(NFTY FLAKES) How To Trap Online


Project Name: (NFTY FLAKES) How To Trap Online

Project Track: Artistry

Team Name: Farmhouse Cartel

Team Member(s): 2 ( @NFTY_FLAKES & @lopeed )

HackerEarth Project Link: NFTY FLAKES (Devpost)

Project Goal:

To be an NFT that inspires Tron mass adoption in urban and popular culture and leverage the marketing influence these group have. Be an item that lays a metaversal foundation for integration into games, augmented reality and community services to be built on Tron.

Project Value:

We are an original Tron NFT project with a twist!

Inspired by TV, film, anime, the metaverse, and gaming culture, we set out to create something legendary that would exist eternally in the lore of Web3 and the metaverse. Drawing inspiration from the true story of the legendary teenage drug dealer Shiny Flakes depicted in the Netflix series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast),” “The Matrix,” where taking a pill reveals a whole new world, and “One Piece,” an anime about pirates who eat rare, treasured Devil Fruits for unique and extreme powers, we created NFTY FLAKE — the first dark market item of the metaverse and a rare treasure to behold.

We integrated our TRC721 sc into our front end for Tronics to mint from our mint machine.

** The Power is in the pill**

NFTY FLAKES transcends typical NFT art, embedding a powerful number system with unique, randomly generated stats based on visual trait rarity, scaling across any world in the metaverse (a perfect power up into integrate into your game).

Each flake features:

  • Base: A randomly generated number from 0-1050, acting as the base power level.

  • Freq: A random allocation among the vibrational frequencies of the 7 chakras, crucial for unlocking power potential. Frequencies include 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 144 Hz, and 963 Hz.

  • Sync: A set of two generated numbers that apply either a buff (+sync) or a penalty (-sync) based on vibrational synchronicity.

  • Cap: A random number from 0-7 that acts as a base level and sync multiplier cap when the right conditions are met.

Example power stats:

  • Base: 644

  • Freq: 741 Hz, 144 Hz, 417 Hz, 963 Hz

  • Sync: +347, -7

  • Cap: *5

Project Website: NFTY FLAKES

Project Instructions (How to Trap Online):

  1. 100 Free NFT give away:

Build relations with the plug; follow and @ mention the plug on twitter @nftyFlakes with the words “Trapping ain’t dead”. It then go’s down in the dm’s. Follow the plugs instructions by providing your Tron wallet address, you will be told when the package is on its way.

  1. Mint Details:
  • Set how many you want mint

  • Hit mint button, read and accept Terms&Conditions by using the check box then Confirm to receive random NFTY FLAKE.

Smart Contract links:



Project Milestones:

:white_check_mark: Design and generate art collection.
:white_check_mark: Design and cool Frontend.
:white_check_mark: Mint Machine and WebSite build.
:white_check_mark: Start 100 Flake give away from the plug.
:white_check_mark: Flake minting open on mainnet.
:pill: Trapping go’s online with the Flaky Road.
:pill: The rules to power: unlock power embedded deep within
:pill: The trap line: p2p chat app for cartel business


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6

  • how does NFTY FLAKES differentiate itself from existing projects in the metaverse and NFT space, particularly those with a similar “dark market” theme.

  • How will you effectively reach and engage this specific demographic within the broader NFT market


Nice one! Have you deployed the smart contracts on tesnet yet?

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It is on both, testnet and mainnet


Impressive! Team njce


NFTY FLAKES paves its own lane by not having any bias to what the metaverse should be. Our collections is about laying a foundational brick that allows the metaverse to grow and find itself by being flexible enough for all projects to include flakes into their world and lore though our flexible power system.

We encourage crypto game devs and web3 devs to integrate NFTY FlAKES into their system in a creative way that best suits their project.

We also have a lot more secrets surprises planned in the pipeline for NFTY FLAKES that will grow our community and set the stage for NFTY FLAKES web 3 lore. This is a passion project.

Find the white rabbit🐇

Welcome to Season 6, glad to see an entry in the Artistry track. Creating an NFT project that inspires Tron mass adoption in urban and popular culture, integrating into games, augmented reality, and community services.

How does the team plan to handle potential legal and ethical considerations, especially given the project’s thematic elements related to drug culture?


Welcome to the Hackathon, please tell me which marketing strategy do you already have in place, thank you

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Nfty Flakes explores a pop-culture inspired narrative with a “power-up” theme, distinct from real-world drugs. We understand the drug culture association and will address it through clear disclaimers and responsible community management. Our focus is on fostering a positive community that leverages the power of NFTs for Tron adoption in art, games, and AR with cool, edgy yet responsible lore.


This is a passion project and patience is our strongest asset. Our plan to market is building a strong community and making our holders feel close through direct contact to the plug NFTY FLAKES​:sunglasses::pill:

Also by providing pills that pack a power up and collaborating with other Tron projects, especially gaming projects we expect to cement our legend through organic growth.


That’s a commendable approach to navigating the thematic elements of the project.

How do you plan to collaborate with existing Tron-based projects or communities to amplify your impact and reach a wider audience?

hi. Can I still get one of that 100 free NFT ?
hope i’m not late

yes please, dm on twitter :sunglasses:

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We were just in Tron megaspace hosted by Coconut chicken on twitter Tuesday evening which was a blast. I think us continuing to show up and speak at community spaces where we can build on those relations is what takes us there. Have a listen to the recording and be sure to join the next one. I’ve shared the link:

I just bookmarked the space to listen later as I’m running on a tight schedule rn. Glad to see that spirit of partnership flying around, you never can underrate the power of X spaces and t.g AMAs, if utilized properly would sure guarantee more reach and widespread orientation about the project, kudos!!

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Thank you for your reply, I wish you success in this Hackathon and will be looking forward to update


Wow, your NFT collection is so original, i love it. :heart_eyes:
Can you tell what kind of utility your NFTs will have?