ClayQuacks - Building a Play-Doh World

Project Name: ClayQuacks - Building a Play-Doh World by FarmHouseCartel
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: FarmHouseCartel
Team Member(s): 2 (@lopeed & @NFTY_FLAKES )
HackerEarth Project Link: ClayQuacks
Project Goal:
To be the best NFT and memeToken community on Tron, not only becoming a DAO but being interconnected via P2P through our NFTs and more.

Project Value:
We got integrate TRC721 with other tokens and descentralizated airdrop TRC20, and give utility to APENFT TRC20 with our mint machine.

We want be more than other NFT project and more than a simple memetoken, we are here to build a community, put our hands to develop other stuffs for them. We love P2P and our goals are build a P2P chat dapp for our little clayquackys.

Project Website: ClayQuacks Website

Project Instructions:

  1. WhiteList opens for first 100 ClayQuacks members:
    Join to our WEBSITE, you can read how claim 1 ClayQuack and 700K QUAK Token in the mint section.

  2. Airdrop:
    Easy, every time you mint one ClayQuack with TRX, USDT or NFT you will receive 700K QUAK automatically, if you mint 10 ClayQuacks you will get 7M QUAK.
    QUAK SUPPLY = 7,777,000,000 QUAK

  3. Mint Details:

  • Choose your favorite token to mint (TRX, USDT or APENFT)

  • Set how many you want mint

  • Hit mint button, check the resume, read and acept Terms&Conditions, and Confirm.

    If you choose USDT or APENFT Tokens, need approve the purchase first with these tokens. We have a Random Mint.

Project Details:


Smart Contract links:

  1. Mainnet
  1. Nile

Project Milestones:
:white_check_mark: Initial phase and process ideas.
:white_check_mark: Build a funny world for tron users.
:white_check_mark: Mint Machine and WebSite.
:white_check_mark: Airdrop QUACK MemeToken for minters.
:technologist: List and Add LP to JustMoney.
:interrobang: ClayQuack+NFTYFLAKE Pill+QUAK = FLAKYQUAK.
:interrobang: QUACKDAO & Proof of Clay.
:interrobang: P2P Dapp Chat for users (based on pears).


This sounds like familiar punchline. Every project all promising to be the best. As you know no best community without active best users. Please provide us link to your community? Thank you

Welcome to the tron hactkatron

Hello sir, we are trying be possitive on these days. You can check our links on footer website.
We are building our community and want our best for us.
I personally consider myself one of the active users of the tron ​​network. That is why I am currently betting on an interesting project to attract more users to the Tron network. I love NFTs and that is why we opted for this type of platform. Just yesterday we launched mainnet with the idea of ​​introducing ourselves to this Hackatron, and launched a whitelist for the first 100 users of this tronics forum.

ClayQuacks Social Links


Thanks for read our project.

No problem, thank you for the reply. All the best


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6

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Thanks, it is an honor stay on this hackatron.

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Whitelist is opened for all Tronics.

Clayquacks website

Opensea website

Looking from your website, do you have anything to do with the opensea project.
Because it the same art with your project

We know, and you can read it on our site too. We built other way to get meme QUAK Tokens.

But they are needed to next generation Excited Quacks, where if you have ClayQuack + NFTYFLAKE Pill + QUAK Token you will have FlakyQuacks.

Just working on that idea for some days ago.

This was a surprise but we can say it now. Both project are alive on mainnet now.


Do you join sometime to Apenft Marketplace and check the collections there, most of them are like that. TPunks, BAYCTRON, TMEEBITS and a lot of more did not move anything and we want demostrate we can do more than NFT on TRON. Maybe give utility for all these collections cos a lot of tron members are waiting their promises.

We want give some utility and build a memetoken at time and more.

And Tron was a Ethereum’s fork, what mean that? Then we want be a memeProject with dev hands and give our best to this Tron Community.

Who is afraid of success here!!!

Pedro Pedro Pe

Thanks for taking your time to explain this.

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Dont worry buddy, we want build good things on Tron Ecosystem, for that we added mint with USDT TRC20 AND APENFT TRC20.

We dont know any collection similar on Tron, and airdropping a TRC20 token. We think give our memetoken with a mint NFT it is better than promise anything without nothing. We are more than a simple meme, we want build a lot of more on Tron and give movement to NFT TRC721 and APENFT Ecosystem.

Our vision is more global, we are only beginning this long way.

Welcome to Season 6, quack quack sounds like a duck :duck: sound. Your offering is very colorful and elaborate, It seems ClayQuacks aims to establish a vibrant NFT and memeToken community on Tron while prioritizing decentralization and P2P interaction.

Could you provide more details on how the QUAK tokenomics support the project’s goals and sustainability?

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Thank you for your support;
To give you an idea ClayQuack was born from a silly idea together with my partner @NFTY_FLAKES and we said why not.

We think that NFTs are dead in Tron and creating a mint with USDT and APENFT would be good since the ecosystem provides a large number of wallets with USDT, and along the way support the APENFT ecosystem in Tron with all this.

In addition to all this, we think why not a different memetoken, and that it should not be bought but given to the community, to those who mint these NFTs. We think that there is nothing similar.

We wanted to do it in a fun way and support NFTs on Tron at the same time. Although we have another main project NFTYFLAKES that will be merged with ClayQuacks later.

  • So regarding the tokenization of QUAK, almost 75% will be Airdrop to CLAYQUACKS holders. Since all CLAYQUACKS are assigned 700K QUAK tokens, except the 10 legendaries that will have an assignment of 34M QUAK tokens.
    It will be the owners themselves who choose what to do with them, whether to hold them or not.

  • 15% will be to add LP as in JustMoney where we already have the QUAK/TRX and QUAK/USDT pairs listed but with a low percentage, only to create the liquidity contracts and list them.

  • We will reserve 4% for when it is necessary to create extra Marketing.

  • And another 6% that will be left for development, such as future staking, creation of FlakyQuacks, development of DAO, creation of P2P Chat dApp based on Pears by Holepunch.

NFTYFLAKES & CLAYQUACKS work together in build FlakyQuacks, which is a metamorphosis of these created by the union of a ClayQuack + NFTYFLAKE + QUAK where you need put it on stake to get this new generation. These FlayQuacks will be prepared to join any 3D game or metaverse, even if we build our game in the future they will be able to join any other and thus create alliances with other projects to be able to add them to their ecosystem.

We can create a game now, well no since we do not have resources for it, that is why we want to present ourselves to this hackatron, to create a community and be able to develop what the community wants.

We are here because we love NFTs and we have to support that part of the Tron ecosystem that is in decline, and we thought that adding NFTs and memeTokens would help that.

I hope I have answered your question correctly.

Thanks for your interest

:duck: :duck: :duck: :duck:

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and you can see us here and listed:

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Amazing one hopping to see this one soon.

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WL is opened yet, 90 of 100 avaible yet and get one ClayQuack and 700K QUAK token. Just need pay fees around 175K in energy.

Welcome to the Hackathon, please how are you planning to handle the size of your community as you are growing beyond the initial phase, thank you

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Hello @ines_valerie;

We are small community at the moment but we know how delegate recourses when will be needed do it.

Thank you for providing more insights into ClayQuack’s origins and goals. It’s evident that the project is driven by a passion for NFTs and a desire to support the Tron ecosystem.

What measures are in place to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of ClayQuacks, especially in terms of community retention and development funding?

Your dedication to supporting the NFT ecosystem on Tron is commendable, and it’s great to see projects like ClayQuacks contributing to its revitalization.