on a new segment which could set it apart from others, you intend to also compete in terms of pricing. Cause for the end users, eventually, how much does it cost to rent energy is very important.


Thank you for your warm welcome and question .

While we might implement some features which would give discounts to our loyal borrowers/suppliers there is no intend to actively engage in lowering the current price . Pricing levels will be on par with the current most used platforms as they have seem to have reached a point of stabilizing from the heights it came. And people seem satisfied with the current pricings.

Offcourse we will follow in case the price would get any lower but there is no intention to actively compete against other platforms. The thought is that multiple platforms can co-exist next to eachother to provide a healthy energy ecosystem inside tron.


@TronEnergize . This project is very interesting but I have some important questions.

(1) How will TronEnergize’s decentralized energy marketplace and also impact the price of energy on the TRON network.
(2) How will TronEnergize’s optimized energy allocation system reduce the risk of energy shortages during peak traffic periods.
(3) How will TronEnergize’s transparent energy transactions help to build trust and confidence among TRON users.
(4) How will TronEnergize’s incentivization model encourage users to utilize energy more effectively.
(5) What are the long-term implications of TronEnergize for the TRON blockchain ecosystem

(6) What are the challenges that TronEnergize faces in achieving its goals, and how will TronEnergize address these challenges.
(7) What is the timeline for TronEnergize’s development and rollout and finally
(8) What are the partnerships that TronEnergize has formed to support its development, and what are the funding sources for TronEnergize.


Welcome to Hackathon Season 5, best wishes as your journey in the coming weeks/months progresses. It was fun reading your entire presentation from start to finish and from your project milestone, having the leverage of renting energy from 1hr to 14days is a plus.
After a thorough read, I can deduce that TronEnergize seems to be focused on optimizing energy allocation for blockchain transactions using the TRON blockchain and this innovative approach could potentially enhance transaction efficiency and reshape energy dynamics. This brings me to just two questions;

  1. Could you provide more details about the specific mechanisms or algorithms being utilized to achieve this optimization?

  2. Also, what kind of benefits do you foresee for TRON users and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole?


Thank you for your questions

There will be no impact on the price of energy on TRON as we will go on par with all the big platforms and will only change when they do so .

These risks will always exist , in such cases the borrower will always have the oppertunity to raise the price and thus potentially atract more suppliers for his needs.

As everything is available on the blockchain users are able to check the transactions and thus verify the legitimatecy of the platform.

By trying to form partnerships with companies which will have a daily need for cheaper transactions and hereby creating a constant demand on the platform.

Assist to create a healthy and thriving energy ecosystem on tron

At current we face no challenges during our phase 1 development and all is going on schedule

Phase 1 development of the basic energy platform and thus our entry this hackathon is expected to be complete within the next 2 weeks . We will update here once it is ready.

Currently there are conversations ongoing with a company which has 1000 POS across africa , europe and asia to integrate the energy system in their systems. And thus creating a constant demand for the plaform.


Thank you for your warm welcome and questions .

The goal is to create a constant energy demand in the platform so users both automated and manual sellers can allocate their energy more efficient instead of running days without a demand. Our partnership discussions like described in the answer above this will help with this as a daily demand is expected from it . From there the mission is to attract many of these simular partners to keep increasing energy demand on the whole of the tron network . With tron beeing the leader in stablecoin transactions there is a unique oppertunity to achieve this.

A thriving energy ecosystem will attract more users towards Tron as people will be seeing the benefits from it in gaining a passive source of income without the risks attached to it like you can see on other blockchains . Tron hereby harness the opportunity which can not be found on other chains. More users for the total network will result in benefits not only fo the users themselves but also for the projects operating on the chain as it is more likely users will start using those also.


You’re welcome!
Thanks also for replying in such a short notice, that’s evident of the fact that the team prioritizes community, user inquiries and feedback.
Now, regarding your mention of a thriving energy ecosystem attracting more users and offering a passive source of income, it raises questions about the specific mechanisms that incentivize users to participate as energy sellers. Are there rewards or incentives in place for individuals and businesses to provide energy on the platform?

Also, could you elaborate on the potential risks associated with energy allocation on other blockchains that TronEnergize aims to avoid?

Furthermore, with the projected growth in the user base and the potential benefits for projects operating on the TRON chain, how does TronEnergize plan to ensure scalability and handle the increased demand for energy efficiently as more users and partners come on board?


From your post and response to some questions so far, you made us understand that you will be the sole provider in the phase 1, while the community will be able to supply for the platform during the phase 2 which will be implemented in a later stage of the project’s development. Until this happen, is there any other way you plan to add value to your potential customers?

And, most platforms only have a minimum energy rate of 100k for rent. Someone who want to make a transaction that cost less than 50k energy are forced to rent this 100k energy, spending more trx in surplus energy that they will not make use of. What will be the minimum energy rate in your platform. Will you have a reduced energy rate of, maybe, 50k to save these investors from spending a lot on energy that they will not make use of?

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Correct after phase 1 deployment we will work on a referral system so beside the regular earning for energy providers this will be an additional benefit . More details on that will follow , main focus is now to get the hackathon goals done and deploy phase 1 .

Other blockchains don’t offer the capability of energy rental like tron does , there are no risks attached to it.

These risks will always exist , in such cases the borrower will always have the oppertunity to raise the price and thus potentially atract more suppliers for his needs.