Congrats to HackaTRON S5 Qualifiers and Winners!

I would really appreciate on behalf of the OnChain Vision team if you could provide us with some feedback in regards to why the project has not met the criteria and how we can improve it. Maybe there is something we do not understand in regard to how the forum system score works.

We fully understand that is the forum’s decision to withdraw the runner-up spots if the projects do not meet a certain amount of perspective, work, and some common sense criteria.

But with regards to the technology used and the amount of improvements we consider that we had a huge gap compared to last season. I would like to mention that using Onchain Vision app that is available on PlayStore you can:

  1. See the trading view charts of all the pairs from 5+ exchanges (JM, Uswap, Iswap, SocialSwap, Sunswap):
    Youtube Video Demonstration:
  2. Swap using DEX aggregator with rent from NRG and ERGON:

    Youtube Video Demonstration:
  3. Transfer TRX and TRC20 tokens

    Youtube Video Demonstration:

Nonetheless, we would love to give a big congrats :confetti_ball: to all the winners.
I had the pleasure of checking some of the entries and there is an astonishing work.
I would really love to congrats, especially @Sirluke @TronNinjas and although I did not see it in the list @ferumflex had quite an interesting entry with Tron Explorer by TronQL team.

Thanks a lot :heartpulse:

PS: For those who still believe in our project we will continue the development up to the point it will match the design and we would love to have some of the members as a beta-tester for our app. Check the discord for more. Thanks @Gordian and @HODL for all the support.

With love :white_heart: