Congrats to HackaTRON S5 Qualifiers and Winners!

The community actively participated by casting their votes, reinforcing the power of the community. We extend our gratitude to both longstanding and new community members who took the time to vote and patiently endured the process as we addressed challenges posed by troublesome bots (or human-bots :robot:).

These selections are a result of your choices! :point_right:

Community-selected Winners

1st Place (7K) - JustMoney Invoice by JustMoney
2nd Place (6K) - BTT Social by Team BTT Social
3rd Place (5K) - BTTC Assets Tracker by BTTC Assets Tracker Team
4th Place (4K) - ExploreX by Team Explorers
5th Place (3K) - TraceCheck by Team TraceCrew

1st Place (7K) - Wish Me Luck by USTX
2nd Place (6K) - TronEnergize by TronEnergize
3rd Place (5K) - NRG Wallet by NRG Team
4th Place (4K) - DebitLLama by ZKP Solutions
5th Place (3K) - Outre-Finance by Kachi

1st Place (7K) - AsTRONauts by AsTRONauts
2nd Place (6K) - World Craft by World Craft’ers
3rd Place (5K) - LoopNFT by LoopNFT
4th Place (4K) - Horse Racing Bet Game by Amazing
5th Place (3K) - DreamVerser by DreamVerser

1st Place (7K) - TronDevGPT by TronNinjas
2nd Place (6K) - ASCAI by Team ASCAI
3rd Place (5K) - Pravahini by Team Pravahini
4th Place (4K) - TRON Assistant by Builders
5th Place (3K) - MeloSynthia AI by Web3 Sailors

1st Place (7K) - TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas
2nd Place (6K) - dCloud: Lite by cctechmx
3rd Place (5K) - Zombieland by Team Zombie
4th Place (4K) - Link´n Red by Ennovasol
5th Place (3K) - Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak