Tap - Next generation financial tools

Project Name: Tap
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Tap3
Team Member(s): [(1) @kabugu more members will be added]
Devpost Project Link: To be updated
Project Goal: Money should be borderless. with Tap! We’re making Web3 payments easier for all, from tech enthusiasts to grandma
Project Value: Empowering widespread adoption of Tron through a user-friendly payment gateway.By providing a hassle-free payment solution
Project Info: to be updated
Project Website: to be updated
Project Test Instructions: to be updated
Project Details: Blockchain technology has undoubtedly made significant strides in enhancing transparency, and the Tron blockchain has particularly excelled in making payments cheap and fast. However, despite these advancements, the entry barrier remains high. Until now, there hasn’t been a dedicated platform on the Tron blockchain that simplifies Web3 payments for both merchants and payers.

At Tap, we are determined to change that narrative. Our mission is to simplify Web3 payments and break down barriers for everyone, whether they’re making subscription payments or any other transactions. We believe in making financial interactions on the Tron blockchain as seamless as possible, ensuring accessibility for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

By leveraging innovative technology and user-friendly interfaces, Tap will revolutionize the way people engage with the Tron blockchain, providing a platform that caters to the needs of both merchants and payers. Whether it’s facilitating quick and secure transactions or providing robust support for subscription-based services, Tap aims to be the go-to solution for simplifying Web3 payments on the Tron blockchain.
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Hey Kabugu, welcome to season 6 hackathon, We’re excited to have you join us on this platform


You are welcome to HackaTRON S6.

I can see you have a lot to update, waiting for all the updates.

Personally I have seen projects having same idea and after HackaTRON o do not see any working product. I believe you are not building this project because of this hackathon. Most stop building when they do not qualify for reward. The idea you are having is great and we all know most settlements and payments are made in USDT and tron is dominating so if you able to build a good product, nice interface, easy to use, you will get more people to use your product.

I hope you will charge a fee for using your platform?


Thank you, @Relate101 Let’s build new Blocks together

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Thank you for your interest in my project. I completely agree with your observation that many projects tend to drop off after hackathons. However, in my case, I’m genuinely committed to turning Tap into a long-term startup. I believe in the potential of this idea and its relevance in the market, especially considering the dominance of USDT and Tron in settlements and payments.

To keep everyone updated and engaged, I’ll be sharing weekly progress updates here, so please stay tuned for those. Additionally, regarding monetization, yes, I do plan to charge fees, but in percentage terms. Thank you once again for your support and encouragement


Welcome to Season 6, you seem new so for starters, what we do here is grilling on the front row by putting you on the hot seat lol.
Glad and at the same time interesting to see your project in the DeFi track.
I see you aim to address the complexity of Web3 payments surrounding Tron Blockchain but I’m not convinced enough you were indeed particular and/or precise about those complexities.
Now, one of the major goals of a project is vast adaptation and high volume, how do you plan to accommodate a growing user base and high transaction volume?


Second project of this season is already come out. Use the advantage of being early projects and reach many people as you can.
When you update the most of details next days/weeks, could you tag me? I can come and check the whole project at once and start to follow updates?
Good luck in your development time, forum is here for you :keyboard:


Welcome to this season
The section that you left out in your explanation, when will we get to see the update

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Thank you, @ines_valerie And yes, I’ll surely tag you for each update .

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thank you @kmag44 and yes, I’ll surely tag you after updates

Thank you, @manfred_jr for the warm welcome!

What we’re tackling is the high barrier for non-technical individuals, as well as the limitations for merchants in managing transactions effectively.

Picture this: You’re a store owner looking to accept crypto payments while seamlessly managing coupons and offers. It sounds daunting and almost impossible, right? That’s precisely the gap we’re aiming to fill with our solution

We want to bank millions of unbanked people.


You’re welcome
Now I was wondering cause you didn’t clearly state it in your response, how do you specifically address the high barrier for non-technical individuals in accepting crypto payments? As you earlier explained.

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I will surely be waiting for your update.


I would recommend building on BTTC as with payments for e-commerce the fees need to to be relatively low. Also, its EVM which means you can easily multi-chain your project if need be.

USDT liquidity or even USDD can be bridged from TRON to BitTorrent chain via bt.io

Customers won’t care about this but this is the backend of your business.

You will also need to be somewhat local to start implementing via businesses. You customers are B2B but those businesses need to see a demand for crypto payments from their B2C customers.

How do you plan on differentiating yourself versus other payment providers?

Are you going to start local or try to capture worldwide?? Which regional businesses are you going to focus on? Do you know which regions utilize USDT the most?


Welcome to the Hackathon @kabugu and wishing your project a success.
Reading form your project details, you mentioned about the barriers experienced by blockchain user in making crypto payments. Can you tell me the specific barrier your project is aiming to break down for users making subscription payments on Tron blockchain?


Thank you, @Chizz , for your support and inquiry!

The current state of subscription payments on the Tron blockchain is lacking. There’s no dedicated solution, and existing options are complex. Our aim is to bring the smoothness of PayPal to Web3.

Thank you for your valuable insights and recommendations!

To differentiate ourselves from other payment providers, our focus lies on two key aspects: ease of use and low fees. We’re committed to delivering a seamless and intuitive payment experience for both merchants and users,

In terms of geographical focus, our initial target market will be in East and Central Africa. These regions are experiencing a significant uptick in crypto adoption, presenting a prime opportunity for us to establish a foothold and cater to the growing demand for crypto payments.

Have you researched your competitors? They are using TRON USDT. How are you planning to compete against them?

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Welcome to hackatron season 6. I like the idea of making web3 payments but I have a few questions about it.

  1. How will potential scalability issues be handled as the number of transactions and users grows daily in the Tron network?

  2. Following the recent regulatory challenge facing the industry, how do you plan on ensuring compliance across different jurisdictions your project will be used in making payments?

  3. Since your project is about making web3 payments which project like JustMoney offers, how can you compare/compete with this existing web3 payment platforms that has been around for some time and convince users that your project offers the best experience when making payments on the internet.

@kabugu I always prefer simple explanations of projects like this one in hackathons. You achieved to take my attention. I will be waiting for your platform to check how things going on there.

I am a professional NFT designer myself in Oslo. If you have any questions or need support regarding the design, you can always send a pm :technologist: