ExploreX by Team Explorers - Redefining the DApp Experience

Project Name: ExploreX

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: Team Explorers

Team Member(s): 1 @Sakhi

HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth

Project Goal: ExploreX is a groundbreaking widget that seamlessly integrates a full suite of explorer capabilities directly into any DApp. This widget aims to eliminate external explorer dependencies and provide a self-contained, efficient blockchain experience.

Project Value: Integrating ExploreX directly with the blockchain is crucial. This ensures a seamless user experience for everyone involved—users, developers, and newcomers to blockchain. By embedding explorer functions into a dApp, ExploreX eliminates the need to navigate multiple external explorers. This simplifies transaction confirmation and enhances the overall process. Additionally, this integration bolsters security by eliminating potential confusion with external explorers, guaranteeing a more secure interaction with the blockchain.

Project Info:
ExploreX.pdf (2.2 MB)

Project Website: ExploreX

Project Test Instructions:

Step1: Install the package (library).

Step2: Import the Widget in App.js file.

Step3: Call GetHash() function for every transaction you sent on the blockchain.

Detailed steps on ExploreX

Project Details:

Problem Statement:

Blockchain users are hindered by the reliance on external explorers. Tasks like confirming transactions and managing tokens involve navigating a complex web of explorers, leading to a convoluted user experience. This complexity slows interaction with DApps and consequently hampers blockchain adoption.


The idea for ExploreX arose from a practical realization. As we immersed ourselves in the world of blockchain and engaged with various DApps, we couldn’t help but notice the complexity users faced. The process of confirming transactions or managing tokens often involved navigating multiple explorers, which seemed unnecessarily complicated.

This observation fueled our determination to simplify the user experience. ExploreX is more than just a widget; it’s our response to a genuine need in the blockchain community. By seamlessly integrating essential explorer functions into the user’s DApp or browser, we aim to make interactions with dApps more straightforward.


ExploreX seamlessly embeds vital explorer functions directly into the user’s DApp or browser, removing the reliance on external redirection.

Key Features:

Efficient Transaction Confirmation: Confirm transactions seamlessly within the user’s DApp or browser without external interruptions.

Real-time Wallet Balance Tracking: Stay updated with current and historical data for precise balance management.

Multi-Platform Compatibility: Ensure ExploreX works seamlessly across various browsers and operating systems.

Historical Transaction Analysis: Provide users with the ability to review and analyze their past transactions for deeper insights.

Token Management: Enable users to easily view, track, and manage various tokens within their wallets.

Energy and Bandwidth Monitoring: Enable users to track their energy and bandwidth usage, providing valuable insights into resource management.


ExploreX is implemented as an NPM component library, built using Typescript and leveraging Tron API endpoints. This library offers seamless integration and ease of use for developers. Efficient deployment is ensured through the use of the “Rollup” bundler. To facilitate adoption, ExploreX is designed to be flexible and compatible with popular frameworks such as React.js, Typescript, Next.js, and Vue.js.

Ease of Integration:

Any developer can effortlessly incorporate the ExploreX library into their DApp. This flexibility is extended across popular frameworks including React js, Typescript, Next js, and Vue js. With straightforward installation and compatibility across various platforms, ExploreX accommodates a wide range of development environments.

To facilitate a seamless implementation process, a detailed guide on how to effectively integrate and utilize ExploreX is provided.

ExploreX is a pioneering widget that revolutionizes blockchain exploration:

Originality: ExploreX introduces a novel approach by seamlessly integrating a comprehensive suite of explorer capabilities directly into any DApp. This eliminates external explorer dependencies, setting a new standard for efficiency in blockchain interaction.

Technicality: Built on Typescript and utilizing Tron API endpoints, ExploreX is a technically robust solution. Its user-centric design ensures ease of integration for developers. It is designed to scale with the bundling efficiency of “Rollup”, promising comprehensive and efficient features.

Business Model: ExploreX differentiates itself by offering a seamless solution to the convoluted user experience caused by external explorers. Its revenue model focuses on partnership integration fees from dApps seeking to enhance user experiences, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability.

Usability: ExploreX boasts a clean and intuitive interface, ensuring that even users unfamiliar with blockchain technology can interact with ease. It pops up automatically, allowing users to verify transaction details without leaving the current page, enhancing the overall usability.

Practicality: The user-centric design of ExploreX addresses a genuine need in the blockchain community. It simplifies interactions with DApps, making it a practical solution for both newcomers and experienced users alike. Its seamless integration directly improves the user experience.

Contribution to the Crypto Ecosystem: ExploreX significantly contributes to crypto adoption by providing a user-friendly gateway to blockchain technology. It adds value by eliminating the complexities associated with external explorers. This innovation welcomes new users and empowers existing ones, ultimately fostering growth and innovation in the blockchain space.

