TRON POS - Android application for accepting stable coins, credit and debit cards payments at the point of sale

Project Name: TRON POS
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: Technoprepay Solutions
Team Member(s): 1 Technoprepay
Dorahacks Project Link: TRON POS | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: Enable store owners to accept stable coins and have the funds deposited in their preferred non custodial wallet. The transactions are stored in the android application.
It offers the option to accept Credit and Debit transactions, integrating reports and receipts in a single application for easy reconciliation. It uses Square and Sumup to accept card payments in 34 countries.
The application works on an Android phone, and support bluetooth receipt printers and popular POS terminals

Project Info:

  • Accept USDT, USDD and USDC payments
  • Accept Credit/Debit transactions with Square and Sumup
  • Support bluetooth receipt printers
  • Supports Sunmi V2 and wisenet POS terminals

USDT POS V3 presentation 2023.pdf (651.8 KB)

Project Website: Download from google play
Project Test Instructions:
qr-code (11)

    1. Download and install the application from google play or Sunmi market place
    1. Select account/Technoprepay and Register name, last name and email.
    1. Select acount/TRON and paste a public TRON key created from your preferred wallet, Use a different key for every point of sale.
    1. You will need a Square or Sumup account to accept live credit and debit transactions, or you can select others and specify the app or website you want.

Project Details:

Smart Contract links: [Link to smart contracts if applicable. Can either be on TRON/BTTC testnet or mainnet]
Project Milestones:

  • Release production version TRON POS
  • Add other currencies additional to US Dollars
  • Add other languages.
  • Add other features such as Gift Cards

Hello Tron POS
Welcome back to Tron Hackathon session 4
Welcome to Tron Dao forum.
All the best

Good to have you in the builder’s Track.


Bienvenido a este S4, parece un proyecto interesante. Suerte

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Thanks Gordian for welcoming me


Muchas gracias Antonio, cualquier pregunta con gusto platicamos

Such a nice presentation and i think this is a very great project. Welcome once again to season 4.

If i read right, your debit and credit card transactions support 34 countries. Can i please have a link to the list of supported countries?

Also can you platform be integrated with the new JM spot project by @fabsltsa’s team so that money can be moved from our credit card or debit card to aid us in easy spot trading on the platform?

Again, are there plans to get the app in Appstore for those of us who are using iOS devices.

Thank you and wishing you all the best.


Hi Nana66419, thanks for your support.
The application integrates to Square which is a popular card processor for small retailers with more than 10 Million downloads in Android alone, it is supported in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, and Japan. They support online payments as well.
Sumup has 5 million downloads in Android and is available in USA, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Columbia,Austria,Bulgaria,Belgium,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech,Republic,Denmark,Estonia,France,Finland,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Italy,Ireland,Latvia,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Malta,Netherlands,Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom.
You can also add a link to your web or local payment application.

We do not process credit cards , one idea is that you add a QR code with your USDT public address such the people send you donations.


Hello will there be a IOS OR WEB VERSION for users who do jot have an Android phone?

you are welcome to S4
please do such services requires additional cost as fees? For eg: If i buy something for $1, do I have to pay same $1 or I will be charged extra to cater for store owners gas fees?

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Hi Peterbamz,
With enough funding everything is possible, but for now we are focused on Android as it is widely used by small businesses. Android has 71.95% market share in Q1 2023.

Hi Prince-Onscolo, TRON Blockchain fees apply.

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ok so with the example I gave, after paying the gas fees at my end I would have to add extra coins to the $1 initial item price

From the list of countries given, i can clearly see we from Ghana and Africa as a whole are not really going to enjoy this project.

When i visit any of the listed countries, i will try and check it out and see how transactions work on your platform.

Hi Prince-Onscolo, it depends on the stable coin you use, for example if a customer transfer $1 equal to 1 USDD, the customer’s wallet gets reduced by 1 USDD, and there are energie fees of 5.34366 TRX. You can find more info in sites like this

Hi Nana66419, I understand debit is more prevalent in Africa, We can integrate to any payment provider, if there is interest and demand I can see us adding more countries in Africa in the near future.

alright thank you
wishing you all the best

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Depending on the line of business you are in, you could add a convenience fee that is calculated on top of the payment amount. It all depends on your customers willing to do it.

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ok since it is on tron merchants or store owners can freeze trx and get energy for their own transactions and this will not call for any extra cost imposed on their customers

There’s not going to be any obstacle when it comes to network so long as these are concerned. Well done…


Thanks for such an innovative…