Tron Explorer by TronQL team

Project Name: Tron Explorer
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TronQL
Team Member(s): 2, @ferumflex @rainum
HackerEarth Project Link:
Project Goal: Give an alternative way to view tron blockchain information.
Project Value:

  1. Give trustworthy information for Tron blockchain.
  2. Give an alternative way to view blocks, transactions, and account information on Tron blockchain.
  3. Let small projects be promoted on the Explorer platform.

Project Info:
Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Open the website and try to use some of the features: blocks, transactions, and accounts
Project Details: TBD
Project Milestones: TBD


Hello buddy welcome to TRON HACKATHON SESSION 5.

Checking on your website here is how the display at my end,

Secondly please what the added or outstanding features making your project different from the Known Tron scan ?


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! This good that you are creating another blockchain explorer for Tron. Any specifics that sets your explorer apart from others? And it looks like the website is still under development as many features are not working right now and there are still some templates used, like in the footer. Good luck !


Welcome to Tron hackathon season 5 by offering us with an alternative way of viewing information on Tron blockchain. As I await for an update in your forum post, I would like to know how this new platform will ensure trustworthy information for Tron blockchain data.

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You are welcome to Hackatron S5.

Please others find explorers complex, do you plan to make it more simple especially to newbies or just changing interfaces and allowing small project to advertise


Welcome to Season 5, not alot has been disclosed here. Kinda intriguing and tricky at the same time to say the least haha.
Would be watching this one closely!

Good morning, welcome to the forum. Hope you have a good time in advance. Will you share the project details during the day or a little later? We are already waiting with curiosity :hugs:

Hi, same as @Gordian here
the platform isn’t adapted to mobile devices. Will it be fixed before the deadline?

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This issue is already fixed, sorry for the inconvenience!

We accidentally deployed the older version. This issue is already fixed, sorry for the inconvenience!

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You welcome, ran into another problem.
The Registration and sign in showing 404 error.

I like the look and feel of this explorer. Is it open source? How do features compare to for example Blockscout?

Welcome buddy to Tron Dao Hackathon season 5.

By my understanding TRON Explorer is a web3 project that aims to give an alternative way to view Tron blockchain information.
It also provides trustworthy information for the Tron blockchain, as well as an alternative way to view blocks, transactions, and account information. Additionally, TRON Explorer allows small projects to be promoted on its platform.

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5,
In my own perspectives I think Tronscan is already doing the works of an explorer but if I may ask what triggered you to start building your own exprorer ? Any special unique features about yours?


This project is in the wrong track

Web3: Contribute to the transition of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 by introducing useful DAO tools, SocialFi, blockchain/web infrastructure, SDKs and other Dapps. Applications that are not centered around NFTs, Finance or gaming.

Better to put it in the DeFi track

Yes, still under construction. We have a lot of things to do, but we are moving very fast

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yes, it will be great. we want to be different from tronscan and provide another way to see blockchain data. If you have ideas how to make it easiest please share.

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that is nor wokring right now) will be in near future.

Several things.

  1. I do not like that we have one explorer for tron. I know another one but it is very simple. So if you want to promote your project you need to go to tronscan. No concurency.
  2. We have tron node api service. And it seems that this is good development of the product.
  3. We can do it better.
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Alright, wishing you all the best