HackaTRON S6 Qualifiers and Winners List

Tronics, we’ve had an incredible journey throughout this HackaTRON S6 season! Our heartfelt thanks go out to all participants, including project teams, developers, voters, active forum members, and everyone who shared their thoughts. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to us. :pray:

A special shoutout to our esteemed judges and partners, who dedicated their valuable time to review the HackaTRON S6 projects. Their commitment and expertise are truly commendable.

As with every season, we worked diligently to ensure a fair community voting process in this HackaTRON. Learning from past seasons, we reinforced our stand against vote-buying, striving for fairness and honesty. We tackled numerous bots and eliminated duplicate/spam votes, with immense gratitude to those who stood up and reported inappropriate accounts and situations. :clap: We have to make our stance clear, and this aligns with all genuine TRON contributors: we don’t tolerate people creating multiple accounts just for the purpose of voting, nor do we accept non-legit accounts that vote without checking any projects or posts. If you noticed that the results shown below differ from the community poll, it’s because some projects accumulated penalty points and were moved out of their ranks. We will honor judge-voted results for this season, but if this situation happens again in future seasons, project teams will be disqualified and won’t be able to participate in future HackaTRON events.

HackaTRON S6 witnessed a significant rise in community engagement on our forum, with meaningful questions and convincing answers flowing. We saw our community working together for a common cause, and we commend those brave enough to stand up and voice their stance. The growth and positive response have thrilled us. :+1:

:loudspeaker: To the winners, note that HackaTRON S6 is milestone-based, and if you’re a judges-selected qualifier, ensure your project is live on the mainnet by 2024-06-28T19:00:00Z for the final prize payment :grey_exclamation: The community eagerly awaits to explore your creations! :heart_eyes:

A demo week is coming up on 2024-06-17T07:00:00Z, to connect those projects that our VC and sponsors are interested in, providing extra opportunities. Stay tuned for more info and support the builders on TRON! Our heartfelt thanks to each one of you. :sparkling_heart:

TRON DAO’s greatness lies in its community. We encourage everyone to share their feedback—positive or negative. Your input is invaluable, and we’ll use it to enhance Season 7. :left_speech_bubble:


Let’s explore the list of projects chosen by our judges. The projects listed below have successfully passed the judging process and are considered qualified. Please note that to claim the full prize, these projects must complete their transition to the mainnet by 2024-06-28T19:00:00Z. :spiral_calendar:

Judges-selected Qualifiers


1st place: BlinkAI by Blink
2nd place: Transatron by Transatron
3rd place: Toqen Factory by Decentra
4th place: CIROTRX by Brutus Finance
5th place: SaveWallet by TronSave


1st place: HandShake by HandShakers
2nd place: GuessThePrice by GuessThePrice
3rd place: ChickenSwap/Bot by Coconut Chicken
4th place: Staqe Protocol by Decentra
5th place: TronEnergize by TronEnergize


1st place: Unclaimed by Unclaimed
2nd place: TOBA by TOBA
3rd place:STAR-EX by Theras-Labs
4th place: Decentralised Character AI by PixelCrafter
5th place: Tronquility by Arcane Oracle


1st place: JustMoney Explorer by JustMoney
2nd place: CodeHive by HiveTeam
3rd place: AnkerPay Tron by AnkerPay
4th place: File-Wallet by AmphibianDev
5th place: BttTipBot by onchaindev


1st place: Block Fabric by BlockFabric
2nd place: Solide by Solide Project
3rd place: USTX BOND by USTX
4th place: Monetizado by Monetizado
5th place: Pravahini by Pravahini


The community showed strong engagement by casting their votes, highlighting the power of collective participation. We sincerely thank both our long-time and new community members for taking the time to vote and for their patience as we tackled issues caused by non-legit accounts :robot:.

