Feel like I'm finally making Tron freinds on X

Hey every one,

Maybe you’ve seen me on X posting NFTY FLAKES, our cool powered up pill popping NFT project. I feel like I have finally started making some friends on organically on x after years in the background liking and reposting all things Tron. Feels great to slowly being accepted by the community.

I would like to give away some of our NFT’s so if your interested drop me a dm on X:

You can also mint and check out some of our collection at:

Really liking the energy with the Tron meme season on X, real cool and fun.:sunglasses::joy:

Im open to making new friends so don’t be shy!

Bring on HacKatron season 6!


I would be giving you a follow on X. Please do well to follow back


I’m so old school, I think I’ll keep saying twitter instead of X for the rest of my life. :bird:


What’s your Twitter @ fam?

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I will really like to get one NFT

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Thanks please message me hi so know its you :sunglasses:

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lol I know what you mean, it will always be twitter in the back of my mind too

Dm me on twitter with your wallet address I’ll send

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https://twitter.com/NFTYFLAKES dm with your address, will send you a FLAKE

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I can’t dm you. I don’t have a premium account

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Follow back so I can DM you


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Ok I will send you the DM on Twitter, thank you.

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whats your twitter account? I will follow you

Whats your twitter @ so I can find you

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Hello buddy, I will check out your website to join the community on X. Please can I have you handle on X. Thank you


Here’s a direct link to my Twitter account :point_down:t2:


It sounds like you’re excited about connecting with the Tron community on X and making friends through your NFT project NFTY FLAKES. Giving away some of your NFTs is a great way to engage with others and attract more interest in your project. It’s awesome that you’re enjoying the energy during the Tron meme season on X. Good luck with Hackathon season 6

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Thanks @Okorie . Loving the Trong guy memes right now, it really is the perfect fit for Tron :joy:

Looking forward to connecting with you on X / Twitter :sunglasses:

Thanks, when you check it out I hope you relate :sweat_smile:

My handle on X is '@NFTYFLAKES"

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Hey friends,

I have submitted NFTY FLAKES to Hackathon season 6, please have a look and share with your friends. Would also love to have your feedback on on our project.