Footballalien$ “We are here… We are staying.”

BIG NEWS A mothership containing football playing alien$ has entered the solar system. Governments around the world are warning citizens to not interact with the Alien$.

Project Name: FootballAlien$

Track: Artistry

Team: FootballAlien$ team

Team Member(s): Lil_Starburst and Antonia Macklin Jr.

Devpost: Football Alien$ Devpost Link

Project Goal: : To create iconic streetwear that come with digital keys that prove ownership. Every purchase made from will come with a unique NFT on the tron blockchain. NFT holders may recieve air drop rights in the future. Your NFT will have utility inside the footballalien$ metaverse, where you will be able to play an all new game using your top footballalien$ to compete against your friends and win wagers in footballalien$ token.

Project Value: To add value by creating real scarcity in the fashion industry. To reduce counterfeit branding. We hope to shape the future or branded clothing. The top brands worldwide will look to the FootballAlien$ model to fight counterfeiting. Football Alien$ token holders will be able to stake there tokens in game and earn a percent of all transactions. FootballAlien$ holders can use there stake to earn voting rights to help govern the project.

Project info:

Football Alien$ is Still in early development (Coming soon):
Q3 2024: Football Alien$ token launch and airdrop to football Alien$ NFT hodlers
Q4 2024:Website relaunch and Minting page launch
2025: Football Alien$ metaverse and army ball game launch *army ball is a gamefi battle played using football alien$ nfts.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Everyone who purchases clothing from Football Alien$ official sources will receive an email containing a private tron wallet key. Football Alien$ will retain rights to the wallet so it is advise to transfer your asset to your own wallet.

Project Details:
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Smart Contract links:


Project Milestones:

  • Exclusive artwork by platinum selling recording artist Antionia Macklin Jr.

  • Free nft minting using V2 staking on tronblockchain


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6

Does it cost anything to mint these NFTs or is it absolutely free?

hello. What network you integrated in your project?
Mainnet or one of two Testnets ?

The only way to earn the nft right now would be to purchase merchandise.

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Thanks for the response. Integration is pending. NFTs are on main net of course.

Okay. Good luck with integration

Please what is the cost of the merchandise?

Your website looks like it was build in 5 minutes …

  1. Can not pay with TRX big miss
  2. When going to the payment screen there is nowhere to register your TRX wallet for the nft
  3. There is 0 info about the NFT collection neither on your website nor on your social media .
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It was.

  1. Agreed new official website launch will include this.
  2. For now the NFTs are technically a free gift that come from purchasing the merchandise. There are only 3 nfts. Holders will be granted air drop rights to the token.
  3. Social media will be updated soon
  1. i understand they are a free gift . But how will people receive them if they do not even have to enter a wallet adress to receive them on ?
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Your introduction picture is like it is making a strong statement and I really like it, very beautiful and very colorful, it will be very nice if you make it into NFT

It will be apart of a new collection.

Similar to how sends you a gift card for crypto via email in the form of a private key

What kind of improvements do you plan to make regarding the designs of those aliens? I think it doesn’t look very professional in its current state. What is your opinion?

AI even could create those type good quality images. Consider using those free generators and make it better please

We have our Ai collection coming soon they are some of the coolest ones for sure!

We are focusing on relaunching the website possibly as soon as this week. You will then be able to purchase the merchandise with TRX.

Additionally in order to actually solve counterfiet branding. Every item purchased from the store will have a tron wallet address directly printed onto the product.

You will recieve the private key to this wallet to your personal email. Then only with the private key and the product together will you be able to prove authenticity and ownership.

Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, glad to see another one in the Artistry category.

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I feel much joy to know that it will be part of your collection I am really waiting for it, thank you

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