Tron Crypto Credit Card - Transact in USDD/USDT/TRX without gas

Project Name: Tron Crypto Credit Card by CryptCard - Transact in USDD/USDT/TRX without gas
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: CryptCard
Team Member(s): 1 (qwerty389 representing the entire team)
DevPost URL: Placeholder Project | Devpost
Project Goal: TronCard enables cardholders to transact with USDD, USDT or TRX without gas fee and lenders could earn up to 20% yield from inside and outside of Tron ecosystem.
Project Info: Pitch Deck
Project Repo/Website: (temporary domain name for demo purposes)
Video Demo: Transact in USDD/USDT Without Gas With Tron Crypto Credit Card - YouTube
Project Details:

The Problems

  • Consumers hate paying for shipping fee. It’s the same for gas fee.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not yet widely used and crypto issuers want to get their cryptos in the hands of many.
  • Today’s so-called crypto credit cards only give crypto as rewards or cashbacks, not using crypto as currency. And Visa card from is actually a prepaid (debit) card, not credit card.
  • Recession is coming, thus Tron projects need to sustain their source of income.
  • Too many users and dapps developers on Ethereum are suffering from excessive gas fees.

The Solution

  • Issue Tron credit cards to let anyone spend in USDD or USDT stablecoin or even TRX token without paying for gas.
  • Enable crypto consumers to spend on credit whereby Tron offers lines of credit to cardholders while earning up to 20% in yield (interest).
  • Tron projects and any non-blockchain merchants can accept this crypto card as means of payment, just like how they accept Visa or Mastercard but without needing a credit card reader.
  • This card could entice existing Ethereum dapps to migrate to Tron network by offering lines of credit via these cards to the dapps’ users.

What it does

Tron credit card (powered by CryptCard) works like a standard credit card except that it uses USDD (or USDT, TRX) as the currency, not fiat. Also, cardholders use their crypto wallets to “swipe” instead of plastic cards making this payment method more environmentally friendly.

How we built it

We at CryptCard produce credit cards that transact in cryptocurrencies, not fiats. We operate the card application system and payment gateway while connecting merchants, lenders and cardholders. Each applicant is processed by our credit analysts based on the applicant’s credit score. The better their score, the lesser their interest rate and vice versa.

What’s next for Tron Crypto Credit Card

The aim is to really launch this Tron crypto credit card on mainnet together with Tron for the benefit of all.

Project Milestones:
Our demo site is ready. But please note that on our live site, each cardholder has to perform a card application process (KYC and credit health check). However, at the demo site, we bypassed this process thus allowing any user with any wallet address to make a purchase using TRX or USDT stablecoin.

Our demo site currently only supports TronLink wallet.

To make a purchase using your wallet, firstly, ensure your TronLink is connected to Tron mainnet (not tested) or Nile/Shasta testnet.

Demo purchase of NFT using stablecoin

Go to this link and click on “Buy Now” button to simulate the purchase of an NFT. Next, sign the transaction using your wallet. You should then see that the payment is recorded at our demo payment gateway with text such as {“status”:“Success”,“transaction_id”:356,“message”:“Purchase of NFT Pet - Dazzle”}

Demo purchase of NFT using TRX token

Go to this link and click on “Buy Now” button to simulate the purchase of an NFT. Next, sign the transaction using your wallet.

How to view the transaction

To view the payment you just made, go to our demo site and connect using the same wallet address. Once you’re connected and logged in, you shall see the Account Summary page which is empty because you have not been issued a credit card statement yet. To view your NFT transaction, go to this link or click on Transactions menu item on the left side.


So this works from wallet to wallet with an intermediary where consumers only really have to pay cheap bandwidth costs?

Also, this doesn’t integrate with say traditional stores or e-commerce platforms? Businesses will have to be onboarded?

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Yes, but consumers pay ZERO gas when transacting/spending using their card, not cheap bandwidth cost.

Yes, it does. It works with any site actually as long that they integrate with our payment gateway, just like how an e-commerce site integrates with PayPal, Stripe, etc. Yes, the business has to sign-up as a merchant, just like PayPal and Stripe and signing up is free.

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So in the future, I could use a issued card for IRL transactions at stores?

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Yes, absolutely. You may use our cards in the future in real life transactions at any stores as long that the store accepts our card - just like how they accept MasterCard or Visa. They don’t need a card reader, they just need to use their wallet app on their phone, similar to Alipay or WePay.

Sounds very interesting. Will this be existing payment channel e.g. VISA?

No. We are setting up our payment channels and we are already getting very encouraging response from blockchain projects especially in gamefi and nft sectors.

cant wait to actually get some credit with yall lol

Thank you so much. We hope we will win so that we could really implement this card on Tron network.

me gusta mucho la idea, mi cuestion es si para recargar la tarjeta con TRX USDD o USDT si se tendria que pagar la tarifa de GAS?

You don’t have to top up with tokens. It’s a credit card not a debit card. And there’s no gas fee when you transact.

No tienes que recargar con tokens. Es una tarjeta de crédito no una tarjeta de débito. Y no hay tarifa de gasolina cuando realiza transacciones

Good keep it up fantasti :herb:

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Nice work! I am quite curious… 20% yield? Where will that come from please?

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