What kind of app would you like to be developed/design?

Hi :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:,
During Hackathon 3 I developed an direct debit app https://forum.trondao.org/t/tron-direct-debit/13322/24.

This time I choose to develop something that you would like to exist. So I would really love your input / your ideas as I saw this community have greats inputs.

To make things more interesting the ideas that would be voted in TOP 3 would get as fallow:

  1. 100 TRX :100:
  2. 50 TRX :heart_eyes:
  3. 25 TRX :star_struck:
  • The users can vote any idea besides their own.
  1. Idea post up to 5 March
  2. Pool vote 7-17 March
  3. Price would be paid by the end of March from prize wallet on TRON blockchain.

Prize wallet TEDED4ucKcKHbVYjz3JJXLFCScRxpcUsxA


Tron needs a new casino :grin:


Retail trade dapps, import to move trx as currency


:joy::joy: for the gurus hahaha
I agree :100:
My boss is really waiting for one

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Can you add more details? I am not sure I fully understand the idea

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I mean applications that have to do with everyday life, for example product purchases, show tickets, etc., so that people get used to the fact that there is another alternative means of payment such as cryptocurrency

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After careful review of the Tron Direct Debit project proposal, there are a few ideas that could be implemented to improve the project and make it more user-friendly and efficient:

  1. Integration with popular payment gateways: To make the Tron Direct Debit project more accessible to users, it could integrate with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, or other payment providers. This would allow users to make payments using their preferred payment method, which could lead to wider adoption of the platform.

  2. Incentivize users with rewards: To encourage users to use the Tron Direct Debit platform, the project could offer incentives such as rewards in the form of TRX or other tokens for using the service. This could be an effective way to attract new users and retain existing ones.

  3. Develop a mobile app: To make the Tron Direct Debit platform more accessible to users on the go, a mobile app could be developed that would allow users to set up and manage recurring payments directly from their mobile devices. This could improve the overall user experience and increase user engagement.

  4. Expand the range of services: The Tron Direct Debit platform could also consider expanding the range of services that users can make payments for. This could include subscriptions to popular streaming services, online marketplaces, or other digital services. This would increase the value proposition of the platform and attract more users.

  5. User feedback and testing: It’s important to gather feedback from users and test the platform’s functionality to identify any bugs or issues that need to be addressed. This could be done through a beta testing program, where users can provide feedback on the platform’s functionality and suggest improvements.

In summary, implementing the above ideas could help to improve the Tron Direct Debit project by making it more user-friendly, accessible, and attractive to a wider range of users.

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Thanks for the feedback is quite useful. Would you like to share also an idea besides improvements for Tron Direct Debit Project?

Certainly, I’d be happy to.
One app idea for payment solutions could be to incorporate a feature that allows users to easily track and manage their recurring payments. This could include features such as notifications for upcoming payments, the ability to view payment history, and the option to modify or cancel recurring payments if necessary. Providing users with these features would help to increase transparency and trust in the platform and could also improve the user experience.


I have started doing some research I’ll get back to you later


Last 5 days to post your idea… Take your shot!

Sports betting application

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What about a kind of GeckoTerminal that would be focused on Tron?

People could see what are the biggest pools on Tron, see where a token got pools, how big is the liquidity, volume,… a button to add automatically tokens on Tronlink,…


Si sería una buena idea, tener una información de Tron en un paso .


Great ideas here I really love the community input. Still, about 48 hours left to post your ideas.

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Its always great to ask for ideas. As the Asante adage goes Adwene nni baakofo) tirim which translates, wisdom is not the bonafide property of one man

I always make suggestions based on my current situations, i have asked this question on @wescosmic’s Sorel Banq thread and i will put it here too.

I am planning to make a credential evaluation of my transcripts with Spantran, something that will cost me just $200, will increase to $260 if i am to pay using the services of the traditional banking system.

Since Spantran does not accept cryptocurrency, i am looking for a project that will build an app that will make payments for individuals based on some given information.

So let say, I want to make payment to Spantran but Spantran does not accept crypto, but ur project does, i will pay you in crypto, then u do the payment on my behalf to Spantran at a fee.

I know it will be less than what these traditional banks wants to take as transaction fees.

Thank you


Hola, para mí lo que me sirve son aplicaciones que tengan un uso en mi vida diaria, por ejemplo poder salir a comprar y pagar con Trx, creo que en el tema de juegos, nft, y provisiones de liquidez se ha saturado mucho el mercado y debería poder conseguir unas aplicaciones sobre estos temas completamente innovadoras.


Something like this can be useful for your situation…/ I’m submitting this idea @constantinpricope201


So let’s start voting please vote by mentioning the option and the name O99 @constantinpricope201. Just add a comment to the post for voting.


O1: new casino by @fabsltsa
O2: retailers trade apps by @rod1232313
O3: recurring payments by @manfred_jr
O4: sports betting application by @Prince-Onscolo
O5: similar GeckoTerminal by @fabsltsa
O6: payment conversion to fiat for vendors by @Nana66419
O7: pay with trx in shops by @antonio
O8: card payment by @wescosmic

Thank all for the ideas. Let’s vote so the building to start as soon as possible!

I’ll answer one by one:

  • 1Casino: not enough good gambling dapps on Tron but would probably require lot of hard work. Not sure it can be done in one hackathon.
  • 2&7sounds like JM Pay (hackathon 2)
  • 3: recurring payments have been presented during hackathon season 2 (don’t remember the name of the dapp)
  • 4: sport betting dapps have been presented in season 2 and 3
    1. GeckoTerminal on Tron would be nice since GeckoTerminal and all the similar websites only show those data’s for EVM chains. It’s something needed for Tron.
    1. I like the idea. Would require a vault to keep the funds locked until both parties agree to release them. In case of conflict a dao could vote. But always have that risk of dao members (or team if more centralized) to take the bad decision which would be terrible for the project image).
    1. Card payment exists already. I think it’s Tronbank and MasterCard is having a partnership with Huobi and Tron so it will be hard to compete against that.

I don’t like to vote for myself but for me the best one is:
O5: similar GeckoTerminal by @fabsltsa :laughing:

If you are not convinced yet, check this :point_down: