TRON POS - Hosting Gift Cards in Web3 using TRON Blockchain

Project Name: TRON POS - hosting Gift Cards in Web3
Project Track:Web3
Team Name: Technoprepay
Team Member(s): 1
DevPost URL: TRON POS - HostingGift Cards in Web3 | Devpost
Project Goal: A mobile application for hosting Gift Cards in Web3 using TRON blockchain
Project Info:Android application for issuing, redeeming and checking balance of gift cards. The application uses Trident-JAVA to generate TRX accounts which becomes the Gift Cards, and uses transactions sent from the card to a reference issuing account to activate, define the amount and currency of the card.
We use a previously created android project USDT POS that was only accepting USDT payments and added the Gift Card functionality as a way to speed up development, but the functionality and concept is totaly new for Hackathon Season 3.
Explainer Video

Project Website:

[](https://TRON POS on google play)

Project Test Instructions:

  • Install TRON POS from Google Play version 6.0.0 or from [app-USDTPOS-release.apk - Google Drive](https://TRON POS APK) in your mobile phone

  • Install and configure a TRONLink wallet and export the private key into the application. (refer to video in youtube ) This is the retailers account that sources the RTX bandwith to generate the gift cards. We recommend you open a separate wallet acccount for every retail location.

  • Once you open the app, select Account/Register/Sign Up/ and complete the information, make sure you import the retailers account private key by scanning the QR code or pasting the private key for TRONLink wallet.

  • The first time you try to do a transaction it will ask you for currency, select USD as we have not tested other currencies.

Gift Cards
Project Details:

  • Android application with TRIDENT-JAVA to generate the Gift Cards (TRX account),
  • Tronlink wallet to generate the accounts and manage the TRX bandwith.
  • Server application using MAKE (integromat) for registration of the customer details (This is a optional used for record keeping only)

Issuing Gift Cards: The Android application creates a private/public key by diversifying the retailer’s private key with a sequential number. The generated public key becomes the actual gift card number which is send or shared as a QR code. The application creates the Gift Card account with the store name, a sequential number, and an encrypted PIN (future implementation) for validation by transfering TRX from the retailers account to the Gift Card account, recording it in TRON blockchain. It also transfer 1 TRX + Amount/1000 from from the gift card to the company that owns the TRON POS application to activate. This is required for validation and to mark the initial value and currency of the card.

Redeeming Gift Card: Every time a customer wants to redeem the card, the clerk scans the QR code obtaining the public key of the Gift Card, the application reads the transactions history in the blockchain to validate that it is a valid card for that retailer, it obtains the initial load amount, validate that it has been activated, the currency and that it has enough balance. If it has enough balance the merchant transfer an amount equal to 1/1,000 of amount charged which is written in the Gift Card account, and prints a receipt.

Gift Card Balance: It is calculated by locating the initial transaction and amount sent to the issuing account minus all the charges made to that card and fees to activate the card.

Gift Card Transactions: All the transactions made from the merchant account to the gift card account.

Also can generate a report with all the cards issued by the retailer by listing all the accounts with initial value that have been transfer from that retailer account (Future implementation)

Project Milestones:

  • Concept, design and implementation of minimum viable product-
  • Implement other currencies but setting different activation accounts
  • Implement more reports (Gift Cards issued by a merchant)
  • Implement PINs to secure the card privacy
  • Field testing
  • Promotion and scaled deployment

wow interesting idea, wish u guys success


I think you can add more details on devpost cause I have a lot of questions after reading :pray:t2:

Who issue those gift cards and how are they sent? How to redeem them?

Is a new wallet created?


Thanks a lot for spending the time reading, it is still work in progress and rushing to finish it. I will add more details in the following days.

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Greetings technoprepay! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Test Instructions
Project Details
Contract Address

After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - TRON - USDT Point of Sale Terminal that you have submitted in the past?

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Nice concept, are you considering on enrolling shops and companies onboard to actually use your system to generate these gift cards or it is made in a way anyone at all can generate a gift card. And if anyone at all can generate a giftcard what is the guarantee that it will be accepted in any shop at all.


Hi Nana66419, I develop software for accepting payments with crypto (USDT, Bitcoin, Lightning via exchanges and BTCPAY servers) , credit /debit (via integration with Sumup, Square) and selling value added products such as airtime recharge, having the ability to enable retailers to offer Gift Cards is something that is available via Square and Sumup but only in those countries where it is available. Having a Blockchain hosted Gift Card enables me to offer gift cards in any country and business. You can see more of my projects at and try it in google play at
The Gift Card is issued by the retailer or business, and they receive the payment and the gift card can ONLY be redeemed at the shop that issued it.

I am confident the retailers and businesses will be interested in using gift cards because of all the benefits it brings such as receiving payments in advance, the person receiving the gift card as a gift is likely to spend more money, and it also enables the business owner to offer discounts i.e. buy a $20 gift card and get 5% discount. It is also an important tool for remittances, you can find companies like bitrefill offering the ability to buy gift cards of businesses online and with crypto.
A person in USA can buy a gift card for a small grocery store in El Salvador or India and send it to their relatives instead of sending the money via traditional methods like Western Union.

I hope that answers your question.

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Hola, me parece una buena idea y creo que a nivel comercio ayuda a implementar más opciones de cobro y pago.

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¡Gracias Antonio por tu apoyo! Es correcto, por ejemplo cuando un negocio necesita hacer un reintegro a un cliente, pueden optar por emitir una tarjeta de regalo por el valor en lugar de reintegrar el dinero. Al ser las tarjetas digitales, pueden ser fácilmente compartidas, una persona podría comprar una tarjeta de regalo de una tienda o negocio local, obtener descuento al hacerlo y compartirla con su familia para que paguen mostrando la imagen de la tarjeta de regalo en su teléfono o aplicativo.

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Thank you Anthony for your support! That’s correct, for example when a business needs to refund a customer, they may choose to issue a gift card for the value instead of refunding the money. Being digital cards, they can be easily shared, a person could buy a gift card from a local store or business, get a discount by doing so and share it with their family so they can pay by showing the image of the gift card on their phone or application.

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Have you checked our Season2 submission Tokeniz, since you are generating new public and private keys, I think you can use ERC721 based nfts, or create a new ownable smart contract which can work as a wallet, please DM me and we can discuss how we could collaborate and build something great

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wish u guys success as well!

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Thanks I will check it out

Cool as there is promotion

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This is indeed a web3 project that is sellable. However, reading your documentation, all my attention was diverted to the private keys generation. Is security a key focus of this project? And how?
Can you clarify please

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Let’s keep this going

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Thanks Stevegee for taking the time to review the project. We did consider security in the design, current physical gift cards are displayed in racks at the retail location and nothing prevents a malitious person from scanning the cards, keeping the card number and placing them back in the rack at the store, they can wait for the real customer to pay and activate them, and then redeem them online before the customer can use them. Gift cards providers address this by having an additional 4 digit PIN or code hidden in the card that the customer scratches and enters it at the POS when redeeming the card. We propose a similar approach by writing a PIN encrypted as part of the card name (TRON Account) when you create the account, it can not be overwritten and will be decrypted and validated by the Point of Sale application when customer redeems the gift card. Hope that answer your concern.

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The clarification is SUPERB! Thanks

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Very excited to see this succeed!

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Nice project I was checking during voting. It’s closed source as far as I saw ? It will be interesting to see a tech that pays on top of your project using NFC.

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