InterPool - The only Sport Prediction Game where everyone wins! - FIFA World Cup 2022

Project Name: InterPool
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: Irruption Lab (Twitter / Linkedin)
Team Member(s): @Claw @Perrin
DevPost URL:

Project Goal: A Sport Prediction Game with no loosers, where the winners share the interests generated by the deposits of all the participants.

The problem our project addresses:

  1. Gamblers waste so much money (that they sometimes don’t have) on gambling games.

  2. Difficulties to onboard new comers in the Blockchain ecosystem that is too complex, and not really sexy for most humans.

How we’ve addressed the problem:

  1. By sharing the interests generated by the deposits of all the participants, no one looses money, but it is still possible to gamble and have fun. There is a real social impact with the InterPool project.

  2. Sport prediction games, especially with the World Cup around the corner, are incredibly popular. We believe this popular topic can onboard plenty of newcomers that might be interested to dig more about the blockchain. NFT brought plenty of new comers, Sport Predictions games with no losers might also participates to it.

Project Contracts:

  1. Github with all the lastest contracts:
    interpool/core/contracts at main · pgrandne/interpool · GitHub

  2. All contracts URLs on Etherscan:

Project Info:
Presentation InterPool.pdf (1.0 MB)
Full Documentation: GitBook

Project Website: InterPool

Project Test Instructions:

UPDATE (November 29th): a 2nd contest for the next phase of the competition is being set-up for testing purpose (as the first one is already on-going and prediction submissions already closed). For this 2nd contest your predictions must be saved prior the first game of the contest: December 3rd 2022

A specific section “How to Play” appears on the InterPool app.

Here are the details:

  1. InterPool is live on Goerli (Ethereum Testnet). Professional third parties will audit the InterPool code prior full deployment on the mainnet.
    The first prediction game is live for the FIFA WORLD CUP - Group phase. Starting date: November 20th 2022.

  2. To join the prediction game you are required to get at least 1 ticket during the prediction period (a countdown is shown on the InterPool app).
    More tickets you get, higher will be your winnings.
    In order to get tickets, you need to deposit a multiple of the unitary price (50 USDC). You can faucet USDC directly on the InterPool app.
    All the participant deposits will be locked during the game period in order to generate interests.
    Those interests represent the overall prize pool that the game participants will share.

  3. Once you got your ticket(s) you become eligible to enter the prediction game.
    This is the key moment where you need to show your prediction skills!
    You don’t necessarily need to be 100% correct on your predictions, you just need to be better than the others to get higher rewards!

Note 1: your predictions must be saved during the submission period (there is a countdown on the InterPool app). As the first prediction game is live for the FIFA WORLD CUP - Group phase, your prediction must be saved prior the starting date: November 20th 2022.

Note 2: As long as the prediction period is not over, you can submit new predictions. The last submission you have done will be the only one considered, and the previous ones will therefore be overridden.

  1. At the end of the contest, the prize pool is shared based on the final rankings of all the participants.
    The details of the prize pool distribution is explained in here.
  2. You can get your deposit back right after the end of the contest, or go on for another round, your ticket(s) make you eligible for all the future games! Fill in your predictions for the next contest and win more prizes!

Project Details:

:point_right: A step-by-step tutorial on How to submit your prediction! :point_left:

:point_right: Predictions follow up & Smart Contract interaction :point_left:

Project Milestones:

  1. InterPool is live on Goerli (Ehtereum Testnet)
  2. All the following major key contracts are fully operational:
  • InterPool ERC20 Token management
  • Pool contract (Interests generation on Aave - Liquidity Provider)
  • Participants predictions saving, Scores, Rankings and Prize distribution
  • Chainlink external oracle integration (in order to get the data from the FIFA World cup 2022, and later on all the next game that we will integrate on the InterPool app)
  1. For the Hackathon we have integrated the FIFA World cup as our first prediction game. We will add new and regular prediction games (weekly most probably) for the next update of InterPool.
  2. Conducting an audit prior going live on the mainnet has been added to the road map.
  3. Developping the DAO has been added to the roadmap
  4. Deploying on other networks has been added to the roadmap.

Project conversion to TRON:
We are currently competing in the Ecosystem Track, with a strong belief that deploying on various networks will benefit to all the users, as there will be more fund deposited on the protocol.
A key advantage on deploying on TRON next, is that the interests rate on USDD is higher than other stablecoins anywhere else (currently 7,11% on JustLend). InterPool prizepool will therefore be higher, it will get more attention, and ultimately more participants.

  • Update 1: Oracle update.
    We are currently using Chainlink, as a data provider, and it will have to be updated to Winklink
  • Update 2: Interest generation.
    We are currently using Aave as liquidity provider, and we will update it to JustLend
Since this hackathon is an ongoing funding program, projects that have great potential and 
good community engagement are likely to win and receive additional funding after the initial hackathon. 
Therefore, participants should update their project posts to be as detailed as possible and
answer any community questions during the hackathon period.

The first phase of the FIFA World Cup (group phase) will be available on testnet (Goerli).
Following the fixture results and user feedbacks of this first phase, new predictions will be available for the second round (elimination round : 1/8, quarterfinal, semifinal and final round).


Exactly we’ll try our best to develop the features that the users really want, and will add after the hackathon all the sports requested by the community.


We would actually be really happy to know which kind of features you would like to see in such a prediction game app.
As the due date is in 2 weeks we might be able to implement it :wink:


Good timing, I’m super pumped for the world cup


Any plan to be multichain and start supporting Tron and/or BTTC as well in the future? Some projects proposed the same thing during the last hackathon and eventually have decided to not deploy the contracts… That kind of dapp is missing on Tron/BTTC.


Thanks @abefrommich ! I hope to see you among the World Cup predictors and get your feedbacks!


Thanks @fabsltsa for your message! We are actually targetting to be multichain in the future, and it’s part of our road map. That’s the key for a wider adoption. It will benefit to all the participants if there more funds deposited coming from different networks.


@fabsltsa For now we focus on one network, and we’ll ensure our protocol is audited by several third parties prior going live on the first mainnet and then expanding to other networks.


@fabsltsa The Tron Hackathon is a great opportunity to show our project to the community, and hopefully get the attention of potential sponsors for security audits :wink:


Love a Sports Prediction Game! Just curious about the aspect where there are no losers! :smiley:


Thanks @Hirangi for your comment!

This is possible because prizes are made up of the interest that accrues on all deposited funds:
:bank: Users deposit into the network
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Yield accrues on all deposits
:trophy: The yield is awarded as prizes to the users.


We are currently finishing the full documentation on Gitbook with all the details to ensure everyone understands all the details (how prizes are generated, prizes repartition, all the security topics, step-by-step guide on how to use InterPool…)


Day-17 before FIFA World Cup!
Get your predictions ready!
Our app will be released in a few days!


Hey @Tim thanks for your comment!
Yes this project is inspired by Pool Together, which is a lottery without loser. The idea behind “InterPool” is to bring an evolution where the winners are not only designated randomly but based on their skills. An easy way to replace the chance factor by the skill factor is to use games. The highest scores will get the rewards coming from the pool generated interests.


Thanks @Claw for the details. There are few alternative applications, using this concept, that come to my mind right now…


Hey @Tim would love to know the applications you have in mind :slight_smile:
We are actually working on various alternatives such as crowfunding, or charities…


this is cool, world cup soon lets go :trophy:


Cheers @wesleyan ! Wanna be beta tester? :wink:


This is a great one! As the World Cup is here, this will in no doubt blow up!