These winners are determined by your votes! :point_right:

Community-selected Winners


1st place: SaveWallet by TronSave
2nd place: ClaimFreeTRX by Stian
3rd place: uDawgBot by uDawgDAO
4th place: CIROTRX by Brutus Finance
5th place: Promptron by 0xmad


1st place: TronEnergize by TronEnergize
2nd place: GuessThePrice by GuessThePrice
3rd place: ChickenSwap/Bot by Coconut Chicken
4th place: HandShake by HandShakers
5th place: Nobles by Nobles


1st place: Unclaimed by Unclaimed
2nd place: Decentralised Character AI by PixelCrafter
3rd place: STAR-EX by Theras-Labs
4th place: Strongcoin by Strongteam
5th place: Cricket Clash by Cricket Clash


1st place: JustMoney Explorer by JustMoney
2nd place: BttTipBot by onchaindev
3rd place: IntegraTRON by Decon
4th place: File-Wallet by AmphibianDev
5th place: CodeHive by HiveTeam


1st place: JustMoney Swap by JustMoney
2nd place: Pravahini by Pravahini
3rd place: World Craft by World Craft’ers
4th place: OnChainVision by onchaindev
5th place: AwpSwap by AwpSwap


Please note that up to two slots remain for each of the following bonus prizes. Continue developing your project, engage with the community, and ensure it is mainnet ready by 2024-06-28T19:00:00Z.

  • Project Engagement Prize: $5K each
  • Ecosystem Inclusivity Prize: $5K each
  • Determination Prize: $5K each

Do note that Determination Prize is also available for projects that did not make it through the pre-selection round.

Project teams should ensure positive community feedback to claim their prize. Teams are encouraged to contact the Hackathon team at least a week before the final date and provide a video demo showcasing their project in operation on the mainnet.

Let’s not forget to recognize our community heroes! :clap:

Community Contributor Prize

This award honors those who made significant contributions to this hackathon! While we greatly appreciate the exceptional efforts of some project team owners, it’s important to note that the Community Contributor Prize is exclusively for participants who haven’t won other prizes.

A heartfelt thank you for your valuable feedback, insightful questions, unwavering support, engaging topics, assistance, and dedication to making HackaTRON Season 6 truly remarkable. Hats off to you! :tophat:

Each winner will receive $500 in TRX!


We encourage you to stay engaged with the projects, providing support to help as many initiatives as possible reach the mainnet. Your ongoing involvement is invaluable. Thank you all!


Congratulations to the winners


Congratulations guys!


Congratulations to all the winners ! :tada:


Congrats for the great community members !!


Congrats to all qualifiers and winners! :slight_smile:


Congratulations everyone. Thank you all for the support. I won something :heart_eyes:


Congratulations :tada: to the winners :trophy:


Wow thank you all! Follow BlinkAI, winner of the Web3 track at @BlinkForAI and stay tuned for mainnet launch :saluting_face: :rocket:


Congratulations congratulations :clap: to all the winner’s


Hey @SimbadMarino those projects who did not make though pre-selection round are eligible for project Engagement Prize and Ecosystem Inclusivity Prize ?
Or only they are eligible for determination prize? @admin.hackathon


Congrats to all winners :partying_face:

And thank you @admin.hackathon for organizing another amazing hackatron season :heart: :zap:


Congrats to everyone, let’s keep building!!


Thank you all your love and support to our project Pravahini. Many Congratulations to all the winners, community members, and the admin team for organizing such an amazing hackathon.:tada:


We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts :heart: to each and every one of you who supported us throughout the hackathon season. We couldn’t have won without your support and votes :raised_hands:. We are thrilled to announce that CodeHive secured 2nd place in the Judges’ Track :2nd_place_medal: and 5th prize in Community Voting :tada:.

Congratulations to all the other projects—you all did amazing! :clap: And to those who didn’t win any prizes, don’t be disheartened; there are still some prizes to grab :wink: .

A special thanks to everyone who supported and believed in our project vision. You made this possible! :pray:
@SimbadMarino @Andreaxino @NightingleNaaz @Nweke-nature1.com @Prince-Onscolo @Youngyuppie @Gordian @fabsltsa @manfred_jr @Chukseucharia @Chizz @BlurryFace @jacksimmons @Sirluke @StevenTRON @stefan-h @DaLirium @ines_valerie


Congratulations team. Keep building


I can’t believe I won!!! I am so happy! (File-Wallet.com)

I want to sincerely thank everyone! And the best way I can think of to do that is to keep my word and make the website/tool that you voted for, better! From TODAY, I will set everything else aside and work on implementing the hardest and most important addition to the website: a standalone .html file for easy offline use and storage!
And not only that, but I will be making bounty hunts for critical bugs in my code to incentivize people to look for them, if they exist, and make the code more bulletproof. For that, I will put 33% of the prize money I have won here!

For everyone that voted for me, and for the HackaTron Admins/Judges, thank you for believing in me and in the project. I will not disappoint you.