Pump On TRON | The anti-rug meme launch and trading application

Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6,… please are you assuring your community/user that any token launched on your platform is :100: safe and there should be nothing like rug -pull secondly is this similar to bonkbot on Solana?


Okay, thank you for addressing my question. I will like to know also if there is any strategy on ground that will ensure that these token creators don’t manipulate the token during or after the fair launch like selling a huge portion of their holdings which will affect the value of the token and cause financial loss to investors


So a bonding curve is nothing but a smart contract with some set formulaes for price determination of token. The bonding curve of the token will be a smart contract that will hold all the token supply initially on mint. Users can buy the tokens from the Bonding Curve for certain price which will keep on increasing as more users buy. Users can also sell their tokens back to the bonding curve contract at the current price.
So effectively until a certain market cap is reached, the tokens remain with bonding curve and post that it is shifted to the DEX liquidity pool for general trading.
Hope this make things clear, let me know if there are more concerns.


It is not something like bonkbot rather, it is like pump.fun on solana.
We make sure that there are no rug pulls. There are two reasons majorly for rug-pulls:

  1. Creator of the token mints certain amount to himself initially for free and once the token price increases he dumps those tokens.
  2. The creator of the token adds liquidity for a token, and does burn the LP tokens, once the token price increase, he dumps the LP tokens.

At PumpOnTron, we handle both the scenarios, where we don’t allow creators to mint any amount in their wallets, rather entire supply is minted and available for sale. Also, here the smart contract, by code, adds liquidity to the DEX and burns the LP tokens.


So we ensure this does not happens because, the creator of the token is not provided any major chunk of the token created, rather they are only treated as a normal buyer who has to spend his own money to buy the token and sell it whenever he wants. The creator in this situation has the same rights as of any normal buyer.

Yes I get it, thank you

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Hello @Chizz I hope your concerns are clear with the above comments as well. Let me know if you still have any queries. happy to address them

Oh I see, thanks for the clarification

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That sounds like a solid revenue model, especially considering the success of pump.fun on Solana. It’s promising to see your confidence in the potential growth and revenue generation for PumpOnTron. As you aim to attract new users to the Tron ecosystem, ensuring a smooth user experience and effective marketing strategies will be crucial.

As you anticipate increased activity during the meme coin season, how do you plan to handle scalability to accommodate the surge in user demand while maintaining platform performance and reliability?

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Hello @manfred_jr thanks for your kind words.

As explained in the above comments, we want to ensure fully decentralised platform where we do not want to have any servers in middle which become the bottleneck for scale. Our entire logic for creation of token to buy/sell remains on our smart contracts.
Also we have been using highly performant storage, for quick retrieval of assets.

We are aiming to be the go to place for meme coin trading on TRON.

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Welcome to hackathon season 6

If this should be the case, who pay up for operational cost of the project and where will the fund come from because I understood that some % of token supply is kept by the team/creator for operational cost

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Welcome to the Hackathon, please tell me about the challenges that you face when building, thank you

Yes it has been cleared and I think it’s the best approach to instill confidence on investors who may be scared of the team dumping their holdings and making the market to flop

It’s great to hear about your commitment to decentralization and the use of highly performant storage for asset retrieval. By keeping the logic on smart contracts and avoiding centralized servers, you’re aligning with the principles of blockchain technology and ensuring scalability without bottlenecks.

To become the go-to platform for meme coin trading on Tron, establishing trust and credibility within the community will be essential. Have you considered implementing any reputation systems or community governance mechanisms to enhance transparency and build confidence among users?

Hello @manfred_jr hope you are doing good. Last few days were a little busy so couldn’t get back.

You definitely raised a valid concern, however, while ensuring any one can create a token on our platform, we clearly state that it is speculation based trading so people should trade accordingly.

Also, we do have plans to come up with a credibility system, where the token creators having more than 3 successful token graduation to Just.Money DEX will have certain badges to gain more trust by the community.

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Hi Everyone, I greatly appreciate your efforts in taking out time to review our project. I would also encourage you to please have a look at our demo video for more details around our platform.

Looking forward to the feedback of the entire community.

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Greetings! Impressive project you have there.

We’re also developing a project on Tron, by the way. Let me tell you a bit about us.

Strongcoin is a tap-to-earn game. Within our game, we provide onboarding to the Tron ecosystem, featuring partner quests. If you’re interested, we’re open to discussing collaboration opportunities.

Additionally, we’re currently hosting a contest with cool prizes for the best question or suggestion! Feel free to check out our topic for further details.

I clearly understand your busy schedule and I’m speaking from a person pov, we’re all caught up in the euphoria of working our asses off in hopes to beat the matrix and for financial freedom, thanks for your reply btw, it did gave me clarity.

The demo video looks pretty solid, I see characters from Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban in there, reminds me of my childhood days.