Smart Contract links: contract

Project Milestones:

30/8/2023: Library Setup and Testing

5/9/2023: Develop Back end

10/9/2023: create Front end widget

20/9/2023: Integrate ExploreX Widget

25/9/2023: Test Widget Functionality

1/10/2023: Implementation


Hi, welcome to the HackaTron!
When can we expect a demo video? Curious to see how it looks and how to use it.


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5, please how secured is your platform when connecting dapps, my concern is how rigid the the security is measured,

As your project name is ExporeX , are you affiliated to X/Twitter? Any reason or secret behind the name of your project?


Welcome to HackaTRONs5 ! It looks like your project is trying to solve the issue on dapps where users are redirected to other on chain explorers like tronscan. This is indeed a very annoying situation from user perspective. Looking forward to see ExploreX come to live. Good luck !


Welcome to S5.

Will need a demo to see hoe it works. We have a project this Season wh is working to simplify explorers and you are working on widget. Both have almost the same goal. To simplify explorers, which is very good. all the best


Thank you for your warm welcome to HackaTron. I’m excited to share that I’m currently working on it and aiming for a swift release. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll be happy to provide answers.


Sure :ok_hand:
Is it your first participation in a hackathon?
Have you developed your widget previously on other blockchains?
Is it a free-to-use tool? Is it meant to later generate revenue and, if yes, how?

Thanks again :+1:


Interesting project! Waiting to try it out soon…

Have been tired of the explorers lately :grin:


Welcome to Season 5 Hackathon, kinda complex what y’all got going on but from my read and understanding, I see y’all plan to incorporate the ExploreX library into any DApp, ensuring compatibility with popular frameworks like React js, Typescript, Next js, and Vue js. The implementation process will follow specific milestones, including library setup and testing, backend development, frontend widget creation, ExploreX widget integration, and widget functionality testing.

To further wrap my head around what y’all got going on, are there any specific features or capabilities of ExploreX that are crucial for DApp’s success, or any considerations regarding security or performance during integration and implementation?


We appreciate your warm welcome and thank you for your questions.

It’s important to note that we do not employ any databases to store user data. Our primary goal is to offer a seamless and user-friendly experience for analysing and accessing transaction details within the Dapp. Rest assured, there will be no concerns regarding the security of user data or their assets.

We’re not affiliated with X/Twitter. The X stands for multi-platform compatibility. As we grow, we’d want ExploreX to be compatible with as many Dapps as possible and also include more blockchains over time.


We’re really thankful for your support! We’re super excited to be working on ExploreX, a project that aims to fix a common annoyance in decentralised apps (Dapps).

When you use some Dapps and make a transaction, they don’t give you a direct link to see what happened on the blockchain. This can be frustrating and confusing for users. I personally felt this frustration while using Sun Swap, which is a popular decentralised exchange on Tron.

Our goal with ExploreX is to make things easier. We want to provide a simple and seamless way for users to check what happened with their transactions. You’ll be able to see your balance and all the necessary details right after the transaction is done without having to jump to another page. This will not only help experienced users but also make life much easier for newcomers.

So, stay tuned for updates on ExploreX, and if you have any questions or ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out. :rocket: Your support means a lot to us!


Just waiting for to try out ExploreX. Any ETA on demo video and test instructions?


Good to know, thanks for your response, wishing you all the best :handshake:


Welcome to the HackaTRON Season 5.

As your project aim to integrate a full suite of explorer capabilities into any DApp, I would like to know how it will impact the user experience for DApps and improve the efficiency of blockchain transactions in the long run.


When i was reading through this was what came to mind. I asked myself, how can i use what is being describe here. So i second your need for a demo video to perfectly understand the whole thing so i can truly appreciate the project.

Cos now i dont know what its about. Thank you

By the way i wish them goodluck this season and welcome to season 5 too.


Interesting Project to be honest, I would love to try it as current block explorers search and fetching data out of it is very time consuming.


Thank you for the warm welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m thrilled to share that ExploreX is ready to roll. ExploreX library is created and published on npm, and I can’t wait to showcase the widget UI very soon. Excitingly, I’m actively implementing it in a live project on Tron, and I’ll be sharing a demo video shortly.

Your support means a lot. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Thank you for your questions, and apologies for the delay. :slightly_smiling_face:

Participating in the Tron hackathon is a new experience for me. ExploreX is a project I developed specifically for this event.

ExploreX’s commitment to being a public good means it’s available for developers to integrate into their DApps, contributing to improved user experiences across the blockchain community and enhancing DApp quality.

Your interest and support are greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your enthusiasm!

I’m equally excited to share ExploreX with you soon. I understand the challenges with traditional explorers and hope that my widget will provide a refreshing and user-friendly experience. Stay tuned for the upcoming release, and I look forward to your feedback! :smile:


nice to hear thanks
keep building

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