BlinkAI - Blockchain Link/Wallet for AI


Project Name: Blink - Blockchain Link for AI

Short Description

Blink gives a crypto wallet for AI in the form of an AI API. AI can use the Blink API to prepare transactions for the user, execute blockchain transactions itself or query data from blockchain.

Blink has a utility token called BLINK token which is used to enable developers purchase API quota and capabilities. In the second phase it will be also used for end-user engagement.

The Blink button is the interface which users will see when interacting with AI. The aim is to make it as powerful as the PayPal button was 20 years ago - it aims to be an easy and secure way for individuals and businesses to handle blockchain transactions with the help of AI.


Project Track: Web3


Video Short:


Team Name: Blink

Team Member(s): @silverb0t

Devpost Project Link: Blink - Blockchain Link for AI | Devpost

Twitter/ link: (1) Blink (@BlinkForAI) / X (

YouTube: Blink - YouTube

Project Goal:


  • Web3 UX is still a challenge. Onboarding is cumbersome and smart-contracts are difficult to operate: lots of dapps and new concepts.
  • AI assistants today lack the power to make meaningful contributions and take action. They talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

Blink aims to fix both aspects. Instead of creating new UX frameworks for Web3 we propose that AI can be a better handler of crypto wallets. AI can replace the interface and help users achieve things they otherwise would not be able to.

Furthermore, this would bring AI assistants to the next level - being able to trade, buy, sell, escrow, prepare, execute, agree, confirm, etc on behalf of the user would make them much more valuable.

Project Value:

The aim is to give every GPT developer the tools to give their GPTs a crypto wallet. Just set up the smart-contracts that the GPT should be able to execute, fund its wallet and publish your GPT.

Tokenomics/business model

Crowdsourcing the tokenomics now for launching token integration for last milestone (28th June). Announcement here. Awarding 10 000 BLINK tokens for tokenomics ideas.

Project Info:

Project is done exclusively for the TRON hackathon and will be deployed on BTTC.

  1. Developers will be able to create a new GPT, and set-up which smart-contracts it can execute. These include “Minting NFTs”, “Creating and Escrow Sell”, “Create an on-chain auction” and more.
  2. Then the developer needs to add an URL to its GPT, along with a unique id for the GPT.
  3. In the back-end the GPT will use Web3Auth to initiate a wallet, and use that wallet to execute transactions. Alternatively it can prepare transactions for the user to approve/execute.
  4. Dev needs to fund the GPTs wallet for it to be able to execute transactions.
  5. Users can interact with AI and benefit from chat based Web3 access (easier UX) and new capabilities of AI (payments, escrow, rentals, donations and much more)

Project Website:

Architectural Diagram:

Project Test Instructions:

Click on “My GPTs”

Click “Add new GPT”

Set some name to your GPT
Choose smart-contracts to be able to execute (more to come)

Click “Configure ChatGPT”
Note down API key and Schema URL

Go to

Click “Create a GPT”

Click Configure
Click “Create new action”

Click Authentication
Enter API key
Choose Bearer
Click “Import from URL”
Enter Schema URL

Test out your smart contract by asking it what can it do. You can also try to mint an nft (will not work yet)

GPT flexes with new superpowers

More examples:

Smart Contract links:

  • Marriage contract 0xd5d3526baAD83F9C8685209c4b2398d1Fe7F465d
  • Auction contract 0x378Aa9856A9fB079D6916bA62fde37a320af4cE0
  • Charity and donation 0xadF5E8b9DBab8426346976Ec4c3BF7abBf37465C
  • Escrow payment 0xE28Bc03a64B47FcF8eF8349bA31775B7Aaa5bBaD
  • SBT Diplomas 0xFB17fD23666373B83E69feDa6099Ec4892610767
  • Transfer and schedule transfers 0x200bDD96078fA35CF4b2625381720aCE90f45e76
  • Mint NFTs 0xB0C2E397b5208c41266E5942C4A6ee85C4db54ca
  • Rent items 0xdeA8E6EDf54c085268411148dB86A1D82D1D385B

Project Milestones:

Milestone 1:


MVP up and running this week to get some feedback flowing in.

Milestone 2:


Full solution live on BTTC testnet on 7th of May. Contains OpenAI integration, Web3Auth integration, WalletConnect and IPFS integration, multiple (2-5) smart-contracts for AIs to use.

Milestone 3

Mainnet deployment with BLINK tokenomics. Blink will be an utility token that will help to kickstart adoption and create awareness. Its main utility is to enable developers to use the AI API. More info to come!


I know I am a little late, will be coding all my free time up until the deadline :sweat_smile:


Welcome buddy expecting more from you


Welcome to season 6 buddy :raised_hands:

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Currently possible to create your own GPT and assign smart contracts it can execute. It will also create a wallet for the GPT. Additionally its already possible to configure ChatGPT GPT Action so it can use your GPT.

Btw AI will not yet execute anything. Work in progress.

Let me know how it works!

Added some screens on how to set it up and test. Currently its not yet running anything on blockchain - coming soon!

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Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6, coming to allowing to trade,. which is buying and selling for me , is it exclusively for developers or anyone can make use of it?

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This is intended as a developer tool. GPT store seems like an interesting channel for distribution. Although I was thinking of creating some kind of test chatbot based wallet or reference implementation straight into the website - should I?


did you manage to catch all milestones? 2 days left to last milestone

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since I started so late I only have 2 milestones. The first one is due today to have a testable end to end version up for ppl to experiment.

The last milestone is the submission.

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Alrighty, milestone 1 complete. The site works now end-to-end although ChatGPT can be a bit wonky (better to ask it “what blockchain actions can you do” to begin for now).

Added a “BlinkAI button” which is like the PayPal button was but for AI and blockchain.

When you click on Execute you will be taken to a page to see the transaction summary, you can log-in via WalletConnect and just execute whatever you need:

Oh I see,. if it’s possible then you can go ahead and create it

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Welcome to Season 6!!
Are there plans to expand the range of supported smart-contracts beyond the initial set of functionalities?


Hei, great question, and indeed the idea is to at some point in the near future to support “custom” smart contract. For the initial entry and for the sake of smoother demo’s/testing, it only supports a finite set of smart-contracts.

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Now possible to start and run auctions, sell/buy with escrow, transfer funds and mint nft’s. More contracts to come. All payments in native BTT token.

Also refreshed the design, bunch of little things like bugfixes, loading the asset data in the transaction window, deposits etc.

Click Blink to execute

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Welcome to the Season 6, I like the fact that this is AI and I am recently getting to use AI but I am still learning, I have been learning some short codes of how to use Microsoft Excel so I can take register for my business, I know that there are other AI on Blockchain, please tell me what makes your own different, thank you


Hei, thank you for the question. Mine is not really “one AI”, but instead it is a developer tool to enable any AI to have blockchain capabilities.

Any AI (GPT) developer can come and enable blockchain capabilities (like send crypto, buy with escrow, transfer funds, mint nfts, run auctions, rent items, donate, and other fun stuff like personal motivation payments or marrying people on blockchain).

The hope is to start a revolution, not a tiny AI website :slight_smile:

Video Teaser Trailer. Because why not :smiley:


8 contracts now live for any AI dev to use in their AIs

  • Marriage contract
  • Auction contract
  • Charity and donation
  • Escrow payment
  • SBT Diplomas
  • Transfer and schedule transfers
  • Mint NFTs
  • Rent items

Added a test GPT, so people can test the capabilities without going through the set-up: ChatGPT - Blink AI Wallet (testnet)