AnkerPay Tron TRX and USDT integration

Project Name: AnkerPay Integration with TRON/BTTC

Project Track: Integration

Team Name: AnkerPay Team

Team Member(s): 3, @AnkerPay, @VikT,

HackerEarth Project Link: (

Project Goal: AnkerPay seeks to seamlessly integrate with the TRON/BTTC ecosystem to deliver digital currency transactions directly to South Africa via channels like the Moya app and the automated ATM buy bot.

Project Value: Integrating TRX and USDt (USDT on TRON) into AnkerPay allows users in South Africa to access fast, cost-effective digital transactions. They will be able to use cash to buy digital currencies and buy/sell TRON and USDt directly within the country. Additionally, they can top up their Mastercard for convenient spending. The platform leverages TRON’s blockchain technology to provide secure and transparent payments while maintaining compliance and a centralized approach.

Project Website: (, (

Github Repo: (AnkerPay · GitHub)

Project Test Instructions: Testing is still in progress and will be completed in the coming weeks.

Project Milestones:

  • Week 1: Finalize integration with TRON wallets.
  • Week 2: Implement Moya app integration and initiate testing.
  • Week 3: Deploy the ATM buy bot.
  • Week 4: Full launch of all components and provide documentation.

Updates will be provided as the team progresses through the testing phase, and feedback is welcomed to improve the user experience.


How many ATM do you operate?

We do offer conventional Crypto ATMs for users to access, but AnkerPay has also implemented a Telegram bot that automates the buying process at approximately 7,000 locations(currently working on adding more locations). This solution provides greater convenience, enabling users to quickly and securely purchase cryptocurrencies like TRON and USDt directly through the bot. The automated process enhances accessibility and makes it simpler to access.


Is this project limited to only those in South Africa?

Considering Moya app users might not be familiar with cryptocurrencies, my ques is

how will AnkerPay educate and onboard them within the app to facilitate seamless TRX and USDt transactions.

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Yes, the project is currently limited to South Africa with the intention of expanding. The platform focuses on providing specialized services to the South African market, while laying the groundwork to scale and offer inclusive financial solutions in other regions in the future. With Southern Africa as the focus as that is where the biggest need is.

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AnkerPay recognizes that some Moya app users might be unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies like TRX and USDt. To ensure a seamless onboarding process, AnkerPay plans to provide clear, educational resources within the Moya app to help users understand the benefits and steps required for transactions. These resources will include:

  1. In-App Guides: Detailed guides and tutorials will be available in the app, walking users through buying and selling TRX and USDt step by step. This will help users understand the low-cost fees and attract them to the benefits of using these cryptocurrencies.

  2. Support Channels: Users will have access to dedicated support channels to address any questions they may have about cryptocurrency transactions.

  3. Remittance Exploration: AnkerPay is also exploring remittances, a multi-billion-dollar industry, which will benefit significantly from TRON’s low fees. By making TRON the solution for low-cost, high-speed remittances, AnkerPay aims to highlight how users can leverage cryptocurrencies to facilitate more affordable transactions.

AnkerPay is already being used on the Moya app for topping up accounts or buying with Bitcoin, BTC Lightning, and USDt (ERC-20, which is too expensive). By adding educational content and support resources, AnkerPay will help onboard users more comfortably while illustrating the efficiency and accessibility of the TRON network.

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I wish you and your team all the very best

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I like the idea and the design seems professional. However I see no information regarding the security of the app so can you elaborate on that. Thank you

Hello and welcome :handshake:

How do plan to ensure the security and stability of digital currency transactions for users in South Africa, particularly through the integration with the TRON/BTTC ecosystem, considering the importance of seamless transactions and accessibility through channels like the Moya app and automated ATM buy bot?

Hi thank you for the question!

The Moya app prioritizes user security and data privacy, aligning its policies with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act), effective since July 1, 2021, as well as the privacy rights enshrined in Section 14 of South Africa’s Constitution. The app’s Privacy Notice outlines how personal information is collected, used, and disclosed, emphasizing adherence to the POPI Act. Here’s a summary of how user data is protected:

  1. Collection & Usage: The Moya app only collects the necessary personal data required for providing its services. Data is handled in compliance with legal standards to protect against unlawful collection and usage.
  2. Disclosure: Personal data is not disclosed to third parties unlawfully. The Privacy Notice specifies that the app will notify users of any changes or updates to their data policies and provides clear guidance on how to access their rights.
  3. Amendments: Any changes to the Privacy Notice are communicated to users, who then confirm their acceptance through continued use of the app.
  4. Transparency & Control: The Privacy Notice ensures transparency about the rights users have regarding their personal data and provides steps for any concerns.

In addition to Moya’s privacy measures, AnkerPay’s Telegram bot operates under Telegram’s strong security framework. This includes:

  • End-to-End Encryption: Telegram ensures that messages sent via its platform are encrypted, protecting the privacy of users and their transactions.

We hope it answers your question. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi, thank you for your question!

To ensure the security and stability (uptime) of digital currency transactions in South Africa through integration with the TRON ecosystem, AnkerPay focuses on the following strategies:

  1. Robust Infrastructure: AnkerPay maintains resilient server infrastructure and network resources to guarantee maximum uptime, ensuring that users can reliably access the Moya app and the automated ATM buy bot for seamless digital currency transactions.
  2. Blockchain Technology: Integration with TRON’s blockchain network provides both stability and security. TRON’s fast and scalable system ensures efficient execution of transactions, minimizing the risk of bottlenecks and delays.
  3. Encryption and Secure Protocols: AnkerPay employs strong encryption and secure communication protocols, safeguarding transactions. This ensures that data passing through Moya and the ATM buy bot remains private and secure.
  4. Compliance & Monitoring: Continuous transaction monitoring ensures compliance with local regulations, particularly the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). This ensures that transactions consistently meet necessary security standards.
  5. Redundancy and Backup: Redundant systems and backup servers minimize disruptions. Backup mechanisms allow transactions to continue smoothly during failures or maintenance.

By implementing these strategies, AnkerPay ensures stable, secure, and accessible digital currency transactions, empowering South Africans to confidently use platforms like Moya and the automated ATM buy bot.

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Welcome to the session.
How do you handle fees in your project?

Hi, thank you for the question.

In the AnkerPay project, fees are handled as follows:

Moya App:

  • Transaction Fee: A fee of 3% is charged, plus the miner fee required for processing transactions.
  • Decentralized Service: The AnkerPay service is decentralized, ensuring users maintain control of their assets.

ATM Bot:

  • Cash Handling Fee: Since handling cash in South Africa is costly, transactions through the ATM bot incur a 5% fee. This fee ensures the continued reliability of the platform and offsets the cash handling costs.

These fee structures balance the needs for accessibility and sustainability while maintaining a secure and efficient service for users.

welcome team, please this will work in South Africa only? or you are looking forward to expand it to other regions

Currently, AnkerPay is live in South Africa, where users can access services like digital currency transactions through the Moya app and the automated ATM buy bot. However, the team is actively planning to expand these services into other African markets. The goal is to bring secure, convenient, and efficient financial transactions to regions where accessibility is crucial, offering a range of digital currencies to empower individuals and businesses.

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alright thank you. Will be happy to see you in Ghana

where are your smart contracts? did you submit them in time, if yes please provide it here!

Pleasure! Hopefully soon then.

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AnkerPay does not require smart contracts for its operations because it employs a centralized system to facilitate transactions. This approach allows us to maintain tighter control over transaction security, compliance, and user experience, ensuring reliable services.

For our development work and other technical details, you can refer to our GitHub repository here: AnkerPay GitHub.

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