Transatron - transact in Tron without TRX

Project Name: Transatron
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Transatron Team
Team Member(s): @miha @dkohut @MaxIvMay
HackerEarth Project Link:
Project Goal: Transatron is an infrastructure service for wallets in the Tron blockchain, which is capable of processing transactions from accounts without TRX balance. Instead, it charges user in tokens he typically has, which is usually USDT. Transatron is capable of processing both individual transaction and batches of transaction scheduled to up to 48 hours into the future.
Project Value: It’s a big problem for non sophisticated users to get TRX for their transactions. Transatron simplifies Tron users life by processing transactions without TRX. It also allows for batching transactions from non-custodial wallets for execution in future, so that users can sign transactions and schedule their execution in future. Transaction fees are covered in USDT.

Project Info : transatron/tron-business-wallet-demo · GitHub
Project Website :
Project Test Instructions :

  1. Install java 17, Apache Maven builder and Postgres locally
  2. build Transatron batch transaction service from github
  3. build TronBusinessWallet from github
  4. run transatron batch transaction service locally with the following command:
    java -jar<YOURPROFIILENAME> ./transaction-manager/target/transaction-manager-0.0.1.jar
  5. run Tron Business Wallet with the following command:
    java -jar ./target/TokenDistributorApp-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Project Details : Project helps scheduling and sending tron USDT transactions in batches and paying transaction fees in USDT, no TRX required.
Smart Contract links : ----
Project Milestones :

  1. Week 1: Transatron batch service ready.
  2. Week 2: Tron business wallet ready
  3. Week 3: Integration tests

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, this is very good but I guess many people are building this lately, how would you convince and attract users to use Transaction, secondly how much is the transaction commission?

do you plan to create a web version of your dApp ?

What if in a situation where the sender doesn’t have usdt either but have other TRC20 tokens. Will the transaction still be processed since you said that transatron charges users with in token they typically have in order to process a transaction

Hi I agree there are many energy markets nowadays. Unlike energy markets, Transatron is not about selling resources. It’s about servicing transactions. It’s main goal - simplify transacting in Tron. We don’t plan to interact with users directly, we would rather talk with wallets/ platforms so that they integrate Transatron into their services. Currently commissions are $0.6-$0.7 in average, for individual transactions. In a bulk mode, when using our TronBusinessWallet, it does more precise energy estimation and commissions could be even lower.

PS: I would uncover one of our partners: This is a wallet with Transatron integrated for USDT transactions. They currently give 3 USDT transactions/day as a promo.


Hi @biermann. Currently there are no plans for web app. We are rather targeting wallet integration. But we are open to discussion. Can you please share how you envision such a dApp?

Hi @Youngyuppie . TronBusinessWallet (simple non-custodial wallet we created for bulk transactions processing) is oriented on USDT, but can be simply change/upgraded to use any other TRC20 tokens.
Talking about wallets with Transatron integration (see 2 posts above), Transatron can technically process ANY transaction, no matter what it is. Starting from TRX transfer, to any TRC20 transfers and more complex smart contract calls. It’s all about energy estimation (energy limit field) that comes from wallet.

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So even if the individual transact more than $20k in a go so it won’t exceed $0.7 as charges?

no matter how much you are transacting. It’s not a bank fee (like 0.2% minimum $2). It’s $0.7.

Underneath, $0.7 comes from the staked capital price (%% APR stakers want to have) and market TRX price.


I thought you make mistakes then I am realizing you did not, Transatron make me think it was Transaction

Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, by your explanation do you mean using USDT as native gas fees token for transaction on Tron Blockchain rather than Tron (TRX)?

hi @manfred_jr. It’s not like AccountAbstraction in Ethereum. Transatron doesn’t charge USDT for each transaction (meaning if you transacting 100 USDT, you can pay 0.7 USDT fees and have total amount 100.7 transacted, where 100 goes to recipient and 0.7 to Transatron). It’s not like that.

Transatron charges separately, i.e. selling bundles. You can buy a bundle of USDT transactions (100 txs for example) and then spend them one by one. Resources for each of them would be provided by Transatron automatically via integrated wallet, and USDT transfer transaction will go for free (no TRX burned).

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Hello there! Your project is truly impressive.

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Oh wow, no TRX burned at all?
When does this go live?
I’d like to test for confirmation :grin:

Hello Transatron team, you have a pretty new business concept here and I’m sure several business owners are loving already your model and more will come.

If I understood correctly you are charging $0.7 per USDT transaction and your core benefit over energy lending platforms is integration simplicity, Am I right? Would you please elaborate a bit more on how wallets or other entities integrate your solution?

How do you manage to get better transaction costs by bulking transactions? Is it only a discount from your side or TRON protocol related?

Please help us by elaborating a bit more on milestones, specially on dates.

Thank you for building on TRON!

Let’s keep building together! :slight_smile:

Nice Project guys!! Keep it up!!

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Project Name: The Existential Dread Launchpad
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Team TED
Team Member: BlurryFace04

Devpost Project Link:

Project Goal: Simplify the creation of memecoins on the Tron network while addressing liquidity concerns.

Project Value:TED is a memecoin launchpad on the Tron network. It simplifies the process, allowing anyone to easily create their own memecoin. TED utilizes a bonding curve to address initial liquidity concerns and automatically transfers liquidity to a DEX upon reaching a certain market cap.

Project Info:

Project Website:


Project Test Instructions:

  1. Make sure your tronlink wallet is set to Nile Testnet
  2. Go to our website:
  3. On the explore page checkout the memecoins developed by other users
  4. Click on one of them to view the trading options and the chart, e.g.:
  5. Launch your memecoin into the cosmic void by filling out these basic details about your memecoin:
  6. You can even edit your profile and view the memecoins that you have launched:

Project Details:
Video Demo:


Smart Contract links:
LinearBondingCurveFactory: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
LinearBondingCurve: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Upcoming Milestones:

  1. Gain initial users testing TED on testnet
  2. Launch on Mainnet
  3. Integrate with a DEX to provide actual liquidity to a memecoin when it reaches a marketcap of $69,000.

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