Tronsave - Ultimate solution for enhancing user experience on TRON network


Project Name: TRONSAVE
Project Track: Web3
Team Member(s): 5
Dorahacks Project Link: TRONSAVE | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: TRONSAVE brings a web2-like experience to users on Web 3
Project Info: Overview - TronSave
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: TRONSAVE - Demo.mp4 - Google Drive
Smart Contract links:

  1. Contract 1
  2. Contract 2

Project Milestones:

  • Joning TRON hackathon ss 4
  • Mainnet
  • Offer free trial for Dapp on TRON in 6 months
  • Integrate with top 15 biggest Dapp on TRON

TRONSAVE benefits the TRON NETWORK ecosystem by enhancing the user experience by bringing a Web2-like experience to them. TRONSAVE makes paying transaction fees in Web3 much easier than ever. There are 2 options TRONSAVE offers

Option 1: User pays transaction fee by WTRX with a discount rate

In this option, TRONSAVE will charge users WTRX for their transaction (with a discount rate ~ 90% compare to TRX users have to pay when paying transaction fees by themself). Then TRONSAVE will pay users’ transactions by Energy, which comes from staking TRX.

This option allows people who hold TRX for long-term can stake it on TRONSAVE and share benefits from earning WTRX of users with the protocol.

This option optimizes profits and costs for both TRX provider and users

Option 2: Dapp pays transaction fees for their users

In this option, TRONSAVE will integrate with other Dapp, allowing them to pay for their users’ transaction fees. Imagine users can experience your Dapp without confirming to pay for every transaction, what a web2-experience.

For example, a free mint NFT collection wants to pay transaction fees for their users’ minting action. In this situation, user can mint their NFT without any fees.


We’re honor to announce that TRONSAVE is OFFICIALLY LIVE on TRON NETWORK mainet. We’re now welcome all of the DApp on TRON to integrate TRONSAVE to your app and enhance the user experience to a new level

Regarding to the staking feature for TRONSAVE user to stake their TRX to gains share revenue from TRONSAVE, we’re working this on phase 2 now and the testnet version of this feature will be launch on the beginning of June



1. Forwarder contract:


2. Relay Hub contract:


Docs and Integration guideline

If you have any concerns related to TRONSAVE, kindly send directly below this post or send me an email via


Hello Tron save
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 4

All the best.


Bienvenido a este S4

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You are highly welcome


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish your project and the team all the best of luck


Thank you so much Gordian!

Nice concept. I really think that could be at good use for other developers that wants to enroll web2 users. The user will still use tron link? Or the transaction will be made automatically? One athor question your contract seems to be deployed in January and as far as I know tge hackathon started in February did you participated in previous sessions if so it should be on builder track?


Thank you, we didn’t participate in any previous sessions. Great question sir, the users will still use Tronlink because they basically make the transaction. The difference is that their transaction fee can be paid by others, or they can save lots of transaction fees by paying WTRX

Website is good designed, well done team


Thank you Jeager, we want to do it properly. Anyway, it’s not our final version, especially the Demo section; you can see how raw it is, we just want to keep it as simple as possible at the moment for you guys to understand our concept

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Hello Tronsave, welcome to Hackathon season 4. I wish you all the best in your project.
I’ve got a question. What is the security measures taken to ensure that staked asset are safe?


Hi @Lisa1 ,
Thank you so much, what a great question. At this stage, we haven’t allowed others to stake on our platform to maximize their benefit from holding TRX. But this feature as I mentioned is included in our developing plan.
Tron Network just released TRX Stake 2.0 which allows staking directly on smart contracts. So TRONSAVE will allow users to stake their TRX on our contract, which will be audited when we release the feature

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I understand. Keep up with the good innovation. I wish you all the best.

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Giving discount to people is the best way to attract more people.


No doubt that
Discount could be the best way
to attract new users.

But it should be done in a suitable way
So that the project or company
Don’t get tanked , bankrupt or …

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Lovely project, but one thing makes me think. When u use tron in your project’s name, did you need to take permission for it?

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Thank you so much, it’s actually not a discount, I said discount to make it easy to understand. Basically, users pay WTRX to TRONSAVE for transaction fees, which is much cheaper than paying TRX for the blockchain themself

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Thank you Gordian, the model is a suitable way. TRX long-term holders can earn passive income while users can save lots of transaction fees.


I don’t think so, we built on TRON NETWORK so including TRON on our brand name is may not a problem. Will ask the TRON team for that later, thank you San!


Hi @duongdlh Welcome to S4 of TRON Hackathon

I was hoping to understand a few things about the project

  1. What is the rationale behind offering a discount rate for users paying transaction fees with WTRX instead of TRX? How does this benefit both users and the platform?

  2. How does the staking mechanism work in TRONSAVE, and what incentives are there for users to stake their TRX on the platform?