Pump On TRON | The anti-rug meme launch and trading application

Project Name: Pump On TRON | The anti-rug meme launch and trading application
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: memers
Team Member(s): anurag
Devpost Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/pumpontron-fun

Project Goal: The primary goal of PumpOnTron is to provide a platform for creating and trading meme tokens on the Tron & BTTC blockchain. It aims to foster a community-driven ecosystem where users can participate in the creation and trading of meme tokens, leveraging the power of bonding curves. All the tokens are fair-launched on our platform to avoid any rug-pulls.

Project Value: PumpOnTron brings value to the Tron ecosystem by introducing a novel concept of meme token trading via bonding curve mechanism. It offers a unique opportunity for users to engage with and invest in tokens inspired by internet memes without the need for high liquidity provisions, fostering a sense of community and shared interests. Additionally, the project aims to promotes decentralized finance (DeFi) by integrating with the Just.money DEX, providing liquidity and enabling seamless trading of meme tokens.

Project Info: PumpOnTron is a decentralized application (DApp) built on the Tron blockchain, inspired by the popular pump.fun platform on the Solana network which has reached trading volumes of billion of dollars in a few months and has been doing millions in revenue. We want to bring a similar experience to Tron blockchain by making this entire process seamless and avoiding rug pulls by Fair-launching all the tokens launched.

Our platform allows users to create and deploy new meme tokens, which will be listed on the project’s website for trading. Users can buy and sell these tokens using the platform’s built-in trading functionality leveraging bonding curves. This will allow people to create tradable tokens without worrying about providing liquidity. This is a game of speculation and leveraging the market trends.

Once a meme token’s market cap reaches $50,000, the entire liquidity for that token will be added to the just.money DEX. This integration ensures greater accessibility, liquidity, and transparency for meme token trading.

Project Website: https://pumpontronfun.vercel.app/

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Visit our website at https://pumpontronfun.vercel.app/
  2. Connect wallet.
  3. Create a new token by entering the details of the token like NAME, DESCRIPTION, IMAGE and other metadata.
  4. You can now start trading your token from the home page. Just click on the token you want to trade and it will open the trade page for you, having detailed graph and transaction history.

Project Details: Adding some screenshots and demo videos of our platform for more clarity.
Demo Video

Project Screenshots:
home page

trade page


Smart Contract links:
Factory Smart Contract: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
Token Created on our platform: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Milestones:

  • Phase 1: Development of the core smart contracts for meme token creation and trading (done)
  • Phase 2: Building the dapp with a user-friendly interface for meme token creation, listing, and trading. (ongoing)
  • Phase 3: Integration with the Just.money DEX, enabling seamless liquidity addition and trading of meme tokens once the market cap threshold is reached. (ongoing)
  • Phase 4: Launch of the PumpOnTron platform and extensive testing on the Tron testnet. (to be done)
  • Phase 5: Deployment and launch of the PumpOnTron platform on the Tron mainnet, enabling users to create, trade, and engage with meme tokens in a decentralized and transparent manner. (to be done)

Is it like a launchpad?


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6.
Hmm, a platform for creating and exchanging meme tokens on the Tron blockchain, using bonding curves to promote fairness and community engagement.

Asides from offering a platform for token generation and trade, do you have any other revenue streams planned for the project?


This like strange to me. There are lots of memecoin out there which my biggest fear is to join. Your project name is funny to be PUMP ON TRON. Is it going to make tron and it’s meme coin pump?


Hello @Prince-Onscolo , this is not just a launchpad where we ask projects to launch their tokens, rather a meme token creation and trading platform. Think of it like, there is some trend in the market around dogwifhat or trump tokens, now any user can come and quickly create a token using no-code, named catwifhat or biden or anything around those lines and get a lot of hype.

They don’t need to worry about adding huge liquidity to their tokens to become tradable, which they may need to do while launching on DEX. Also, there is no rug-pull since the entire token supply gets minted to the bonding curve contract rather than some amounts getting reserved for creators. This ensures the fair launch.

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Hi @manfred_jr , thanks for taking out time to review our project. Currently, we have only planned to take fees while creating and trading. Just to let you know, a similar platform on Solana, pump.fun is doing around $500K in fees daily just by charging fees for token creation and trades. We are sure that once the volumes come up in the meme coin season, this can really take off and bring a lot of new degens to TRON ecosystem, at the same time, generate enough revenue for us to keep building and innovating.


Hi @Relate101 , thanks for reviewing our project.
A similar platform on Solana, pump.fun is used to launch more than 300K meme tokens on Solana in past 2.5 months, doing a cumulative revenue of around $6M till date. We are sure that once the volumes come up in the meme coin season, Pump On TRON will bring huge liquidity on tron via a flood of meme coins getting deployed and traded everyday.

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Nice idea, but do you have like a working demo


Hi @Rink3y thanks for your appreciation.
We are actively working completing our MVP, which we plan to launch till this weekend.


okay, just tag me once it live. i will like to try it out

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Yes for sure. We will write a separate announcement post as well.

oh OK, you talked about liquidity. you said they don’t have to provide huge liquidity but I think they must provide a liquidity so how much liquidity is needed?

Welcome to hackaTron S6.
Though the importance of this project can’t be overemphasised as the issue of liquidity has been a major challenge for token creators but having this project where you said that token creators won’t have to worry for liquidity while creating a token. Don’t you think that this will give room for the space to be litered with valueless tokens as everyone will like to create a token since they can’t worry about liquidity to back those tokens

Hi team, I checked out pump.fun on solana. If you are building on those lines, then definitely its a great initiative to bring huge liquidity on tron.
How do aim to attract more traders to platform?

Welcome to hackathon season 6 buddy

  • How will your bonding curve be implemented to ensure fairness and prevent manipulation

  • Have the smart contracts undergone any security audits by reputable firms, If not, what plans are in place for future audits.

  • In what way will PumpOnTron handle a large influx of users and meme token creation, and can the platform scale efficiently to avoid bottlenecks.

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@Prince-Onscolo So it does not require any liquidity to create a tradable token. The bonding curve smart contract act as a buyer and seller for the token it holds. The price keeps on increasing if the supply of token in bonding curve contract decreases.

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Hello @Youngyuppie , thanks for leaving your feedback. Your question is indeed a very valid one. But we need to realise that this is what meme token means. Any one should be able to create a token on any trendy topic. That token will shoot only when there are enough buyers in the market. Otherwise even after creating the token in a few steps, there won’t be any buyers without a good community.

We believe that the constraint of adding liquidity in the first place restricts a lot of creative folks to launch their projects. But with our fair launch platform this will not be the case.

Hi @Okorie thanks for posting your doubts regarding our platform. Answering your question in order.

  • The bonding curve is nothing but a smart contract that holds the entire supply of new tokens created. People buy tokens from the bonding curve contract as well as sell to it. We have implemented a formula which increases or decreases the price of tokens on the basis supply of tokens the contract holds. Now this formula remains on smart contract, thus, same for all. This way its prevented from any manipulation.

  • The smart contracts are not yet audited. We want to first complete the entire development in this week and then launch the product on testnet. Post the community feedback we get on our MVP we will go forward for audits.

  • As already stated in point 1, the entire logic is on smart contracts and no backend system is in place. So all the trades happen on contracts and ensure that the consistency is maintained even at scale.

Ok what is this bonding curve?

Your project’s focus on meme token creation and trading on the Tron & BTTC blockchain presents an intriguing opportunity for community-driven engagement and decentralized finance. But my concern is on how transparent the fair launch process will be and what strategy you employed to prevent rug-pulls?