ClayQuacks - Building a Play-Doh World

Thank you for your support;
To give you an idea ClayQuack was born from a silly idea together with my partner @NFTY_FLAKES and we said why not.

We think that NFTs are dead in Tron and creating a mint with USDT and APENFT would be good since the ecosystem provides a large number of wallets with USDT, and along the way support the APENFT ecosystem in Tron with all this.

In addition to all this, we think why not a different memetoken, and that it should not be bought but given to the community, to those who mint these NFTs. We think that there is nothing similar.

We wanted to do it in a fun way and support NFTs on Tron at the same time. Although we have another main project NFTYFLAKES that will be merged with ClayQuacks later.

  • So regarding the tokenization of QUAK, almost 75% will be Airdrop to CLAYQUACKS holders. Since all CLAYQUACKS are assigned 700K QUAK tokens, except the 10 legendaries that will have an assignment of 34M QUAK tokens.
    It will be the owners themselves who choose what to do with them, whether to hold them or not.

  • 15% will be to add LP as in JustMoney where we already have the QUAK/TRX and QUAK/USDT pairs listed but with a low percentage, only to create the liquidity contracts and list them.

  • We will reserve 4% for when it is necessary to create extra Marketing.

  • And another 6% that will be left for development, such as future staking, creation of FlakyQuacks, development of DAO, creation of P2P Chat dApp based on Pears by Holepunch.

NFTYFLAKES & CLAYQUACKS work together in build FlakyQuacks, which is a metamorphosis of these created by the union of a ClayQuack + NFTYFLAKE + QUAK where you need put it on stake to get this new generation. These FlayQuacks will be prepared to join any 3D game or metaverse, even if we build our game in the future they will be able to join any other and thus create alliances with other projects to be able to add them to their ecosystem.

We can create a game now, well no since we do not have resources for it, that is why we want to present ourselves to this hackatron, to create a community and be able to develop what the community wants.

We are here because we love NFTs and we have to support that part of the Tron ecosystem that is in decline, and we thought that adding NFTs and memeTokens would help that.

I hope I have answered your question correctly.

Thanks for your interest

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