NFTBL – Football Metaverse | Play, Stake, Earn!

Project Name: NFTBL – Football Metaverse | Play, Stake, Earn!
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: NFTBL
Team Member(s): @sergeyaikhel @mike_petrov @Imran
DevPost URL: NFTBL – Football Metaverse | Devpost
Project Goal: Build football management game that combines the passion of football with the freedom of web3
Project Info:

Contact address:
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Try our game by link and have fun!
Note: Get 10,000 TRX (Shasta Testnet) from Twitter account @TronTest2 OR
get 5,000 TRX from faucet channel on Discord

Project Details:
Hey Folks!

We love football like many people around the world (hope, you too).

Also, we like card games and see how this game mode is taking over the world last years.

We decided to mix it :slight_smile:

We use opportunities of TRON blockchain to create NFT Football game where gamers would be real owners and managers of their football club and player’s NFT cards with exciting online P2P matches between gamers.
We started work on project in 2nd Hackathon and launched product at the end of it.
Now we wanna make the next next step in making Football Metaverse

Project Milestones:
On this Hackathon we’ll add interactive football matches simulations to platform and open them for everybody!
Players will choose optimal skills and options of their players cards and compete each other in different football mods

Be ready to new Web3 football experience!

Now Online P2P matches with REAL players are available for everyone!
Our unique algorithm match players by level, skills and other factors to make match fair and fun. Players manage their players cards to create the best performance team.
These solutions demand strategic thinking and really have an impact on result!
And, of course, each victory will give more tokens for winner!

Try new NFTBL and give us feedback!
Link in topic profile, don’t forget to get TRX (Shasta testnet)

UPD. 2
After this Hack we have everything for perfect football experience and can move on and make first global tournaments and cups

Our future plans:


Lesssss go play football metaverse! :soccer: :soccer: :soccer:


I love football, can’t wait to try this out.

Are players being matched?


Players will be matched by team level


football metaverse never heard before :+1:


Yeah! A football game!


@sergeyaikhel thats great


Time to play Metaverse football

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This shld be fún I guess :thinking:


FIFA announces a portfolio of new future-focused web 3.0 games ahead of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

That’s crazy news!
The big player is moving the way we moving this year.
We suppose this news will push Web3.0 Football trend and open new football games for millions of new gamers!


Hey guys!
Today we’re releasing our main update on this Hack!
Now Online P2P matches with REAL players are available for everyone!
Try it and give us feedback!
Link in topic profile, don’t forget to get TRX (Shasta testnet)


Greetings! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Contract Address

After a thorough scan, it looks like your project post is very similar to a project that has been posted in Season 2. Can you let the community know what improvements and updates have been made compared to this project - NFTBL | Your Own Football Team - NFT Football Management game that you have submitted in the past?

According to post #6 of TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Get started Now! projects that haven’t completed their roadmap for the Hackathon in past Hackathons will not be eligible for the current season. Please make sure your existing project is already live and for the community to use.

Hi, tronbot!

Contact Address added to topic.

Yes, we continued to work on NFTBL project, the key idea doesn’t changed, that’s why this topic and topic from S2 have same general descriptions.

But on S3 we made the next big step and added P2P matches with real players.
What we’ve done:

  • new smart contract FootbalGame TDHwjvRqKHegJ4yMMz7ckk5zRSk7gKDqP3
  • new matching algorithm
  • updated p2p matches design and animations

We wrote about it in UPDs in topic and on Devpost submission

Hope, I answered the request

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Such am interesting concept!
Waiting to join tournaments when they start :grinning:

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People enjoy AR apps on 2022 World Cup. That’s great move forward for offline football in engaging the viewer.
We hope, our Football Metaverse will empower football gaming experience to make it more interesting and funny too

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Binance is excited to announce the launch of The CR7 NFT Collection — the first of a series of drops featuring the Portuguese football icon Cristiano Ronaldo. The NFT collection will be available exclusively on Binance NFT.

NFT + Football + Game = NFTBL :heart:
We are happy that our strong direction is in demand!

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