TronHub by TronNinjas

Project Name: TronHub by TronNinjas

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: TronNinjas

Smart contract address: TCBcAhMxH8u7uWuLTGGrc9vRa5w6dqUzNe

Team Member(s): @TronNinjas Mo Co-Founder - @TMMS - @CryptoRhino - Co-Founder @Stian - @cryphic

DevPost URL: TronHub | Devpost

Project Goal: Simplify and reduce the complexities for developers and users when starting a project on Tron

Project Website:

Demo : TronHub Demo - YouTube

Project Test Instructions: Login and you will be able to complete a form allowing you to deploy a contract on Tron


Early on our journey, we noticed a demand for developers from entrepreneurs, artists and many more with a great idea for a project. We started brainstorming how to feed this demand to increase Tron’s adoption. It was, and still is, essential to us that what we build is easy to use and benefits the users and the Tron Blockchain - We are sure TronHub fits perfectly into our vision and is an extension of what we are and what we do.

What it does:

We present TronHub - A suite of Tron utilities to help onboard new users and businesses by abstracting some of the complexes required to build and deploy smart contracts.

TronHub is a dashboard of tools that will allow you to quickly set up a new project, reducing time to market.

TronHub allows you to create a custom smart contract to fit your needs.

Even without knowledge of contracts, you can make the dream of a project come true.

Pick the modules you want and start your journey towards launching a project on Tron.

TronHub V1 is a minimum viable product to start with. It is possible to create a TRC20, TRC721 and a custom NFT staking contract allowing you to set the parameters of your choice easily.

Challenges we ran into:

The concept and design were challenging, and making a user-friendly system from something this complex gave us some trouble and a perfect opportunity to work with and test various models.

We realised early on that users without the necessary capacity but with the perfect idea for a project could benefit from TronHub. That is why a model where project owners can build from modules is perfect. Go from idea to launching your project in very few steps.

Compilation for us was an exciting challenge. It was important to us that we can ultimately allow the user to be the owner of the contract and therefore needed to edit and compile solidity on the fly.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

TronHub is another excellent addition to the Tron ecosystem. We are proud to be part of the growth of Tron and are confident TronHub will help this growth.

We are sure we will see new users interested in building, and we are here to make it easy.
Although it has been challenging, we are proud of our achievements as a team. Solving problems and thinking of new ways to build on Tron is at our core, and we are pleased to create TronHub to allow more users to make with us.

What’s next for TronHub

  • TronHub V1 is a basic version of what it will become; we are already working on extending the functionality to create an easy-to-use BTFS portal. This is an essential feature as it will eventually become a BTFS pining service. TronHub pinning service will expose an API allowing users and developers to store data securely. All data will be encrypted when stored and retrievable, decrypted via our service, abstracting some of the complexities of securely storing user data for Dapps.

  • We envision developers using our pinning service as a mongo style document store when creating user data objects within their Dapps. This allows web3 developers from any chain to utilise cheap and practical storage solutions.

  • We will extend the available contracts and features to cover a wide range of uses while allowing users to interact with their contracts directly in our DApp.

  • Microsites will allow users to deploy a frontend for their contracts created within TronHub that can be customised to suit their needs, further advancing their time to market.

Community Support

How much does it cost to use TronHub?

All contracts created on TronHub have the same price.

Creating a TRC-20 token, an NFT project, cost 500 TRX. You can also pay with TNT (TronNinjaToken) at a 20% discount.

Deploying a contract will cost around 2,000,000 energy. If you don’t have energy you can rent it at

10% of all revenue from both TronHub and TronNRG is sent to our staking contract and shared among all staked TronNinja NFTs and TNT.

For more info you can join our TG groups:

NRG - Telegram: Join Group Chat

TronNinjas - Telegram: Join Group Chat

TronHub Support - Telegram: Contact @Tron_Hub


TronHub Update

TRC20 staking contracts are now live on

Do you know any Tron projects who should have TRC20 or NFT staking? Tag them in the tweet below to let them know they can create one in just a few minutes.


Congrats on your submission tronninjas team! You guys are builders!! =) . Excited to see the BTFS service =)


Thank you, we are very exited to be participating in this season to. We will continue to develop to make it easier for people to launch their projects on Tron.


Thank you. We are also very excited about the pinning service we are building. :blush:


Well done team. Consistently grinding everyday I really look forward in using tronhub for my Nfts and my future wallet. Opportunity to help the ecosystem as a whole everyone can benefit in the long term.


Great project! Such a pity it was not already available at the beginning of the hackathon for the use of everyone participating :slight_smile:


Thank you :relaxed: Maybe some projects will use it for next season, if there is one :thinking:


UI is great, is there a dark mode as well?


Should be on the right side of the screen



Yeah bit late to the party. This is the first version and will become so much more. You project looks exciting also.


Great Job Tron Ninjas! Always improving and bringing value to Tron and the community…Thanks for all the hard work


Great project… Keep it up…


thank you, we all excited about it :blush::blush:


Congrats on your selection, good work


This is a really great project. This far the best I have come by. I will like to invite some friends
From other spaces to look into this and make their submission about it. Great project indeed


It is really a great work. I hope to see other people utilize it so well


It’s live now. Visit


Well done team, good job


Looking good but I don’t like that I have to connect my wallet before I can browse it