PayTron- Ease Payment

Project Name: PayTron
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Team PayTron
Team Member(s): 1 @G.Veyron
Dorahacks Project Link: (PayTron | Buidls | DoraHacks)
Project Goal: Our goal is to create an easy payment platform that allows companies/users to handle Payment and transactions.
Project Info: Paytron’s main aim is to leverage web3 technology and more specifically the Tron blockchain to serve as an employee management and Payroll management system.
The platform also serves the purpose of allowing users to send and recieve funds to their Tron wallets.

PAYTRON.pdf (662.3 KB)

Project Website: (
Project Test Instructions:

    1. Download Tronlink pro wallet extension.
    1. Setup your wallet and change it to Nile testnet
    1. Go to PayTron official website.
    1. Click on connect your wallet, this will take you to the onboarding page where you select your account type, either user or company.

Project Details: Paytron
This An employee management and payment platform that simplifies the process of payment and makes it more transparent

Aim of the platform
The aim of Paytron is to leverage web3 and blockchain technology to provide traditional services that are available in traditional account management platforms but on a more transparent and trustworthy platform
Thereby creating an incentive for the adoption of Tron blockchain and web3 in general

Problems noted
Dependence on regular banking system
Platforms been used by businesses worldwide for the management of salaries and wages are mostly if not all dependent on the regular banking system of the host country which has its fair share of issues which include but are not limited to

  • Lack of transparency
  • High transaction fees
  • Slow transaction times
  • Single point of failure issues

Payroll withholding
Using the traditional means of payroll management it is very possible for a company to withhold the payment of a staff member with impunity and this could be due to several reasons such as error in payroll processing ,etc.

Solutions offered by Paytron
With the platform been deployed on the blockchain a lot of the issues encountered using traditional banking means are eliminated in the following ways

  • More transparency with open ledgers on the blockchain
  • It is highly impossible for any single point of failure in the system to cause a general failure of the whole blockchain
  • Transaction fees are relatively cheaper

The platform offers both the users and companies the ability to request payment when the set date has been reached preventing payroll withholding.

Technical explanation of working process
After creating any of the 2types of accounts
As a company they are able to add an employee buy providing details of the employee
While providing these details the date of the next pay the amount to be paid and start date
All these details are then pushed to the smart contract which then subscribes the new employee and prevents payment until the set date

How to run platforms
The platform is deployed on the Nile test net
So in order to run the platform you need to

  • Download Tron link pro
  • Set it’s network to Nile test net
  • Get test net tokens from the testnet faucet
  • Create an account
  • Test the platform

What’s next for Paytron
Development of e-commerce module to manage sales on the company end

Mobile application development

Deploying for main net

More robust communication system

Tools and technologies

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:

    1. Developments of Web platform
    1. writing of smart contracts
    1. Testing and deploying of smart contract to Nile Testnet
    1. Deploying of web platform
    1. testing and debugging of web platform


A platform leveraging web3 and blockchain technology to manage employee information with smart contracts incoporated to automate the payroll whilst providing high
degree of transparency and accountability.


From my time as an intern in the engineering industry working in a company that has only 4+ years in the Power contracting and service industry. I observed the
growing need for small scale or upcoming companies to be able to manage their employees and provide salary or wage payments on-time. The company I interned in was
able to source out a software that allowed for efficient payroll management but at a very high cost. The Idea of paytron was to provide these services
on far cheaper alternative by applying blockchain technology which is generally known to be more transparent and efficient.

Whats next for paytron

In the coming future paytron aims to improve interactivity betweemn employers and their employees by providing a chat or messanger application that would allow
for easier communication between the 2 parties. Integration of features that provide e-commerce solutions to handling movement and management of funds.
Mobile app with REACT NATIVE


Please feel free to ask all your questions, I will do my best to answer them.


Hello PayTron
Welcome to session 4 HACKATHON

I do love your project.

Some questions while we await
full details soon.

  1. PayTron … would Tron be its only paying token?

welcome to Hackatron S4
Wishing you all the best
Please is this payment platform meant for companies to pay their employees (salaries, allowances,etc) or its going to be payment system e-commerce businesses can adopt?


Bienvenido al S4, como ha dicho @Prince-Onscolo, el método de pago sería adoptado al público en general?. Gracias.


Welcome to Grand hackathon S4
Will the payment base on web or are you also building an app to integrate this?


I cant wait to see your website!!


Good Afternoon @antonio @Prince-onscolo

I do have great plans for PayTron, at the moment PayTron is used to ease payments between companies and employees so it can be adopted by schools, factories, companies and so much more.

E-commerce no but in the future it would be a great idea. I will keep this in mind.
I will be launching the app version soon enough hopefully before the end of this hackathon season 4 if not it would be ready soon.
Currently PayTron is almost ready to be tested by you all it’s currently being built on the Nile testnet so the moment I transfer it to Shasta testnet I will drop the live link


@Prince-Onscolo , @antonio,
I’m very sorry for late replies here, I’m still trying to get the hang of things around here, got confused along the way, I apologize sincerely :bowing_man:


alright, please work on the ecommerce. Its a booming sector and people will love to use your protocol to pay for goods


oh we can see, no time.
keep building

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Thanks for your positive response, I can’t wait to see the app up and running, wish you all the best


No worries, we are to guide and help each other,…we are stronger together :handshake::muscle:
Keep on building


Please when do we get to test your application. Seems like you are already done.

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Hello team PayTron, your project idea looks amazing and it will surely help user to handle transactions. Waiting to see your website and other project details.


Hey Team Paytron! Welcome.
May I know who can use this payment Platform?


Hola, sería interesante que más adelante tuviera en cuenta el comercio electrónico.Gracias


Hello Antonio,
Yes I went through you all suggestions and I think it’s a perfect idea.
Although this was not in my initial build time. But am committed to working for the community, can you all do me a Favour and explaining what you mean by e-commerce aspect of the project.
Currently I have two views from the points you all have given.

  1. A part of the platform will be available for e-commerce users to track goods and funds in their business
  2. An sdk developers can implement when creating an e-commerce platform for users to help them handle payments on the newly/about to be built platform (eg: STRIPE API)

Hola antonio, Sí, revisé todas sus sugerencias y creo que es una idea perfecta. Aunque esto no estaba en mi tiempo de construcción inicial. Pero estoy comprometido a trabajar para la comunidad, ¿pueden hacerme un favor y explicar qué quieren decir con el aspecto de comercio electrónico del proyecto? Actualmente tengo dos vistas desde los puntos que todos ustedes han dado. 1) Una parte de la plataforma estará disponible para que los usuarios de comercio electrónico rastreen bienes y fondos en sus negocios. 2) Los desarrolladores de SDK pueden implementar al crear una plataforma de comercio electrónico para que los usuarios los ayuden a manejar los pagos en la plataforma nueva o a punto de construirse (p. ej.: STRIPE API)


Hi victorious
Yes anyone can use PayTron
PayTron support multiple features

  1. User side that allows users to keep track of companies they are currently registered in
  2. Gift side
    So there’s a part of PayTron that you can easily find friends and users on the PayTron platform and get their wallet address which you can use to gift them Tron directly inside PayTron you don’t need to go to your wallet to do that
    And users can keep track of their transactions too